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Elections are coming…


Hat Tip Old NFO@Nobody Asked Me.

I will keep this stuck to the front page until after the elections.



The 2014 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested in this election. PLEASE get out and VOTE!!!

A movement has been started by our armed forces to get out the vote in 2014. The President, the Commander-in-Chief, has made the Rules of Engagement (ROE) so difficult, that our troops are often killed before they can even get permission to fight. It’s bad enough that we have 1400-1700 boots on the ground in Iraq with NO SOFA, but now we’re sending 3000 troops to Liberia to ‘combat’ Ebola? That is NOT the troops jobs, nor are they being properly trained or equipped (from the info I’m getting).  The President, with his Democratic control of the Senate, has nearly all the power. If the Non-Establishment Republicans, and Conservatives, can take back the Senate in 2014, our troops can once again be protected from unnecessary danger. Please consider this, and send it on to your mailing lists.

During this mid-term election, if there is someone new running against an incumbent, vote for the new person. We have to get all new blood in the Senate and the House. These politicians have become leaches and spend more time serving themselves than serving their country. Our vote is their term limits!

Interestingly enough, when GWB was president you heard about the military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan almost daily. With Obama in the White House, the mainstream media has been strangely quiet. More than 1,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq in the last 27 months. This is more than the combined total of the nine years before.

The commander in chief is AWOL. Not a peep, although he ordered the White House flag flown at half-staff for the Sikhs that were killed, but not the 2-star General (Obama played golf, and there wasn’t a SINGLE WH rep). There is a deep disgust, a fury, growing in the ranks of the military against the indifferent incompetence of this president.  And this doesn’t even begin to address the fiasco of the VA scandal.  Just throwing money at the problem WILL NOT fix it.  Firing

It has taken on a dangerous tone. No one knows what to do about him, but the anger runs deep as the deaths continue with no strategic end in sight to the idiocy of this war. Obama has had 6 years to end this futile insanity, during which time he has vacationed, golfed, campaigned, and generally ignored the plight of our men and women in uniform. But, there is now a movement afoot in the armed services to launch a massive get out the vote drive against this president. This includes not just current active-duty types, but the National Guard, Reserves, the retired, and all other prior service members. This is no small special interest group, but many millions of veterans who can have an enormous impact on the outcome of the November election if they all respond.

The one million military retirees in Florida alone could mean an overwhelming victory in that state if they all show up at the polls. It might not keep another hundred or more US troops from dying, but a turn out to vote by the military against this heartbreaking lack of leadership can make a powerful statement that hastens a change.

Veterans, please forward to your lists.  Get out there and make you vote count!  I don’t care WHO you vote for, but dammit… GO VOTE this November.  It’s important, and our votes may be able to get this country back on track!!!

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Is There a Cure for Stupidity? Jesse Jackson Blames Ebola on Racism?!?


This is from Alfonzo Rachel.com.

This is not a cure or a fix for stupid.


Can Jesse Jackson inoculate his stupidity away? He really thinks that Ebola has racist roots, and thinks doctors are treating black people differently.

I guess according to Jesse Jackson, Ebola is a bunch of Microscopic bigots that like to eat black people.

Hear more in this ZoNation!
Read more at http://alfonzorachel.com/2145/cure-needed-race-baiting-liberalism-oh-ebola#c2iklDQgs351qiEB.99

Impossible without God and the Bible

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Originally posted on The Isaiah 53:5 Project:


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Stealth Gun Control Initiative Too Close To Call In Washington State

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This is from Town Hall.

It sounds like the left coast is becoming a police state.

This is what Obama wants for the rest of the nation.



Washington state’s I-594 has massive money pouring into it, because it’s apparently the only gun-control measure on the ballot this fall anywhere across the country. There are actually two dueling gun measures in the state. The first one, I-594, the Washington Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases Initiative, is being bankrolled by billionaires on the left in favor of gun control, including anti-gun activist and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as former wealthy Microsoft execs Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Thanks to them, the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility has raised nearly $9 million for the initiative this far, massively outspending the other side, which has raised only $1.3 million.

