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I sometimes have an endless quest for knowledge, and I share pearls of wisdom with you so you don’t have to pursue the same quest.  In an attempt to achieve that honorable and lofty goal, I was listening to a radio program on Obamacare this week, and I walked away comfortable in this knowledge.

Our President knowingly fucked us.

The two largest health insurance providers in the nation have served notice that they will most likely be withdrawing from Obamacare participation next year. The number one company is projected to lose over $200 MIL in 2016 alone, and has rightfully decided that, since they are NOT the government, that loss is unsustainable. This comes on the heels of New York, New Jersey, Washington State, Oregon and Illinois being faced with the same predicament.

Perfectly predictable.      

Totally avoidable.

Completely Socialist.

Communists and their Socialist progressive little brothers live by the Marxists truisms that to gain control of a population you control their education, their health care and their reason for accumulating wealth. Let’s look at this, shall we?

These last few weeks have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the left owns education. That national system, for which education is absolutely NOT a goal (good teachers notwithstanding) is so corrupt that it cannot be fixed. Thank you Woodrow Wilson. (Tell me anything that the federal government has taken over that is better because of that.)

The governmental tax regime and social welfare is the number one factor in the discouraging of the accumulation of wealth. Face it, in this country we pay the government to DIE. Unless you make a boatload of money, you are going to get hurt by the government. If you DO make a boatload of money you do it despite the government and it is only a matter of time until the government finds a way to get it.  (Just ask anyone who took their money and left the country with the intent of giving up their American citizenship.  Our government has tentacles in places you would never guess.)

But this one…. I absolutely cannot get my head around why so few people saw Obamacare as the national train wreck it is. And like most fakes, it was built on a system of easily identified, demonstrable falsehoods. Obamacare was a lie, and it was known to be a lie. Sure, some sincerely hoped it would be a success even while admitting that it was designed on models and predictions that have never, EVER worked before.  That is called a lie.

Fact:  Obamacare is a colossal failure. No one knows HOW this will end – just that it WILL end, and badly.

Will the government force everyone into a government, single payer plan (the goal all along, even back under Hillary’s failed attempt to socialize health care) and drop the pretense of making life better? We don’t know.  There are too many variables in the 20,000 and counting pages in the ACA (which we still haven’t read to find out what’s in it) that the government can screw up.  But you can be certain beyond all doubt that it that screw it up it WILL.

When you hear that Obamacare is ‘collapsing under its own weight’ (an outcome perfectly understandable based on the design) this is what it looks like. This is what the screwing of an entire nation looks like. Conservatives were ridiculed for saying the Liberals’ health care plan was for you to ‘get sick and die’. However, it seems the liberals devised a system that ensured exactly that.  (As an aside, the death panels were NOT a conservative idea.)

Whew….. now you know.


…… go forward, eat turkey, be merry with the knowledge that your insurance will pay for the subsequent heart attack….. (assuming you HAVE insurance and have met your deductible)




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Maryland’s 15 Year Old “Ballistic Fingerprinting” Database Ends in Failure

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This is from AllOutDoor.com.

Another Liberal feel good law fails.

9mm case

After 15 years and millions of dollars spent, the State of Maryland has abandoned its massive “ballistic fingerprinting” effort.

According to an article published Nov 7 in The Baltimore Sun, the state legislature has repealed the requirement that the Maryland State Police collect and keep a fired cartridge case from every handgun sold or rented in the state. The cases would then be photographed to create a searchable database for ballistic comparison. Since the law passed in 2000, over 300,000 cartridge cases have been collected and stored at a total program cost estimated at around $5 million.

After all the time and energy spent collecting, photographing, and storing the cases, the legislature has authorized the Maryland State Police to sell them for scrap.

Although the “ballistic fingerprinting” effort was touted as a crime fighting tool, in 15 years only 26 matches were made from the database to guns used in crime. And, in every case, the matches were so called “back door” hits. This means that the investigators already knew or suspected the specific gun that was used in the crime and merely used the database to confirm the identification of the crime gun. This is the opposite of the original intent that the database would help investigators by identifying unknown guns by comparing cartridge cases recovered at crime scenes with images in the database. The imaging database never worked correctly and was discontinued in 2007, although the cartridge cases were still collected.

The program has been under fire for most of its life with several earlier unsuccessful attempts to repeal it. “It’s not yielding any results,” Sgt. Rob Moroney, a state police spokesman was quoted as saying in a 2005 article in The Washington Post. “The program simply has not met expectations and does not aid in the mission statement of the department of police.”

