Selling A Gun To A Friend in New Hampshire? You Could Be Sent to Jail

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H/T AmmoLand.

This women looks like she drank a green persimmon and alum cocktail.

She has a sour look on her face like all liberal gun grabbing women.

Rep. Katherine Rogers

Rep. Katherine Rogers

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Anti gun extremist, Rep. Katherine Rogers, (D, Merrimack, 28) is pushing HB 201,  bill that will put you in jail for up to a year for selling a gun to a friend or neighbor.

That’s right, under the provisions of HB 201 you can’t even dispose of your private personal property without going to a licensed firearms dealer.

But it gets even worse, Rep. Rogers also wants local law enforcement to report violations to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. She wants to federalize local law enforcement.

HB 201 seeks to redefine a private transaction between 2 friends as a so called “commercial sale”. Don’t be confused by this rhetoric. Licensed dealers engage in “commercial sales.”

Regular people who sell or give a firearm to a friend or relative are not dealers. Under HB 201 those regular people could go to jail for selling a gun to a friend or family member.

This bill will criminalize commonplace activities you probably don’t even think about. Ever loan your rifle to a friend on a hunting trip? Ever let a friend try out one of your guns at the shooting range? If HB 201 is passed, these are the kinds of things that could land you in jail!

HB 201 is so broad that any transfer that is not completed by a licensed dealer subjects the seller to the penalties of a misdemeanor!

If you think that’s bad, this new bill — House Bill 201-FN — would set the stage for putting the names of New Hampshire gun owners into a national gun registry. It would do this by requiring that virtually any gun transaction in New Hampshire — private or commercial — be subject to a Brady Check.

Registration definitely leads to confiscation. It happened in New York.

Thus, if you lived in Stark or Fitzwilliam and wanted to sell your gun to your lifetime next door neighbor, you and he would have to take a day off and drive to a federal firearms licensee.

Once you got there, you might very well face the dirty little secret of the Brady Law: The system is frequently down for long periods of time — sometimes an entire weekend. And 8 percent of all inquiries result in “false positives” — normally because your name is similar to someone else’s.

Now, under the language of the Brady Law, it is legally permissible for you and your neighbor to take a day off three days later and drive back to the firearms dealer, accompanied by your neighbor. The problem is this: Most false positives never go “green.”

Most dealers won’t sell a firearm unless the FBI transmits a “green.” And most people who try to get the FBI to correct its records are given the brush-off.

But that’s not all: Recently, BATF has gone into gun dealers in connection with its annual inspection and demanded to be allowed to photocopy all information from the dealer’s bound book and 4473’s — thus compiling a de facto gun registry.

Yes, we have been able to confirm the rumors, the BATF is compiling a list of the gun owners and they are doing it by copying the records of licensed gun dealers.

This is what Rep. Rogers really wants, she wants the list created so the radical anti-gun groups can take their final step and have our firearms collected and destroyed. You see, it was never about the sale, it is about the creation of the list of all firearms and they will stop at nothing to get this list created.

So the drafters of House Bill 201-FN claim that they prohibit a state or local firearms registry? Surprise! BATF is not a “state or local agency.” And it doesn’t consider its list of all gun owners to be a “registry.”

Consider how this bill would have failed to prevent Newtown (stolen gun), Aurora (passed background check), Tucson (passed background check), and practically every other modern American tragedy. This bill wouldn’t make anyone safer, it’s just another cynical attempt by Bloomberg-backed gun-grabbers to marginalize gun-owners, stigmatize gun ownership, and pave the way for the elimination of your gun rights.

Here’s what you need to do to help, HB 201 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee on Thursday, January 19 at 1 p.m. The hearing is scheduled to be held in Room 204 in the Legislative Office Building.

Please try to attend this hearing and sign in to oppose HB 201. Please also call and email the committee members and urge them to vote HB 201 “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL).

Click here for a list of all members of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. When you go to the committee webpage, you will be able to click on each committee members name to send a personal email. Or you can simply click here to send a single email to all Members of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

HB 201 is sponsored by some of the most anti-Second Amendment, anti-freedom idealogues in New Hampshire.


The sponsors are:

  • Rep. Katherine Rogers (603)496-8521
  • Rep. Sue Newman (603)880-8973
  • Rep. Raymond Gagnon (603)542-7286
  • Rep. Skip Berrien (603) 580-1240
  • Rep. Paul Berch (603)399-4960
  • Rep. Timothy Horrigan (603)868-3342
  • Rep. Marjorie Smith (603)868-7500
  • Senator Bette Lasky (603)271-3093

Please contact the committee members and bill sponsors to let them know that you strongly oppose ANY attempt to prohibit the private sale of firearms in New Hampshire. You need to be polite but firm when you explain to these legislators that HB 201 might make them “feel like they are doing something” but in reality nothing needs to be done.

There is no proof, anywhere that there has been any problems with allowing law abiding, peaceable, state residents to sell or trade firearms (that they lawfully own) to one another.