I-594 has been cleverly drafted to sound like it merely makes small changes to gun laws, not a flat-out ban or gun registration scheme. This is why it is so dangerous. People are less likely to oppose it; in fact, polls show that even a majority of gun owners – 54 percent of the 35 percent of Washington residents who own a gun – are in favor of it.

The reality is, the bizarrely-long 18.5 page initiative is so confusingly and vaguely worded – with many terms and phrases left undefined – that former Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders warned protesters at a rally against I-594 how impossible it will be to comply with. Gun owners will easily make honest mistakes, making it easy to prosecute them. Many will just give up trying to own a gun.

State Rep. Jason Overstreet (R-Lynden) hinted to those attending the protest that the initiative had been written vaguely and confusingly on purpose. If passed, it will be subject to the state department of licensing – unelected government bureaucrats – to draft rules interpreting and defining it later (as oppressively as they’d like). Alan Gottlieb, who founded the Second Amendment Foundation and chairs the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, compares it to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s attitude about Obamacare, “pass it so you can find out what’s in it.”

I-594 is an unfunded mandate that would prevent gun owners from transferring – or even loaning – their guns to a family member (unless a gift), private party, friend or anyone else. Instead, all transfers would be required to go through a dealer for a background check. Gun ranges would no longer be able to loan out guns – with only a narrow exception for guns that are stored at the range or for youth training. There is a vaguely worded “temporary transfer” provision, but the language is subject to interpretation, not defined in the initiative. Bearing Armswarns, “I-594 would make the common practice of trying out another friend’s rifle, pistol, or shotgun, illegal. It would make it illegal for a grandfather to give his daughter a firearm to defend herself and her grandchildren from an abusive ex-husband.” Sanders further questioned, “Why can I give my mother a firearm but cannot sell her or loan her one?”

Currently in Washington, residents can purchase a pistol, rifle, or shotgun from another private party located within the state without going through a background check, provided the seller is not a federally licensed firearms dealer. These are about the only ways someone can acquire a handgun without having the government become aware of the purchase. I-594 would eliminate all of this. There are only a few limited exceptions provided in the initiative, such as between immediate family members, transferring antique weapons, or temporarily transferring if “necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to the transferee,” and the latter is very limited. A woman who was afraid of a stalker better pray she fits under that definition, otherwise she could be prosecuted. By the time she purchases a firearm and goes through a background check, it might be too late for her safety.

By requiring background checks for virtually all transfers of firearms, the government will automatically compile a database of every gun owner. The ability to quickly obtain a firearm without going through a background check is disparagingly referred to as the “gun show loophole” by gun control proponents, since private parties can perform this type of transaction at a gun show. However, once government starts tracking these kinds of sales, it has the potential to create a massive database of gun owners, something that could eventually lead to gun confiscation down the road.

The NRA says I-594 is “in reality a universal handgun registration scheme.” Many law-abiding Americans would rather buy a firearm from a private party than risk having their name added to a national database that could later be used to target them and confiscate their guns.

Additionally, the new enforcement will take resources away from law enforcement. Washington Citizens Against Regulatory Excess asks, “Do you want sex offenders released from crowded prisons to make room for people convicted of family-firearm transfer violations?” The organization notes that there are currently virtually no prosecutions of convicted felons attempting to purchase firearms – because it’s not a problem. Criminals obtain guns illegally. I-594 is a solution looking for a problem, more evidence it’s not about safety, but gun confiscation.

At almost the same time, Washington’s Second Amendment Foundation came up with I-591, the Washington Gun Rights Measure, a pro-gun rights initiative on the ballot. In contrast to the billionaire-backed I-594, it is supported by rank-and-file law enforcement, and is the only initiative endorsed by the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, the oldest and largest law-enforcement group in the state. I-591 would prohibit the government from confiscating guns or firearms from citizens without due process, protecting against illegal search and seizure, something that happened after Hurricane Katrina. It would also prevent the government from requiring background checks, in order to prevent the creation of a universal gun registry – unless a uniform national standard is required.

