WWII “Candy Bomber” Revisits His “Candy Bombing” Days

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This is from War History OnLine.

An amazing man doing a a great thing for children during the Berlin Airlift. 




Known as the original WWII “Candy Bomber” [Rosinenbomber], retired Colonel Gail Halvorsenrevisits his “candy bombing” days with a recreation of his iconic candy drops in Germany last July 3 in Orem, Utah.

That Friday saw the now 94-year-old WWII vet piloting a World War II Lockhead PV2 Bomber for the event. He, with the team who was with him, was able to drop about 1,000 candy bars to the eagerly waiting kids below.

Feeling grateful that he was able to share his candy dropping experience once again, Halvorsen stated that “It emphasized to me the importance of little decisions you make put your footsteps on the path of where you’ll end up for good or for ill”.

Gail Halvorsen’s love affair with flying started way before WWII broke out. His flying career started the time he received a flight training scholarship at a non-college pilot training program. he became a full-pledged pilot – earning his private pilot license – in 1941. Soon after, Halvorsen joined the Civil Air Patrol.

The spring after the Pearl Harbor attack happened, Gail joined the Army Air Corps. He trained as a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force after which he promptly returned to the Army Air Corps. But upon his return, the Army Air Corps did not need additional fighter pilots so, he became a transport pilot flying supplies to bases throughout South America.

This went on until the end of WWII after which Halvorsen returned to the US.

However, when he heard about the Berlin Airlift in 1948, he volunteered to go though he was already flying foreign transport out of Mobile in Alabama. He readily left his position and went to Germany.

He arrived in Berlin about two weeks after the start of the airlift.

“I’ll never forget the first time in Berlin. There were all these kids on the other side of the fence. I said, don’t worry, we won’t give up on you,” Gail commented in an interview in the 2014 documentary Meet the Mormons.

The now retired Colonel went on to recall how his meeting about 30 German kids at a barbed-wire fence close to the airport shaped the start of the iconic candy drops over Germany.

According to him, he talked to the kids for over an hour but it was only while he was walking away that he realized not once did the children, aged between 9 to 13, asked him for some chocolate, something they weren’t able to have in more than two years.

Thinking to himself that kids would always have that innate love for chocolates, he felt inside his pockets and when he came up with two gum sticks, he broke them to halves, went back and gave them to the children. To his amazement, the children did not fight over the gum. As a matter of fact, he said that those who weren’t able to get a taste of the gum just wanted a strip of the wrapper for them to smell.

So, he devised a plan to distribute candy rations to the children and did so without permission that he could have been court-martial-ed for it. He gathered army rationed chocolates, tied them o handkerchief parachutes then dropped them from his plane. He told the children that he would wiggle the wings of his plane to let them know it was his. Thus, came the moniker Uncle Wiggly Wings.



With the candy drops idea gaining momentum, in came support and of course, the candy. His friends soon joined Halvorsen in his candy flights. All in all, they were able to drop over 20 tons of sweets – chocolates, gums and other treats – via planes and even on the ground in a span of 14 weeks.

“We did it 3 weeks, every time we got a new ration, once a week for 3 weeks, we’d drop 3 times 3 weeks, wiggle the wings, the crowd was getting bigger every week,” he recounted.

On a final note, Halvorsen added that dropping those candies was his way of helping the Berlin children experience happiness despite the bleakness surrounding them after the war.



“The only true course of happiness I’ve found in my life is to help someone who needs help and is grateful for that help,” he said.

*(WHY DIDN’T KENYAN PRESIDENT OBAMA CAMPAIGN ON THIS?)* – Obama: “I’m the 1st Kenyan-American president”

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Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 2.32.34 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.21.13 AM

Why didn’t Kenyan President Obama campaign on this?

He then went on to mock the controversy about his birth certificate, showing us, yet again, his hatred and contempt for the American people. How dare we want to see his birth certificate or know where he was born or who his parents were. How dare we want an American president.

