Flyers calling for registration of Jews in Ukraine provide chilling reminder of past

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This is from Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership.

Is this a false flag being raised to create  racial tensions in Ukraine ?

It could be the beginning of another Kristallnacht.


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By David Codrea, April 18th 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.


Whether the story turns out to be a “provocation,” as the pro-Russian separatist leader Denis Pushilin, whose signature allegedly appears on flyers calling on Ukranian Jews to register themselves and pay special taxes is now claiming, or whether it is a precursor of “official” policies to come, the news has certainly grabbed the world’s attention and provided a shocking reminder of a past some alive today who survived it still remember.

“Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk where pro-Russian militants have taken over government buildings were told they have to ‘register’ with the Ukrainians who are trying to make the city become part of Russia,” USA Today reported Thursday.

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that Jews in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk were recently given notices instructing them to officially identify themselves as Jews,” The Washington Times added, showing the administration has not immediately dismissed the accounts as unofficial.

Pushilin’s denial is giving cause for hope that his political opponents were attempting to create hysteria and resistance. Still, assuming (but not yet accepting) that’s the case, why such a story would be initially perceived as credible should alarm all, and strengthen the conviction that now is hardly the time for Ukrainian Jews to be relaxing their guard.

It’s not just the troubled history of the Jewish people in that part of the world, including that some Ukrainians collaborated with the Nazis on exterminating them. While post-WWII social developments may have given some encouragement, as recently as February, Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi was urging Jews to flee Kiev after attacks on students there.

“I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state … there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions,” Chief Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman confirmed. “We have been told by the Israeli Embassy to not go outside.”

Fleeing? Locking themselves up indoors? Appealing to the Israeli foreign minister to “help protect [the] community”? Are those the only options?

It would seem so, if possessing the tools of self-defense is off the table. Without an amendment proposed by the Ukrainian Gun Owners Association guaranteeing “Everyone has the right to freedom of owning a firearm to protect their life and health, housing and property, life and health of other people’s constitutional rights and freedoms in the case of usurpation of power, the encroachments on the constitutional order, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” and with “everyone” meaning Jews, too, that would seem the case, especially with the country’s political future so uncertain.

Not that the government retaining power promises much in the terms of gun ownership reforms in a country with laws categorized as “restrictive” by GunPolicy.org, a Sydney School of Public Health project providing an online compilation of global gun statistics and law summaries. The law not only mandates “Applicants for a gun owner’s license in Ukraine are required to prove genuine reason to possess a firearm,” but also “requires that a record of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register.”

And should Mr. Putin prevail in his apparent quest for adding the Ukraine back into Russia’s captured territorial holdings, don’t expect a change in such policies from him. Despite a manly PR image that has him shooting guns at ranges, inspecting military weapons at manufacturing facilities, striding bare-chested through the woods with a scoped rifle and cozying up to “action star” Steven Seagal to push for firearm exports to the U.S., the former KFB operative has shown a decided preference for a state monopoly of violence after a gunman killed six people in southwest Russia last April.

True to “progressive” gun-grabber form, he blamed the people who didn’t do anything wrong.

“Russian citizens should not be allowed to freely own guns for purposes of self-defense, says President Vladimir Putin,” UPI reported.

“I do not support the idea of free arms distribution in Russia,” Putin was quoted. “It is dangerous to artificially stimulate this process.”

That would seem to cinch it for Ukrainian citizens if Putin’s opinion holds any sway over areas his supporters there help him to dominate.

But back to the registration of Jews: As this is being written, doubt still exists both to the authenticity of the flyer being officially sanctioned, as well as to denials coming from the camp accused of distributing them.

“[Pushilin] claims he had nothing to do with the writing or distribution of the fliers, but seems to acknowledge that ‘some idiots’ from his organization did in fact hand them out,” Politix is reporting.

And as history has proven time and again, registration, of people and of property they can use to preserve life and liberty, like guns, can lead to both being rounded up and eliminated by the state.