The failure of Maryland’s program mirrors that of a similar program in New York state. The New York program started in 2000 and was ended in 2012 after only matching two firearms used in crimes.

In the end the death of Maryland’s ballistic fingerprinting database is another example of unrealistic expectations among the public and lawmakers for technological solutions. Shows like “CSI” are not real life and this is only the latest example of a “good idea” that was unworkable in the real world.

– See more at: http://www.alloutdoor.com/2015/11/08/marylands-15-year-old-ballistic-fingerprinting-database-ends-in-failure/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2015-11-10&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter#sthash.hts4PqUN.dpuf

‘Muslim-Free Zone’: Gun-shop owner wins case

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Mystery of Three US Airmen Who Vanished in Malayan Jungle Finally Solved after 70 Years

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This is from War History OnLine.

After seventy years the families of JudsonBaskett, William Myers and Donald Jones can have a proper burial for their loved ones.


Just months after the end of the Second World War, three United States airmen took off from Singapore in their military transport plane, bound for a small aerodrome in Penang. They disappeared for no apparent reason and, until recently, without a trace.

 The date was 27th November  1945. The weather was favourable for flying, with good visibility and only a little light rain forecast for the day. The long flight was to take them from the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, over the dense jungles of the hinterland and down to the Straits Settlements island of Penang at the northwest extreme of modern-day Malaysia. It was meant to be routine transport trip.

The C-47 aircraft, however, vanished en route. The three men on board, Judson Baskett, a Flight Officer, William Myers, a First Lieutenant, and Donald Jones, a First Class Private, were never seen alive again. A wide-ranging search mission was organised, but it discovered no hint of the fate of the plane and its crew. After a while, the three men were declared be dead, even though there was no evidence to this effect.

The charity PacificWrecks.com, which investigates shipwrecks in and near the Pacific Ocean dating from the Second World War and the Korean War, noted that twenty years later someone had reported seeing the wreckage of a plane on a jungle-covered mountainside in the Malay Peninsula. This 1966 report appears not to have been followed up.

Then in 1985 two people clambering through the jungle stumbled upon wreckage. The location was recorded, but again the matter was not taken any further. Only in 2009 did officials start taking action after some local residents took photographs of the wrecked aircraft. The officials then contacted the USA embassy in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian and US authorities began putting plans in place to examine the site and recover what they could of the wreckage. However, several domestic and international incidents and distractions caused long delays to the planned recovery mission, and it took until 2015 before any concrete action could be taken.

In August this year the recovery of the airmen’s remains finally commenced. First, the remains were respectfully carried from the wreckage and taken to the Kuala Lumpur. There, in a quiet ceremony, they were handed over by a contingent of Malaysian soldiers to four US servicemen. The two soldiers and two airmen carried the flag-bedecked casket across the tarmac and into the plane, an enormous C-130 transport. The US defence minister, Secretary Ash Carter, who happened to be in the region on business, paid his respects quietly on the sidelines, the JP Updates reports.

The plane then took off, heading eastward for a stop-over in Hawaii. Although it is being assumed that the remains are indeed the missing men, this won’t be established beyond doubt until forensic scientists in the US perform identification tests. At last, after 70 years of mystery some sort of finality will soon be reached for the memories of those three men.

Although the USA suffered heavy casualties in the Pacific region during the Second World War, they weren’t active in Malaya, which was then a colony of the British crown. The Japanese invaded the entire peninsula during the war, pushing the British garrisons out of Penang and southward until they were finally forced to leave Singapore. With the defeat of Japan, the British afterwards re-established their presence in Malaya, until their departure several years later and the founding of the independent state of Malaysia.

Bomb Disposal Squads – The Forgotten Heroes Of The Blitz

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This is from War History OnLine.

How many of these brave men lost their lives performing their jobs during World War II?

How many lives were saved by these brave men?


John Hannaford was doing his basic Army training when he was selected for the No. 16 Bomb Disposal Squad based in Cardiff. He had no choice in the matter, so he simply did the only thing he could do – his job.

 “I had no experience. My posting was simply pinned on a noticeboard,” John remembers. “I’ve no idea why I was chosen. My two mates became a road builder in South Africa and engineer in the West Indies. I got bomb disposal.”

Back in John’s day the unit was equipped with only a stethoscope, leather gloves, a hammer and a chisel. Using these meager implements, they dismantled countless bombs.

“I’ve no idea how many we defused. We risked our lives non-stop.”