As Obama laughs at us, the world laughs at him. And it’s our enemies who are getting the last laugh.

obama islam

“Obama: ‘I’m the 1st Kenyan-American’ president,” Cheryl Chumley, July 28, 2015
President Obama took time during his Kenya visit to drag out the birth-certificate issue again – just as he did in April and in March – and do some drive-by mocking of those who still question where he was born.

He said, during a 45-minute speech to the country that focused mostly on economic development: “I am proud to be…

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Manchin: ‘I need Republican help’ to fix gun sale checks

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This is from The Hill.

To borrow a quote from Ronald Reagan, “There you go again”.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W. VA.) mindlessly spouts the Democratic talking points about loopholes in the background check laws.

Under federal law, licensed gun dealers are required to conduct a background check, either online or by phone, before each firearms sale using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System or NICS.

In every state, the system searches for criminal convictions. But the system only scans mental health records in 30 states because it is not required under federal law.

“Right now, a lot of the states and a lot of territories and a lot of areas do not do it,” Manchin said. “We have to make sure we have a thorough job done and that people to turn their records in.”

The system also does not require checks at gun shows.

Manchin co-authored legislation on background checks in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. elementary school massacre with a Republican colleague, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) – though it ultimately failed after intense pressure from gun activist groups.

Manchin on Sunday reiterated his previous arguments that the legislation on background checks “is not gun control.”

“It’s just saying that, listen, if you go to a gun show, commercial transaction, we need to know who you are and if you’ve had a problem before,” he said.


Canada’s World War Two Creecode talkers subject of new documentary

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This is from War History OnLine.

I hope the story does not get bastardized by the people telling it.

The story of the Navajo code talkers got bastardized in the Nicholas Cage’s movie Wind Talkers. 


Cree talker Charles ‘Checker’ Tomkins

The most famous code talkers were Navajo Indians, but the Canadian language of Cree was also used and now a new documentary is going to tell the story of the Cree code talkers.

The documentary is going to be based around Cree talker Charles ‘Checker’ Tomkins who joined the Canadian Army during World War Two and was sent to serve in Europe. Tomkins took part in many top secret missions that he never talked about even after the war ended.

Tomkins’ own family did not know what he did during the war, and even his brothers say that his brother honoured the secrecy and never told a sole.

The documentary’s director, Alexandra Lazarowich is telling Tomkins’ story in the short 10 minute film. She says that the story is important and is a way of honouring and recognizing Canada’s aboriginal population’s role and contribution during World War Two.

The story of the Navajo code talkers was made into a Hollywood film in 2002 called Windtalkers, the CBC News reports.

The Cree talkers were from Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada and Lazarowich has journeyed to those areas to talk to locals about their role during the war. Tomkins’ brother, Frank was one of those interviewed as Tomkins sadly died in 2003 at the age of 85.

The Tomkins family were from Grouard, Alberta and Frank says that the Cree code talkers would mainly communicate sets of numbers. The numbers would often refer to incoming attacks such as numbers of enemy bomber aircraft, troops or vehicles. The talkers would use Cree words to give descriptions as well, such as sakimes for mosquito if they were talking about mosquito bombers.

Lazarowich hopes that he documentary brings the role of the Cree code talkers to life and even hopes that the Canadian government may one day formally recognise their role in the war. She says that her ideal outcome is for Tomkins’ to posthumously receive the Canadian Congressional Medal, following the lead of the US government which honoured all of its code talkers for their role during World War Two.


Uneasy About Hillary, Major Union Could Delay Endorsing Anyone

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This is from The Daily Caller.

Even the Union thugs do not want to endorse the Hildabeast as they know she is a loser.

The 2016 race for the DemocRat nomination will be very interesting.

In what could be a huge blow to Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, the AFL-CIO’s political committee is expected Wednesday to recommend the union delay endorsing anyone.

Hillary has had a tough time gaining union support while running for president. This despite her being the front-runner for the Democratic Party. Much of the hesitance stems from President Barack Obama’s recent efforts on trade.