An historical example demonstrating both is the story of Alfred Flatow, an Olympic multiple gold and silver medal winner, a firearm owner and a Jew.

“In 1938, just weeks before Reichskristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass), in Nazi Germany, Berlin police arrested Alfred Flatow,” attorney and author scholar Stephen P. Halbrook wrote in a scholarly paper examining the period. “His crime: being a Jew in lawful possession of firearms.

“The police knew he possessed firearms because he dutifully registered them in 1932 under a decree by the liberal Weimar Republic,” Halbrook explained. “In anticipation of the pogrom, the Nazi leadership launched a campaign to disarm Jews. Flatow was one of many who were arrested and turned over to the Gestapo. He would eventually be deported and die in a concentration camp.”

Registration of firearms in compliance with “the law” can clearly lead to confiscation of more than just guns. And fast-forwarding to the present, and to our part of the world, we see those who would do both calling for the incremental step of “universal background checks” as “reasonable commonsense gun safety” measures, conveniently ignoring that no less a source than the “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies” by Greg Ridgeway, Ph.D. Deputy Director National Institute of Justice, notes “Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration …”

Still, some would insist that murderous totalitarianism “could never happen here,” ignoring a bloody documented history of the world that irrefutably confirms “evil governments did wipe out 170,000,000 innocent non-military lives in the 20th Century alone.”

That’s not only a form of (potential) holocaust denial; it’s a denial of observable reality.

Because where in the past has any civilization, including ours, been guaranteed stasis? Has not despotism and mass destruction plagued every civilization that preceded ours? Is it not, in fact, still commonplace throughout the globe? By what suspension of reality, by what denial of the observable and the probable, by what art, device or magic are we sheltered few immune from catastrophe?

Are we certain, from our brief and privileged vantage point, that such things will ever remain headline curiosities? Is it not whistling past the graveyard of history, not to mention just plain ignorant, to proclaim that our familiar way of life will forever be the norm, when everything that has gone before us shows we are, instead, the extremely lucky beneficiaries of a rare and fortunate convergence of circumstances?

One, by the way, that has only been preserved with arms …?

7 W&L students demand removal of Confederate flags, decry view of Lee’s legacy

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This is from The Roanoke Times.

Look closely at the title of this article it does not say the entire Washington and Lee University student body.

It says seven multicultural,multiracial affirmative action malcontents demand not request, but they demand.

This malcontents are questioning Robert E.Lee’s honor yet they have no honor themselves.


Some Washington & Lee University law students want the university to live by its honor code and stop glorifying its namesake by acknowledging the dishonorable side of both Robert E. Lee and W&L.

Seven multiracial students, calling themselves The Committee, have demanded that W&L remove the flags of the Confederacy from the campus and Lee Chapel, acknowledge and apologize for participating in chattel slavery, recognize Martin Luther King Day on the undergraduate campus and ban neo-Confederates from marching across campus to the chapel on Lee-Jackson Day.

If their demands are not met by Sept. 1, they will engage in civil disobedience.

University President Kenneth Ruscio on Wednesday issued a letter to the W&L community that said “we take these students’ concerns seriously. The issues they have raised are important, and we intend to address them.”

Ruscio said W&L invites a prominent speaker during MLK Legacy Week; the undergraduate faculty decides whether classes are held on MLK day; the eight battle flags in Lee Chapel, representing armies of the Confederate States of America, are educational and historical, and the university does not observe Lee-Jackson Day.

His message did not indicate whether W&L would meet any of the students’ demands, but that he invited them to meet with the University Committee on Inclusiveness and Campus Climate that has been holding focus groups on these same issues.

The students said that they emailed the committee four days ago and had yet to hear a response.

Washington & Lee last fall announced W&L Promise, a program that covers tuition for students whose families earn less than $75,000 a year as a way to broaden the student body diversity along “social-economic, geographical, racial, ethnic — the widest possible use of the term,” Ruscio said then. The private school in Lexington, among the nation’s first universities, has in recent years promoted itself as an inclusive, diverse institution.