Sadly, some myths are being perpetuated that I-591 is a softer version of I-594, and would result in more background checks, or ironically even the opposite, weaken existing ones regarding background checks. This is not accurate; the language merely says it would not conflict with federal law.

Criminals are going to commit crimes, even if they have to obtain guns illegally or use other dangerous instruments such as knives and bombs. Putting more restrictions on law-abiding Americans doesn’t work. Disarming innocent people will lead to more victims, not fewer crimes. Not to mention the extra costs to taxpayers of processing all the new gun background checks and compliance enforcement.

What if both initiatives pass? Since they both negate each other, it is unclear which one would take precedence. Hopefully an activist gun-control judge would not inject his or her own opinion into a decision, should this happen.

The vote is on November 4th. For awhile, polls showed I-594 passing by a significant margin, and I-591 trailing by almost as large a margin. It didn’t help having liberal Republicans like King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and former Republican governor Dan Evans support the measure.

The powerful NRA started running TV ads last week, featuring Seattle native and sharpshooter Anette Wachter. Coincidentally, support for I-594 began dropping at the same time, according to the most recent poll by Elway, a left-leaning polling company. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported, “During more than 20 years of surveys, Elway has found that support for initiatives tends to decline as voters become aware of details…” Due to Elway’s bias against conservatives in previous polls, which has been reported to be about six to 10 percent, the real numbers are probably closer to 50-50. I-591 also decreased in support at the same time, from a high of 55 percent in April to 39 percent – which, taking Elway’s bias into consideration, puts it also closer to 50-50.

If I-594 passes, it could result in massive numbers of gun owners breaking the law, as we’ve seen before in other states like Connecticut and New York that passed draconian gun control laws earlier this year. Some gun owners in Washington have already said they will not comply.

So far, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. have all implemented draconian background checks. While Washington has become a blue state, it has remained fairly friendly to gun owners. Even Texas doesn’t allow open carry; Washington still does.

Gun-control zealots are well aware that gun rights are the last bastion of conservatism in Washington state, and so have cleverly figured out the only way to defeat them is through stealth. Since a majority of gun owners there bewilderingly support the initiative, it is not looking good for the Second Amendment in the state named after our first president, who said in his first State of the Union speech to Congress, “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined.”

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Running for Governor Says Government “Doles Out . . . Rights”

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This is from Godfather Politics.

I wonder if Jason Cater has ever read The Declaration Of Independence?

If not Jason should pay close attention to the following passage and understand the government does not “Dole Out Rights.”

Understand this Jason if need be we will enforce the part about altering or abolishing government..

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government


Jason Carter is the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter. He’s running for governor in Georgia as a Democrat on his grandfather’s tattered coattails. “Carter’s biggest asset appears to be that he is the grandson of the nation’s most ineffective president, former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter. As evidenced by Carter’s record as a state senator, the apple, or perhaps more appropriately the peanut, doesn’t fall very far from the tree.”

This is just what Georgia needs, a Jimmy Carter clone as governor. Please spare us.


A couple of weeks ago Jason Carter said the following about same-sex marriage:

“This issue is one that divides people in this state in different contexts but I’ll tell you where I stand. I don’t believe you can ever tell a church who to marry. I don’t believe that you can ever tell someone’s religion what to believe. But the government should dole out those rights and responsibilities equally.”

If the government can “dole out rights,” it can also define the extent of those rights that could result in the exclusion of the rights of others.

Apparently Jason Carter is not following what has happened to a florist, photographer, and baker over the issue of same-sex marriage. They were fined for not supporting same-sex marriage in their businesses and were forced to attended sensitivity (government mandate re-education) classes.

Then there’s the case of the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, where the city council is forcing the owners to perform same-sex marriages or face stiff fines and even imprisonment if they do not comply.

Jason Carter must also be unaware of what’s happening in Houston, Texas, where the legal arm of the city government is demanding the following from pastors who took a stand against a same-sex civil rights ordinance.

