I will be missing the rest of the day

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I have a lot of things going on at this time.

I am having problems concentrating and posting.

So I will be back posting on Tuesday.

I will have some things solved by then.


DNC Chair STILL Doesn’t Know The Difference Between ‘Democrats’ And ‘Socialists’ [VIDEO]

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This is from The Daily Caller. 

I want to give Little Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz  the answer in spite of what Little UpChuck Todd has to say there is not a single difference between DemocRats and Socialist.

And the same hold true for some RINO’S also I am looking at you Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham.


DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was stumped by Chris Matthews over the difference between Democrats and Socialists last week, and Sunday, the representative revealed she still doesn’t know the difference, despite essentially being fed the answer by NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.”

TODD: Given that Bernie Sanders is an unabashed socialist — believes in Social-Democratic governments… like the ones in Europe — what is the difference? Can you explain the difference?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: You know, Chuck, it’s always fun to be interviewed by Chris Matthews, and I know that he enjoys that banter. The important distinction that we’re going to be discussing, that I’m confident we’ll be discussing, is the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/08/02/dnc-chair-still-doesnt-know-the-difference-between-democrats-and-socialists-video/#ixzz3hjFJlDvM


Cops’ dash-cam destroys police brutality charge; bystander’s video left out something key

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This is from BizPac Review.

The  drunken thug that was being arrested was a Son of Obama.

Anyone care to bet the people providing the video and claiming police brutality are Children of Obama?


This is one case where getting the whole picture made the difference.

A video recorded by a bystander of two Kansas police officers wrestling a man on the ground began to go viral for purportedly showing police engaging in excessive force — until the cops provided their own videos.

While footage of the “brutality,” shot by the bystander looked rough, it started when the suspect John Harrison, 30, was already on the ground and police were attempting to handcuff him. What it didn’t show was what initially caused the rough response from police.

Fortunately, dash-cam and personal body camera videos provided to KSHB by the Lenexa Police Department paint a complete picture, showing Harrison taking a swing at the officers before being slammed to the ground.

Harrison was ultimately charged with two counts of battery against a police officer, having an open container, driving on a suspended license and obstructing the legal process.

The incident is a good example of why police should be armed with body cameras.

Otherwise, their fate, and careers might rest in the hands of amateurs with cell phone cameras looking for their 15 minutes of fame and a public itching to blame the police and who generally don’t care about gathering all the facts before passing judgement.

Read more: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2015/08/02/cops-dash-cam-destroys-police-brutality-charge-bystanders-video-left-out-something-key-232066#ixzz3hj3UJzTc


Bring Back the Thor Automagic, the 1940s Hybrid Clothes/Dishwasher

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This is from Mental Floss.

An interesting but not practical concept.



In a just world, I would be able to clean my pants in a dishwasher. Despite the incredible technological advancements we’ve made in the past century, this still isn’t possible. I can check my email in an airplane flying 35,000 feet over the ocean, but if want to throw a pair of khakis in with wine glasses after dinner I’m asking for too much all of a sudden.

When I brought up this idea to friends and co-workers, many expressed concern over dirty clothes contaminating dinnerware. Why? The desired end-result for both my laundry and my dirty dishes is the same: get clean. And as the old saying goes, “clean is clean” (that is not an old saying but let’s keep moving here). Either way, were I to throw my pants in a consumer-grade dishwasher, they wouldn’t come out clean as desired. Hard, slick materials like plates and glasses only require a spray and rinse, whereas soft fabrics need to soak and be agitated in order to remove the absorbed and ingrained grime. The two tasks also call for different types of detergents. Alas, my problem persists.

Wouldn’t it be great if you only needed one machine? I’m not the first person to have thought this, for we all stand on the shoulders of giants.

A paragon of versatility! Why doesn’t every home in America feature this beautiful, indiscriminate cleaning cube? Take my money, Electric Household Utilities Corp., take it now!

Even though it didn’t allow you to wash dishes and clothes in one giant clump (as is my ultimate dream), it’s still an ingenious and space-saving idea. I currently don’t own a dishwasher or a washing machine, but were this to still exist, I could knock both purchases out in one fell—and economically smart—swoop.

According to the man who refurbished the Automagic featured in this video (a 1955 version of the machine—one of its last years in production), it had “just one wash speed,” which provided “a gentle agitation.” The video doesn’t demonstrate the Automagic’s dishwashing tub attachment (it’s “off to be re-galvanized”), but he assures it’s “very ingenious … you will never cross-contaminate wash and dishwash water, all held in separate tubs!!”

He’s not the only one excited about the Automagic. A commenter recalls, “I grew up with one of these … We were a family of nine so my poor Mum really needed it. I have just written a poem about it! On firework night the rabbits and guinea pigs were put in the drum (no water and switched off—natch) to save them from being frightened by the bangs!” If that isn’t the loveliest remembrance of a home appliance you have ever read, please send me the lovelier ones ASAP.