Anjelica Hendricks and Dominik Taylor, two of the seven law students who formed the protest committee, said they bought into W&L’s message at first. Both grew up in Virginia and understand the culture but also know that history needs to be presented in its context.

“As a native of Virginia, I understand that every prestigious school in Virginia is named after a slave owner. I went to James Madison University,” Hendricks said. “JMU was very comfortable. The name of the institution didn’t matter. It was all about the atmosphere.”

She found W&L and Lexington welcoming when she visited, but the experience soured immediately upon moving in.

“During orientation we had to go inside Lee Chapel and sign an honor contract to uphold our honor according to the honor of Robert E. Lee,” she said. Signing that contract in the shadow of a slave owner, and beneath plaques honoring Confederate soldiers and battle flags bowing to a movement to keep black people enslaved is hurtful, she said.

“I’m a native of Richmond. I know what it’s like to remember the past; however, I didn’t feel the racism and disrespect as I did in being asked to uphold an honor that aligns with the views of Lee,” she said.

The Committee draws upon the honor code in presenting its grievances. “The time has come for us, as students, to ask that the university hold itself responsible for its past and present dishonorable conduct and for the racist and dishonorable conduct of Robert E. Lee.”

Lee, a native Virginian and West Point graduate, resigned his commission in the U.S. Army at the outbreak of the Civil War and commanded the Army of Northern Virginia during most of the fighting. He was named president of the then-Washington College in Lexington months after his surrender at Appomattox and died in office in 1870. The college trustees added his name to George Washington’s almost immediately. The former commander-in-chief of Confederate forces is buried in Lee Chapel. Confederate Lt. Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson is buried nearby in Lexington.

Taylor said that even if the university does not officially celebrate Lee-Jackson Day, it hurts students and faculty of color by granting a permit to neo-Confederates to march across campus and hold a ceremony at Lee Chapel. The private university can ban this group, the law students said.

“They are not entitled to not be offended,” said Brandon Dorsey, commander of Camp 1296 of the Lexington-based Stonewall Brigade of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who each year organizes Lee-Jackson Day in Lexington. “Second, it’s an indictment on the university that they aren’t better educating their students on the values and principles that Lee stood for that they would consider having these demands met.”

Dorsey said Lee was called the “marble man because he was considered exemplary for his behavior toward others.” He said Lee only had slaves when he acted as executor of his father-in-law’s estate for a brief period of time and that he released them.

The students said that benign view of Lee whitewashes history.

Lee’s wife inherited 196 slaves upon her father’s death in 1857, and the will required that they were to be freed within five years. Historian Elizabeth Brown Pryor, who wrote “Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters,” has said that Lee continued to work the slaves for five years to make the estates more profitable. He broke up families, hired slaves to other families and petitioned the court to extend their servitude. They were granted their freedom on the same day the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect.

The students want W&L to acknowledge that Lee owned slaves and oversaw their beatings.

Dorsey said W&L’s alumni would protest if the university bowed to the students’ demands to “remove Lee’s legacy.” He said he isn’t surprised by the demands and suspects liberal professors are behind the movement just as they were in pressuring the city of Lexington to ban all but government flags from its street poles. Dorsey’s group lost a lawsuit against the city’s flag ban.

“The university is a hotbed of these kinds,” he said. “They would fit better in Communist China than in the United States. They don’t have the right to control other people’s actions.”

Ruscio wrote in his letter that he impaneled a special committee last year “to explore the history of African Americans at Washington and Lee and to provide a report to me and to the community.” So far, the group has “met in only a preliminary manner,” he said.


New York officials argue for flexibility with gun law violators… As long as they’re on the city’s payroll

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This is from The Daily Caller.

It seems that that draconian international gun laws only apply to the masses and not to the Ones in New York law enforcement.