Unions, hoping to make the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) an important campaign issue, have put pressure on Hillary to take a firm stance against the trade agenda. After a long delay, all unions got from her was a request for the president to work better with Democratic lawmakers.

According to sources for Reuters, the political committee voted last week to recommend the union delay endorsing anyone. The committee is expected make the recommendation to union leadership during its executive council gathering in Maryland between July 29-30. During the gathering union leadership is also expected to meet privately with Hillary as well as her Democratic rivals Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Unions wield considerable political influence and tend to contribute significantly to Democratic campaigns. If enough unions decide not to officially endorse Hillary or even just delay doing so, it could be devastating for her campaign.

Many within the labor movement have already given up on her. Outgoing Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen joined many smaller unions earlier in the month and endorsed Sanders. The self-proclaimed socialist has made worker rights and labor issues a central focus of his campaign. Cohen even said he plans to volunteer for his campaign.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, however, has warned against endorsing Sanders. This despite his own union’s hesitance toward Hillary. In early June he sent a memo to the leaders of associated unions telling them not to endorse Sanders.

Despite not yet demonstrating a strong position on trade, Hillary has still tried in other ways to court unions. She prominently showed off union-made gear in May during the official launch of her online campaign shop, and she urged people to stand firmly for unions during a speech in Chicago.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/07/27/uneasy-about-hillary-major-union-could-delay-endorsing-anyone/#ixzz3h9UDVach


Slavery Reparation Demands are Pure Entitlement Nonsense

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This is from Patriot UpDate.

Blacks have gotten reparations since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

It is called welfare and food stamps.


“So you think that people who never owned slaves should be required to pay reparations to people who never were slaves.” This was a comment made by an individual in a class I taught recently in which the issue of slavery reparations was raised. Interestingly, the individual who made this comment is black and the one who proposed reparations is white. Reparations are an ill-conceived concept advocated by people who think they are owed because blacks were once enslaved in America. Those pushing for reparations are predictable: Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton are two of the most vocal advocates. In fact, Farrakhan has gone beyond the borders of the United States with his reparations road show.

Failing to gain any traction in America for slavery reparations, Louis Farrakhan took his entitlement message to the Caribbean last year. In Jamaica he demanded that the Pope endorse slavery reparations to atone for the supposed sins of the Catholic Church. “Project 2019” is a white paper that sets out the case for slavery reparations to be paid by taxing U.S. citizens (although its author admits that seeking reparations is probably a waste of time and effort that could be put to better use in other causes for black Americans).

Reparation demands will probably be with us for a while because they grow out of the entitlement mentality that has become deeply engrained in so many Americans. But demands for slavery reparations are just that: pure entitlement nonsense. In fact, they are an example of race hustling at its worse. Americans of good will are working hard to bridge the racial gap that still exists in our country and bring about a state of racial harmony; something that would benefit Americans of all races. Unfortunately, there are still a few people who view racial discord as an opportunity to be exploited—think of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton—people best viewed as race hustlers. Race hustlers continue to fan the flames of racial discord as a means to keep themselves relevant, maintain power, and fatten their wallets. The biggest fear of race hustlers is that people in America will do what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. recommended: judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. If this ever happens the days of race hustling are over.

Fearing exactly this, race hustlers have long sought a way to really pour fire on the embers of racial discord. The more progress people of good faith make in bridging the racial divide in America, the more frantic race hustlers have become in seeking a burning issue that will ensure them of more years, if not decades, of relevance and financial security. The more entrepreneurial of the race hustlers think they have hit upon just the issue: slavery reparations. As race hustles go, this one must look inviting to people who benefit from racial discord because it appeals to them on so many different levels. There are the feelings harbored by some black Americans who know their history and understandably resent aspects of it, there is the growing entitlement mentality in American society, there is white guilt, and, finally, there is the always enticing element of money.