The city is demanding that pastors “‘turn over, among other things: ‘[a]ll speeches, presentations, or sermons related to [the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance] HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity.”

The subpoenas have been amended to exclude “sermons.” The problem is, a sermon is a form of speech. And why is lesbian Mayor Annise Parker mentioned? What does mentioning her name have to do with whether the names on the petitions are valid or not?

Jason Carter does not understand that governments are imposing stiff penalties on anybody – church related or not – that will not comply with the blatant discrimination laws being imposed on businesses and religious establishments that do not want to participate in same-sex marriages.

I suspect that there are a lot of Catholic priests that won’t marry non-Catholics or Rabbis that won’t marry non-Jews. Many Protestant ministers won’t marry non-Christians.

Some will claim that IRS law forbids churches from addressing political issues. This law, posted on the IRS website is the one usually cited I order to silence pastors:

“Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.”

First, the petition drive was not on behalf of or in opposition to a candidate; it was in opposition to a piece of legislation. Second, the First Amendment is not a party to the city’s request for subpoenas. The Houston City Council in not a federal jurisdiction. The IRS and its laws have no authority over a petition drive. Third, there is nothing in the Texas Constitution that prohibits pastors from engaging in politics.

Article I, Sec. 8: FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS; LIBEL. Every person shall be at liberty to speak, write or publish his opinions on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that privilege; and no law shall ever be passed curtailing the liberty of speech or of the press.

Notice that it does not say “except pastors who speak on political issues.”

Fourth, even if what is going on in Houston was a 501(c)(3) issue, it would be unconstitutional since the First Amendment makes it clear that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

This constitutional prohibition nullifies what the 1954 IRS regulation states since it was Congress that made the law.

The courts have taken over the same-sex marriage issue. It’s a fait accompli as states are being overruled by unelected judges, going against state legislatures, and the will of the people. Jason Carter, as well as Democrats generally, is OK with it since these are their kind of judges. Why even have governors and state legislatures if judges can by force of law tell a state what to do? Why is Jason Carter even running for office? He should work for making judges judicial gods, something they already are.
Read more at http://godfatherpolitics.com/17875/jimmy-carters-grandson-running-governor-says-government-doles-rights/#aOB7LJzUPE8ZAi7Z.99

Union takes mandatory dues, calls Walmart owners robbers

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This is by Jason Hart @ Watchdog.org.

These union thugs calling the Walton Family robbers is a joke.

The unions have stolen more from their members and bankrupted more companies than any robber baron.


Accusing Walmart’s owners of “robbing America,” a labor union fueled by workers’ mandatory dues led protests recently demanding full-time hours and $15 hourly wages for the mega-retailer’s employees.

Walmart’s corporate headquarters, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., says the company has more than 1.3 million employees and in 2013 promoted 170,000 “to jobs with more responsibility and higher pay.” This summer, The Wall Street Journal reported on a study concluding Walmart store managers are paid an average of $92,462.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter UFCW @UFCW Follow Waltons are robbing America! Walmart workers are fed up and fighting back: #FightFor15 10:59 AM – 16 Oct 2014

Demonstrations last week against the Walton family, founders of Walmart, were coordinated in Arizona, New York and Washington, D.C., by “Organization United for Respect at Walmart” and “Making Change at Walmart,” two United Food and Commercial Workers campaigns to unionize Walmart workers.

Photo from Making Change @ Walmart, via Twitter

Photo from Making Change @ Walmart, via Twitter STANDING UP, SITTING DOWN: Protesters want Walmart to pay up


UFCW headquarters in D.C. had 1,274,156 members and received $210 million in revenue from its state and local affiliates in 2013, based on its latest report to the U.S. Department of Labor. With the union’s monthly dues ranging from $15.04 to $20.15 per member, UFCW stands to gain tens of millions of dollars if even a small portion of Walmart’s workforce votes to unionize.

At UFCW’s Oct. 16 D.C. demonstration, protesters marched and sat in the streets with Making Change at Walmart printouts reading, “Standing Up for OUR Jobs,” “The Waltons are robbing America” and “Didn’t your mother teach you to share?