While I do not want to see NYPD Officer Manny Encarnacion spend time in an Indian prison.

It is important to remind Mr.Encarnacion of  Queens Executive District Attorney Robert J Masters words.

“There is, frankly, an element of irresponsibility… . They’ve travelled.  They realize that licenses are different around the country… 


Some of New York’s most strident gun control advocates have rushed to the defense of an unwitting traveler who was arrested at an airport for a technical violation of a draconian gun law.  Has a new era of sanity arrived in the Big Apple?  Not really.  This defendant happens to be an NYPD officer who is alleged to have violated

On March 10th, NYPD Officer Manny Encarnacion was arrested when officials at the airport in New Delhi discovered three rounds of ammunition in his baggage.  New York City’s NBC affiliate reports that Encarnacion had been to the shooting range before his trip and put three rounds into a jacket pocket. Encarnacion later packed that jacket, forgetting that it contained the ammunition.  Since his arrest, he has not been allowed to leave India and faces charges that could land him seven years in prison.

Encarnacion’s detainment has turned into somewhat of an international incident between officials in New York and India.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed support for the officer and suggested that the Indian government may have had an ulterior reason for the arrest.  Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) wrote a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, in which he states, “This excessive act by the Indian government is clearly politically motivated,” and alleges that the incident is retaliation for the December 2013 arrest of an Indian official in New York.  The New York Daily News reports that Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has also lent his support to the stranded officer, remarking, “I would hope that India, a country that we have a good relationship with, would not stoop to the petty level of making a political pawn of this decorated NYPD cop and veteran.”

These three staunch gun control proponents apparently don’t have a highly-developed sense of irony or of their own breathtaking hypocrisy.  New York City has been engaged in a longstanding effort to persecute travelers that mistakenly violate the City’s unusually harsh firearm laws or commit the “offense” of believing an out-of-state permit will be recognized in New York. These visitors often face a felony charge that mandates a minimum three and a half year sentence if convicted.  The persecution of these peaceful and otherwise law-abiding persons who, like Encarnacion, pose no threat to public safety, is entirely politically motivated.

Year after year, dozens of travelers unfamiliar with New York’s byzantine gun laws have been arrested at New York’s Kennedy and LaGuardia airports, even when complying with a federal law designed to protect those lawfully transporting unloaded firearms.  The City is aware of the federal law, but treats it as an “affirmative defense” to be raised before a court.  In other words, the attitude of the mayor and police department for those who stand on their rights under the federal law is to arrest them for technical violations of local regulations and then let the accused, “Tell it to the judge.”  Even if the case is later dismissed, as it often is, the traveler is still subjected to an embarrassing, inconvenient, intimidating, and expensive ordeal.

June 9, 2013 New York Times article cites a number of incidents where overzealous enforcement at New York’s airports has ensnared travelers, ranging from the case of a military wife and mother to that of a professional football player.  Martin D. Kane, a defense attorney who has handled these types of cases described for the Times the treatment a mistaken traveler can expect, stating, “They’re locked up the same as anybody else on any other felony charge… .  People’s lives are really, really disrupted, as you can imagine.”

An Associated Press article from March tells a similar story, placing the number of travelers charged at the New York airports in 2013 at 25.  Illustrating the significant difference in flexibility exhibited by New York officials in Encarnacion’s case versus that of the average traveler, Queens Executive District Attorney Robert J. Masters told the AP, “There is, frankly, an element of irresponsibility… . They’ve travelled.  They realize that licenses are different around the country… . They still have this fear, even though this is the safest big city in America, and they think, I’m going to bring the gun with me just in case.”