My view is that those who captured, transported, traded, and owned slaves should have been made to pay reparations to those they enslaved 150 years or so ago when slaves and masters were still alive. Reparations assessed at that time would not have erased the blight on humanity that slavery represented, but they would have at least been an attempt at justice. Speaking of justice, this is why I disagree advocates of slavery reparations who want American citizens alive today to be taxed to pay reparations to black Americans. If the goal of reparations is justice, where is the justice in asking Americans who are living today to pay for the sins of Americans who died long ago, sins they played no part in and owing to the span of time involved could not have stopped? How can a person alive today possibly be culpable for sins committed 200 or more years ago?

Further, what about Hispanic and Asian Americans? Should they be required to pay? What about Americans of mixed racial heritage? Should they be required to pay? What about the fact that a high percentage of Americans living today trace their lineage to immigrants who came to America after the Civil War? Should they be allowed to pay? What about descendants of black people who themselves owned slaves? Should they be required to pay? What about descendants of white Americans who helped slaves escape bondage? Should they be required to pay?

To race hustlers, slavery reparations must look like a promising issue on which to hang their hats, not to mention their wallets. Their thinking probably goes something like this: If we make enough noise about this issue and stir up enough guilt, maybe pandering politicians will go along with reparations just to shut us up. But on more careful consideration, the idea of reparations is not just fraught with difficulties; it is the result of twisted logic, entitlement, and greed. Society cannot right one wrong by perpetrating another. You do not establish justice for one man by inflicting injustice on another.

Look into this issue and you will notice right away that slavery reparations advocates do not limit their expectations of payment to just the direct descendants of slave traders and slave owners. This is not because they acknowledge that even direct descendants played no role in the heinous activities of their forbearers. The descendants of slave owners and slave traders weren’t even alive in those dark days of America’s history, nor would they be for a long time. Obviously, people cannot be held responsible—legally, ethically, or morally—for things they did not do and could not prevent. But this is not why reparations advocates choose not to focus on the descendants of slave traders and slave owners. The real reason is the very essence of expedience: money. There are not enough direct descendants of slave traders and slave owners alive in America today to generate the kind of money advocates are hoping to receive. Better for the pocketbooks of race hustlers if all Americans have to pay into the proposed fund and let justice be damned.

Another important question is this: Who would administer a reparations fund? Actually, reparations advocates have already answered this question. The plan is to ask “black leaders” to administer the reparations fund and make decisions concerning how to distribute any money that would be collected. Now there’s a plan. Besides this approach being a formula certain to encourage cronyism, graft, and corruption—that much power coupled with that much money is certain to corrupt, just look at Congress—who is going to choose the black leaders to administer the fund and who is going to oversee their decisions?

Slavery was an abomination, not just to America but to humanity. I state this as a given. However, expecting reparations to be paid by people who did not live during the slavery era, have never owned slaves, and in all likelihood are not even distantly related to slave owners of the past is a bad idea; an idea that is not fair, just, or logical. In fact, the demand for slavery reparations is little more than an example of the entitlement mentality run amok and being pushed by people who are interested in receiving money they don’t deserve from people who don’t owe it to them.
Read more at http://patriotupdate.com/slavery-reparation-demands-are-pure-entitlement-nonsense/

Cop Caught on Private Dashcam Threatening to “Blow a Hole” in Driver’s “F**king Head” During Stop

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Originally posted on Starvin Larry:

Medford, MA — A Massachusetts man had a dangerous run-in with one of Medford’s finest Saturday night, which has led to that officer being placed on administrative leave.

According to the YouTube description, the man was simply lost in a different part of town and made a mistake in traffic. He was subsequently detained and threatened by Medford Police Detective Stephen Lebert.

“Driving home today I got lost and made a wrong turn. In an unfamiliar area I drove slowly but made the mistake of not seeing a poorly marked rotary. I stopped midway through it when I realized I screwed up and fortunately there were no close calls or potential accidents. Only a single oncoming car (not the medford cop/detective in the video, he was on the other side) that had fully stopped before the rotary seeing my stupid mistake. After I stopped and realized it was too late…

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