In D.C. and 26 states, workers can be forced to pay UFCW as a condition of employment. UFCW took mandatory fees from 7,292 nonmembers in 2013 and paid union President Joseph Hansen a salary of $297,971.

Including expenses and other disbursements, Hansen was paid $350,960. UFCW Canada President Wayne Hanley was paid a total of $372,548, and several other UFCW officials were paid more than $300,000.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called UFCW’s D.C. protest a “powerful stand against what the Walton Family is doing to America.” UFCW is a member of the AFL-CIO coalition, which paid Trumka $322,131 in its most recent fiscal year.

UFCW thanked Trumka for attending the protest and “for all you do to help people feed their families,” but did not respond to a Watchdog.org request to clarify how the Waltons are “robbing America.”

After being refused entry to the offices of The Walton Family Foundation, UFCW protesters in D.C. blocked the intersection of 18th Street and K Street. “Walmart workers won’t be moved,” UFCW asserted. “They’re staying put because they need a living wage and full time hours NOW.”

UFCW’s D.C. demonstrators cheered at the news their counterparts in New York had been arrested. By 3 p.m. Thursday, the D.C. contingent had been arrested, as well.

UFCW framed the arrest of its protesters for sitting in the street as further evidence of their victimhood.

View image on Twitter

UFCW @UFCW Follow Walmart workers won’t be moved! They’re staying put because they need a living wage and full time hours NOW 12:52 PM – 16 Oct 2014


UFCW’s D.C. demonstrators cheered at the news their counterparts in New York had been arrested. By 3 p.m. Thursday, the D.C. contingent had been arrested, as well.



View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter UFCW @UFCW Follow The workers are being arrested now in DC- about 16 people 2:36 PM – 16 Oct 2014

UFCW framed the arrest of its protesters for sitting in the street as further evidence of their victimhood.

DC: 15 Walmart workers & supporters arrested outside Walton Foundation delivering petition calling 4 15/hour & full time work


Islamic State seizes weapons, medicine from U.S. air drop meant for Kurdish fighters

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Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:

New video purports to show grenades, rifles and medical supplies intercepted by ISIS. A masked militant displays crates packed with guns and ammunition dropped by the United States.

BY Deborah Hastings
Published: Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 1:16 PM

A masked ISIS terrorist rummages through a box of grenades purportedly seized by Islamic militants from a massive air drop by U.S. planes over a troubled border region in Syria.

A masked ISIS terrorist rummages through a box of grenades purportedly seized by Islamic militants from a massive air drop by U.S. planes over a troubled border region in Syria. YouTube A masked ISIS terrorist rummages through a box of grenades purportedly seized by Islamic militants from a massive air drop by U.S. planes over a troubled border region in Syria.

Islamic State terrorists have posted a new video on YouTube, gleefully boasting its militants had taken possession of U.S. military air drops meant to supply Kurdish fighters trying to defend the embattled city of Kobani.

The U.S. Central Command sent C-130 cargo planes to make multiple deliveries…

View original 328 more words

The Unsavory History of Gun Control

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This is from Town Hall Finance.

Gun control always has a brutal ending…

Gun control stats
1929 – Soviet Union -gun control – from 1929-1953… 20 million dissidents were rounded up and exterminated
1911 – Turkey – gun control – from 1915-1917… 1.5 million Armenians were rounded up and exterminated
1938 – Germany – Gun Control – from 1939-1945… 13 million Jews & others were rounded up and exterminated
1935 – China – gun control – from 1948 -1952… 20 million political dissidents were rounded up and exterminated
1964 – Guatemala – gun control – from 1964-1981… 100,000 Mayan Indians were rounded up and exterminated
1970 – Uganda – gun control – 1971-1979… 300,000 Christians were rounded up and exterminated
1956 – Cambodia – gun control – 1975-1977… 1 million educated – rounded up and exterminated

Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated during the 20th century because of gun control, 56 million.

And just why does the United States want gun control? Hang on to your guns!!!!