New York City visitors unfamiliar with local laws don’t fare any better outside the City’s airports.  A January 27, 2012 South Bend Tribune article chronicles the story of former Marine Ryan Jerome, who was arrested in 2011 while in line at the Empire State Building after he attempted to check his pistol with a security guard.  Jerome had erroneously thought that his Indiana carry permit was valid in New York.  The Marine spent 48 hours in jail following the arrest.  After several months of legal wrangling, Jerome plead to a misdemeanor and was sentenced with a $1000 fine and community service.  Another notable case is that of Meredith Graves, a nurse and Tennessee tourist who was arrested following an attempt to check a pistol with security at the 9/11 Memorial.


While the newly found ability of de Blasio, et al., to recognize an honest mistake when they see one strikes us in this case as typically self-serving, we can agree with them on this much.  India’s detainment of Encarnacion, whether motivated by politics or a severe intolerance for the NYPD officer’s undoubtedly honest mistake, is an injustice.  The charges should be dismissed, and he should be swiftly returned to the U.S.


Yet this incident should serve as a lesson to New York officials about how even harmless, well-intentioned travelers can inadvertently run afoul of an unfamiliar jurisdiction’s gun laws, especially when those laws are unaccustomedly broad.   The lesson is even more important when the violation results in no harm, and the law is enforced despite extenuating circumstances or legal protections to the contrary.  In the future, de Blasio and his prosecution-happy cohorts should ensure the understanding and consideration they have shown to Encarnacion is also extended to other law-abiding travelers who find themselves in similar predicaments when visiting New York City itself.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/04/14/new-york-officials-argue-for-flexibility-with-gun-law-violators-as-long-as-theyre-on-the-citys-payroll/#ixzz2zHLDuQPR




A Legend of the Dogwood Tree

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The Bible does not tell us what type of wood the cross Jesus was crucified on was made of. Roman history does not go into specifics as to how the crosses were made or what type of wood was used.
There is a legend that the cross was made of dogwood.
This is unlikely considering the typical size of a dogwood tree.
The legend of the dogwood tree, author unknown, is as follows:In Jesus’ time, the dogwood grew
To a stately size and a lovely hue.

‘Twas strong and firm, its branches interwoven.
For the cross of Christ its timbers were chosen.
Seeing the distress at this use of their wood
Christ made a promise which still holds good:
“Never again shall the dogwood grow
Large enough to be used so.
Slender and twisted, it shall be
With blossoms like the cross for all to see.
As blood stains the petals marked in brown,
The blossom’s center wears a thorny crown.
All who see it will remember Me
Crucified on a cross from the dogwood tree.
Cherished and protected, this tree shall be
A reminder to all of My agony.”
Again, this is just a legend. It is a nice poem, but there is no biblical basis to it.


Helluva Job, Eric: Fast And Furious Guns Flowed Back Into Texas, New Mexico

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This is from Bearing Arms.

Eric “The Lawless”Holder belongs in a prison cell for being an accessory after the fact in the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry.



Let me be clear: Operation Fast and Furious was never about trying to interdict and take down drug cartels. It was thought to have been about providing some small bit of truth to the 90-percent lie told by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder, in order to justify another attempt at a federal “assault weapon” ban.

There were no mechanisms at all to track the thousands of firearms that straw purchasers and low-level smugglers—at least some of whom were federal government informants—bought in the United States and then smuggled back across the border to arm narco-terrorists.

New reports now prove that in addition to the 300+ deaths caused by Fast and Furious guns south of the border, guns are now flowing back northward as cartels extend their reach northward across a border that the federal government refuses to defend:

Smugglers from Arizona being monitored through the U.S. government’s Operation Fast and Furious helped supply firearms to a gun-trafficking ring led by officials in Columbus, N.M., according to court documents.

Court documents also provide additional details on the extent of the Columbus conspirators’ involvement with Mexican drug traffickers and La Linea enforcers of the Carrillo Fuentes drug cartel.

According to one of the court documents, Border Patrol agents looking for a stolen vehicle stopped Blas Gutierrez, a former Columbus Village trustee, and Miguel Carrillo, a gun straw purchaser, in Columbus on Jan. 14, 2010. The two men, who were later convicted in the federal case against 11 Columbus conspirators, were not arrested that day.