Private parties cannot order firearms through the mail or UPS, only licensed dealers can do that. HB 201 only addresses face to face private sales.

The content of HB 201 comes straight from the play book of former New York City Mayor Bloomberg and his pals, Gabby Giffords and her anti-gun husband Mark Kelly. They are trying to make the rest of America like the “crime free” mecca that Mayor Bloomberg ruled for 12 years. Not!

Don’t be fooled, HB 201 is part of a coordinated national effort and it is just the beginning. If successful they will push for sweeping gun and magazine bans and bans on concealed carry!

Please also let these legislators know (because they are most likely ignorant about firearms) that dealers are licensed, but private parties are currently free and should remain free to dispose of their property as they see fit.

A similar proposal was recently defeated in Maine. Please help NHFC stop Bloomberg from buying New Hampshire and turning it into New York!



Thanks for your support!


Alan M. Rice

Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

P.S. The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is working tirelessly to keep gun owners like you up-to-date on as many gun issues as possible — please consider contributing to the effort by chipping in $15 or $20.

Click here to support NHFC by purchasing one of their custom rifles.

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Read more: http://www.ammoland.com/2017/01/selling-a-gun-to-a-friend-in-new-hampshire-you-could-be-sent-to-jail/#ixzz4WXVZrGVV
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Kelly Confirmed to Lead Department of Homeland Security

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H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

Another warrior general in charge that will get the job done right.

Former Southcom commander to handle immigration, border security, domestic terror threats.

Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly was confirmed as Donald Trump’s secretary of homeland security on Friday evening, soon after the inauguration of the new president.

The Senate voted 88-11 to confirm Kelly to lead the Department of Homeland Security, an agency formed after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Kelly faced little resistance during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs last week, during which he faced questions about Trump’s plan to build a wall on the southern border, immigration, cyber security, the drug trade, and homegrown terrorism. Kelly was commended by Republicans and Democrats as a formidable choice for the job given his experience commanding the U.S. Southern Command.

Kelly, who served 45 years in the Marine Corps, emphasized his belief in the principles of respect and tolerance, respect for the rule of law, and his willingness to “speak truth to power.”

Kelly served as commander of the U.S. Southern Command between 2012 and 2016, retiring last January. He previously served as a senior military assistant to former defense secretaries Robert Gates and Leon Panetta.

“General Kelly is the right choice to lead the Department of Homeland Security. He led our men and women in uniform during three tours in Iraq, oversaw the operations at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, and served as commander of U.S. Southern Command,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.), who chairs the committee, said following the hearing last Tuesday.

“General Kelly’s extensive and relevant experience has provided him with a deep knowledge and understanding of the grave security threats facing our nation and the sacrifices that are required to keep us safe.”

The Department of Homeland Security handles a number of issues, including immigration, border security, domestic terror threats, the protection of critical infrastructure, and cyber security. It operates on a budget exceeding $40 billion and employs about 240,000 workers.

As the fifth secretary of homeland security, Kelly takes over for Jeh Johnson.

Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis was also confirmed on Friday to serve as defense secretary in the Trump administration. Some of Trump’s other Cabinet picks are likely to face more difficult roads to confirmation.

Donald Trump answered the question put to Dr. Benjamin Franklin in 1787: What have you given us: A Republic Ma’am if you can keep it.

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crew-22312113By Jim Campbell

January 20, 2016

It was in the vein that President Donald J. Trump gave America another shot and restoring our Republic.


Ponder this, it was supposed to be our Government penned by our Founding Fathers as handed down by God.

In his speech today, President Donald Trump offered America once again to keep our Republic.

As voters perhaps we have grown tired, we became lazy we lit the political elite push us around.

It would be perfect if the enthusiasm we saw and heard from the thunderous crowds, that we are once again, alive and well and this time We the People won’t blow it. 

The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors.

The answer was provided immediately.


A Mrs…

View original post 248 more words

The Liberal Translation Guide: 20 Translations of Things That Liberals Say


H/T Town Hall.

A small glimpse into the warped demented minds of liberals.

If you listen to liberals, it quickly becomes apparent that what they’re saying has very little relation to reality. They’re like the “Boy who Cried Wolf” except they spend their time yelling that the sheepdog is about to kill everyone while the wolves sneak in the back gate they left open while they were too busy arguing with their friends about whether eating Chinese food is “cultural appropriation.” Ok, maybe that’s not the best analogy, but the bottom line is that it’s difficult to understand what liberals really mean. So with that in mind, here’s a liberal translation guide that will help you understand what liberals are really saying.

1) “Peaceful Protest” – No liberals were hurt while throwing bricks through windows, demanding “Death to the pigs” or getting together in large gangs to waylay small, lone counter protesters from behind.

2) “Voter Suppression” — Cutting into Democrat vote totals by taking any steps to prevent voter fraud.

3) “The Constitution” – An outdated, irrelevant document that should be ignored unless you are claiming that some liberal agenda item is guaranteed by it despite the fact that no one noticed it for 200 years.

4) “Fascist” — People who want to cut spending, abide by the Constitution and get the government off your back.