I’ve written extensively about gun control, but mostly because of practical andmoral objections to the notion that government should have the power to disarm law-abiding people.

But I hadn’t realized that some of the earliest gun control initiatives were designed to oppress blacks.

As Dave Kopel explains in Reason, the white power structure in many post-Civil War states was very anxious to disarm former slaves.

After the Civil War, the defeated Southern states aimed to preserve slavery in fact if not in law. The states enacted Black Codes which barred the black freedmen from exercising basic civil rights, including the right to bear arms. Mississippi’s provision was typical: No freedman “shall keep or carry fire-arms of any kind, or any ammunition.”The Klansmen, unlike the freedmen, had horses, and thus the tactical advantages of mobility. In a few months, the Klan triumph was complete. One freedman recalled that the night riders, after reasserting white control, “took the weapons from might near all the colored people in the neighborhood.”Sometimes militias consisting of freedmen or Unionists were able to resist the Klan or other white forces. In places like the South Carolina back-country, where the blacks were a numerical majority, the black militias kept white terrorists at bay for long periods. In areas where the black militias lost and the Klan or other white groups took control, “almost universally the first thing done was to disarm the negroes and leave them defenseless,” wrote Albion Tourgeé in his 1880 book The Invisible Empire. As Jim Crow intensified, other Southern states enacted gun registration and handgun permit laws. Registration came to Mississippi (1906), Georgia (1913), and North Carolina (1917). Handgun permits were passed in North Carolina (1917), Missouri (1919), and Arkansas (1923). As one Florida judge explained, the licensing laws were “passed for the purpose of disarming the negro laborers… [and] never intended to be applied to the white population.”

With this historical knowledge, this poster now makes a lot of sense.

It quotes the infamous Dred Scott decision, which also was predicated on the state-sanctioned oppression of African-Americans.

While I wasn’t aware of the racist history of gun control, I did have some familiarity with the fact that totalitarian governments traditionally have wanted to disarm citizens.

I wrote, for instance, about gun control initiatives by the Venezuelan dictatorship.

And this superb poster from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is the 4th-most viewed post in the history of my blog.

So this image is in that tradition.

Now let me make an important point.

I don’t think advocates of gun control in the United States are racists or fascists. I assume that 99 percent of them are guilty instead of being naive.

Which is why I’m always delighted to share admissions from honest leftists thatgun control simply doesn’t make sense.

P.S. Switching to a different topic, a French economist (no, that’s not a contradiction in terms) was awarded the Nobel Prize about a week ago.

He’s apparently considered to be on the left of the philosophical spectrum, yet it’s worthwhile that even he thinks there’s too much statism in his home nation.

Hours after he won the economics Nobel Prize, Tirole said he felt “sad” the French economy was experiencing difficulties despite having “a lot of assets”. “We haven’t succeeded in France to undertake the labour market reforms that are similar to those in Germany, Scandinavia and so on,” he said in telephone interview from the French city of Toulouse, where he teaches. France is plagued by record unemployment and Tirole described the French job market as “catastrophic” earlier on Monday, arguing that the excessive protection for employees had frozen the country’s job market. “We haven’t succeeded also in downsizing the state, which is an issue because we have a social model that I approve of – I’m very much in favour of this social model – but it won’t be sustainable if the state is too big,” he added. Tirole remarked that northern European countries, as well as Canada and Australia, had proven you could keep a welfare social model with smaller government. In contrast, he said France’s “big state” threatened its social policies because there will not be “enough money to pay for it in the long run”.

He’s exactly right. I’m a libertarian, so I don’t want the government involved in areas such as housing, healthcare and income redistribution.

But even if you favor larger government, there’s a giant difference between having the public sector consume 57 percent of economic output (as in France) or a more reasonable amount, such as what’s found in Canada or Australia (as Professor Tirole mentioned).

By the way, I made the same point as Tirole when I spoke last year in Paris. I asked my audience whether they thought they got better and/or more services than the citizens of Switzerland, where the burden of government spending is far less onerous.

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