The Border Patrol agents who stopped Gutierrez and Carrillo reported that they had found eight firearms inside the 2004 Nissan, including three Romarm Cugir pistols, two Ruger P345 pistols and three Fabrique National de Herstal pistols.

An investigation later determined that the three Fabrique Nationale de Herstal pistols had been purchased Jan. 9, 2010 in Arizona by Jaime Avila, one of the arms-trafficking conspiracy ringleaders who was being monitored by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) as part of Operation Fast and Furious. Avila was one of the main suspects in the ATF’s centerpiece case for Fast and Furious.

The court document stated that the three Romarm Cugir pistols found on Gutierrez and Carrillo that day “were bought (on) an unlisted date by another straw purchaser identified as Uriel Patino, also of Phoenix.” Patino was another ATF target in Operation Fast and Furious. Patino was a co-defendant with Jaime Avila.

Don’t expect there to be much of an investigation into Operation Fast and Furious.

Attorney General Eric Holder is already in civil and criminal contempt of Congress for his obstruction of the investigation, which he continues to stonewall. ATF Director B. Todd Jones just admitted in testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee that he never fired anyone for their roles in Operation Fast and Furious and why would he; he was on Holder’s advisory board prior to becoming the ATF director, and likely knew of the plot from the beginning.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata were murdered by Fast and Furious guns, and ICE Special Agent Victor Avila Jr. was gravely wounded by them. More than 300 Mexican citizens, including 14 innocent teens murdered at a party in the 2010 Juarez massacre, died as a result of Fast and Furious guns.

To date, not a single ATF, DOJ, or White House official has been held accountable by either being fired or criminally charged.

Bloomberg: ‘I’ve Earned My Place in Heaven’

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This is from NewsMax.

I have this Bible verse for Micheal Bloomberg to ponder.


Titus 3:5-6

King James Version (KJV)

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;


Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg admits he’s started feeling his own mortality – but insists that if there is a God, he is going straight to heaven.

The reason for his free pass from the big man upstairs is that he’s done enough on earth to deserve his place up there while fighting for gun control, smoking bans, and drink restrictions, as well as against fattening foods, according to The New York Times.

“I am telling you, if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed,” Bloomberg told the Times. “I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

Bloomberg, 72, started thinking about how long he has left in this world while preparing for his upcoming 50th college reunion, and was shocked to learn how many of his former classmates had been appearing in the “in memoriam” pages of his school newsletter.

565881 During his tenure, Bloomberg became known for attempting to run a “nanny state” in New York due to his many initiatives to help get overweight New Yorkers in shape.
Last year, he proposed legislation that would have encouraged city residents to forgo elevators and escalators and use the stairs. His get-fit measure followed his previous assault on smoking in public places and his battles against the consumption of oversize sodas, sodium, and trans fats.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Bloomberg-NYC-heaven-gun-control/2014/04/16/id/565881#ixzz2zCUUHpZZ
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Suspected Home Invader Beaten, Kicked And Tased By Residents

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This is from NewsOne.com.

A Son of Obama picked the wrong house to rob  and got his ass kicked.

Michael Maxwell Palm Bay


See the guy pictured above?

That’s Michael Maxwell‘s mugshot after he allegedly tried to break into a Palm Bay, Fla., home Wednesday morning.

Florida Today reports that the cops were called to the home around 1 a.m. to investigate a disturbance. Maxwell and several other men allegedly stormed the home but were met with force. By time Palm Bay police arrived on the scene, they found that Maxwell had been kicked, beaten and tased by the residents.

He was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne for treatment of his injuries. The suspect was charged with one count of home invasion robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon and four counts of battery.

He was held on a $51,000 bond at the Brevard County Jail Complex in Sharpes. A 17-year-old companion of Maxwell was arrested on the same charges.

It is not clear whether the victims knew Maxwell or the other men suspected in home invasion. The case is still under investigation.

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