John is now 100 years old, and believes that in an occupation that saw more than 1,000 good men die, it may be the Angel of Good Fortune that has brought him this far. “You could say I’m one of the luckiest men alive,” John said. “So many of my comrades died. A lot of beating a bomb was about skill – a lot about luck.”

It was a rapidly developing science, and the units had to keep up with ever-changing demands. In June of 1940 the German military arsenal changed, and bomb disposal units had to adapt from working on defusing an initial 20 devices to an astounding 3,000 just four months later.

“Some bombs you recognized and knew how to deal with, but the Germans were constantly changing their engineering and wiring so there were new challenges all the time.

Throughout the war the bomb disposal squads defused over 60,000 explosives, including butterfly bombs, anti-aircraft shells, and incendiaries.


No one will ever know the full extent of the bomb squads’ contributions to the war, or how many lives they saved; and how many deaths they prevented. They were awarded with 115 George Medals and 13 George Crosses, but former Captain Hannaford thinks that they have been left behind by history, and their efforts and sacrifices forgotten.

“We have become the forgotten part of Britain’s war and I can’t get over the fact we have been written out of history,” John lamented, the Mirrorreports.

“It almost killed me several times but I am still here and, on behalf of all those officers and other ranks who were killed, I ask that their part is recognized.”

A campaign is being run by Blesma, a charity dedicated to limbless veterans, to properly recognize the efforts of bomb disposal units in every way.

Charity chief Brigadier Barry Le Grys said, “Their role in defending life should be widely appreciated. It’s a task that has continued in every conflict from Northern Ireland to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

In 1940 St Paul’s Cathedral was saved by two officers from the bomb disposal squad who successfully disarmed a 4,100lb explosive that had landed on its steps. Appropriately, the cathedral will now play host to a service, to be attended by Prince Harry, commemorating the 75th Anniversary of bomb disposal by recognizing it as an official military discipline.

Right! Parachuted Out of His Crippled B-24 & Destroyed a Zero With His M1911 On His Way Down

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This is from War History OnLine.


In the hands of American soldiers and marines, the M1911A1 performed admirably throughout World War II. In fact, there are numerous accounts of the 1911 being used in courageous acts earning the bearer the Medal of Honor.

 There are also legends about the power, accuracy and reliability of Browning’s masterpiece, which may, or may not, be true, but speak to the magnificence of a pistol design that is more than 100 years old. One of these stories took place March 31, 1943, near Pyinmana, Myanma, and was first reported July 1996 in “Air Force Magazine.”

On that fated day, the 7th BG’s 9th Bomb Squadron was sent on a mission to destroy a railroad bridge, but was attacked before it could reach its target. The bombing group took heavy fire from Japanese fighter planes, wounding the squadron’s commander, Col. Conrad F. Necrason, and disabling numerous B-24 Bombers, including one carrying Lt. Owen J. Baggett.

Though the crew continued to fight, it was obvious that the plane was going to crash, so Baggett’s pilot, Lt. Lloyd Jensen, ordered the men to bail out. Along with the other members of his unit, Baggett jumped from the plane and pulled his parachute.

The Japanese pilots fired on the floating crew killing some and wounding Lt. Baggett in the arm. The story goes that when the pilot who fired upon Baggett came around for a look, the young lieutenant hung limply in his harness as if dead. The ruse worked because the fighter raised his canopy as he flew within feet of the parachute giving Baggett an opportunity. As the plane soared by, Baggett raised his M1911A1 .45 and fired four rounds at the plane, which banked before stalling and crashing into the ground.

 After landing on the ground, Lt. Baggett, along with three other crew members, was captured and taken to a POW camp near Singapore. Baggett didn’t really believe that he had taken down a fighter plane with only a handgun, but Col. Harry Melton, commander of the 311th Fighter Group, ended up at the same camp telling a story about a Japanese colonel that had said that the pilot Baggett had fired upon had been thrown clear of the plane and had been found dead of a single bullet to the head.

While there is no direct evidence that Lt. Owen Baggett did in fact take down a Japanese fighter plane with a handgun, many believe it to be true. Regardless, this is a great story of a courageous man involving a legendary pistol.

After the end of World War II, Owen Baggett remained in the military eventually rising to the rank of colonel in the U.S. Air Force, which was his rank when he retired to San Antonio, Texas. In 2006, at 85 years old, Owen Baggett died in Texas, but he will always be remembered as the man who used a .45 to get a Zero.

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