When asked if this would be a viable machine today, Roy Berendsohn, the Senior Home Editor at Popular Mechanics, doesn’t sound as impressed. “Combining these two appliances, I think you’ll probably end up with a machine that does one function well and the other poorly or both poorly,” he says. “It seems unlikely that you’d produce a machine that does both well. Not to mention a machine that does both well and meets the energy-saving and water-conserving standards that modern (separate) appliances do.”

It’s true, modern dishwashers only use about six gallons per cycle, whereas a washing machine will use around 40 gallons for a full load. Any water-saving benefits would likely be lost due to the unique requirements of each task.

“Besides, what would you do if you want to wash dishes and do laundry at the same time?” Berendsohn adds. “Busy people would have little patience for swapping out tubs to handle these routine chores.”

LIFE Magazine (March 4, 1946)

The precise reason the Thor Automagic faded from marketplace relevancy isn’t entirely clear, but its fall can be tracked as advertisements for the appliance stopped appearing in magazines in the early 1950s. Some of the last places where you’ll find evidence of the Electric Household Utilities Corp. or Thor are in various directories of obsolete securities.

An inglorious end for such an ingenious product. It may not have been perfect, but at least it tried. If the day ever comes when we can proudly throw our pants into the dishwasher, we’ll be able to look back and give thanks to the clever Automagic.

Rant | Obama continues to fix the Creator’s worst mistakes

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Originally posted on danmillerinpanama:

This is a partially updated version of Fixing the Creator’s worst mistakes, published on December 29, 2012. It deals mainly with Islam, Iran, the nuke “deal,” illegal immigration and Obama’s usurpation of power. 

Islam and other religions

Obama is “our” Imam in Chief and in that capacity continues to preach that Islam is the religion of peace; there is neither Islamic violence nor any Islamic desire for it. Since the Islamic State is violent it is not Islamic.

Coptic Christians beheaded Coptic Christians beheaded. So what? They weren’t other Muslims.

Christians and Jews? Islamists are intent upon removing what they consider the curses of Christianity and Judaism. Pope Francis appears to be far more concerned about Climate Change; so does Obama.

In Obama’s apparent view, Palestinians want the true peace of Islam. They abhor violence and want nothing more than to live in peace and harmony in Israel with their Jewish friends and neighbors. Their only obstacles are those senselessly thrown in their…

View original 1,668 more words

Fly past for World War Two female veteran pilot

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This is from War History OnLine.

To these women I want to offer a heartfelt Thank-You, May God Bless you and a Hand Salute. 

A World War Two female veteran pilot has been honoured with a fly past as she turned 99 years old.

 Dorothy Olsen turned 99 this week and spent her birthday at  Dorothy Olsen near Seattle, where she and other veterans could watch a fly past of vintage war-era aircraft.

During World War Two there were around 1000 women pilots, who were flying 22 various types of fighter aircraft. They would not be involved in combat missions, but would transport the aircraft from the manufacturing factories to air bases across the United States.

Once delivered male pilots would then fly them overseas for use in the Pacific and in Europe.

Dorothy says that she’s been lucky to have such a long and fruitful life. She reminisced that she loved flying the fighter planes, especially when she could fly them at fast speeds and low to the ground.


Dorothy Olsen standing on a P-38 Lightning

The vintage planes that took place in the fly-past at Boeing Field are part of a World War Two re-enactment taking place. They will fly from Montana to Russia, which was the route the aircraft took during the war in order to deliver vital air support to the Soviet Union as it advanced west into Europe.

The female core Air Force was also established in the UK, where thousands of women were recruited to the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force to ensure that aircraft could get from the factories to the air bases as quickly as possible. In the US the female Air Force core was known as the Women Airforce Service Pilots, and was most often called the WASPs, the NBC News reports.

They were established in 1942 and were pioneering for the role of female pilots both in the military and in commercial flying. At the height of the war, there were more than 1000 American women in the WASPs and they flew more than 60 million miles to get all types of aircraft across the US. WASPs were given veteran status in the 1970s and were also honoured for their role during the war with the Congressional Gold Medal.

Most of the women who were chosen to join the WASPs were already pilots and had licences.

DANGER, Email Privacy Act: Paves Way for Institutionalized Violations of the Fourth Amendment

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Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:

nsa uncle sam watching you
July 31, 2015 By Mark Fitzgibbons

So-called email privacy bills moving towards bipartisan passage in Congress encourage bureaucrats to get and read our emails without a warrant signed by a judge.

The Email Privacy Act, H.R. 699, and its Senate companion bill S. 356, actually authorize and encourage hundreds of federal and state agencies to violate the Fourth Amendment with respect to the content of private emails.

With all the recent clamor and attention from the media, privacy groups and even members of Congress about the blind, untargeted metadata collection by the National Security Agency (NSA) for national security reasons, these bills sell out our private “security” protected by the Fourth Amendment regarding our most intimate thoughts and communications.

While purporting to require warrants signed by judges to search or seize emails from email storage systems such as “the cloud,” these bills expressly allow federal and state agencies to issue…

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