5) “We want the government out of our bedrooms” – We want the government out of our bedrooms…right after they force the Pope to buy us birth control and promise to support our children if we decide not to use the IUD suggested by the Pope because, “Who does that guy think he is, right?”

6) “Greedy” — People who want to keep money they’ve earned instead of giving it to people who don’t work as hard, but do vote for Democrats.

7) “Sexism” – Disagreeing with Hillary Clinton, opposing the abortion of female babies or being against mentally ill men being allowed to use the bathroom with women.

8) “Radical position” – Relatively popular non-liberal positions that have been around as long as anyone can remember — that liberals have recently decided to oppose almost entirely to make themselves appear more sensitive. Example: Refusing to change the name of the Redskins or believing you can’t change genders via surgery is a radical position.

9) “Angry, white male” – A white guy who votes Republican.

10) “Anti-intellectual” – Those who refuse to acknowledge that liberal college professors who couldn’t cut it outside of a university or MSNBC are right about everything.

11) “Racist” — Those who believe that people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin and those who believe in enforcing the immigration laws that are already on the books.

12) “Climate change denier” — Someone who actually judges global warming based on the available scientific evidence instead of coming up with a socialistic agenda first and then passing out grant money to any scientists who are willing to attempt to justify it.

13) “Bipartisanship” – When Republicans cooperate with Democrats to push the liberal agenda. Not to be confused with “selling out” which happens when liberals cooperate with Republicans to push their agenda.

14) “Heartless” – Supporting programs based on whether they work and are good for the country instead of selecting programs to back based on how good they make you feel about yourself.

15) “Open Minded” – Mindlessly agreeing with Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore 100% on every issue.

16) “A Courageous Speech” — When one liberal gives a self-congratulatory speech to another group of liberals that restates things they all believe.

17) “The American Flag” — A symbol of oppression waved by ignorant, bucktoothed hillbillies dumb enough to think that this is a great place to live.

18) “Guns” — The cause of all crime.

19) “Jesus” — Someone who is completely irrelevant to any and all political matters unless you’re claiming He would definitely support gay marriage or abortion.

20) “Hands up, don’t shoot” —The police shouldn’t be allowed to shoot people with their hands up or people pointing toy guns at them or people trying to kill them or pretty much anybody, for any reason.

!!!!!+++++ ~ Trump Fires Up Europe’s Anti-Establishment Movement “This year will be the year of the people.”

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HE’S IN! General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Gives First Message to Troops as Secretary of Defense

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H/T Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

General Mad Dog Mattis will shake up and clean up the Department of Defense.

We are celebrating the confirmation of Secretary of Defense James Mattis! It didn’t take him long to get to work. He released a statement to the Department of Defense soon after he was sworn in. And we have it right here for you!

It’s good to be back and I’m grateful to serve alongside you as Secretary of Defense.

Together with the Intelligence Community we are the sentinels and guardians of our nation. We need only look to you, the uniformed and civilian members of the department and your families, to see the fundamental unity of our country. You represent an America committed to the common good; an America that is never complacent about defending its freedoms; and an America that remains a steady beacon of hope for all mankind.

Every action we take will be designed to ensure our military is ready to fight today and in the future. Recognizing that no nation is secure without friends, we will work with the State Department to strengthen our alliances. Further, we are devoted to gaining full value from every taxpayer dollar spent on defense, thereby earning the trust of Congress and the American people.

I am confident you will do your part. I pledge to you I’ll do my best as your secretary.

The Department of Defense took to Twitter to congratulate the General.

Congratulations to James Mattis, our 26th Secretary of Defense. Welcome, sir!

Trump Targets Three Liberal Favorites With Ambitious Budget Cuts


H/T The Daily Caller.

I have argued for years PBS needed to be cut off of the federal dole.

They have made millions off of merchandising of Sesame Street and Clifford The Big Red Dog merchandise.

It is time for PBS to sink or swim.

President-elect Donald Trump’s reported plan to gut federal spending by $10.5 trillion over the next decade includes eliminating three of iconic agencies defended as cultural mainstays by many Democrats.

The next administration is working on plans to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and privatize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Hill reported Thursday.

Combined, the three departments cost around $741 million in 2016, and is a small part of a host of budget reforms needed to cut more than a trillion a year from the federal budget.

Eliminating funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which runs PBS and supports shows like Sesame Street, is not a new idea. Mitt Romney suggested cutting the CPB during the 2012 presidential campaign, and was quickly criticized. President Barack Obama even accused Romney of trying to kill Big Bird in a campaign ad.

Trump’s budget cuts align in many ways with the Republican Study Committee’s (RSC) 2017 Blueprint for a Balanced Budget, which only makes $8.6 trillion in cuts.

“A free society should not have government-supported media outlets, especially ones that so often convey political news and opinion,” the RSC report says. “There is no shortage of media outlets and news services available to consumers,” the report said.

“The federal government should not be in the business of funding the arts,” the RSC said of eliminating the NEA and NEH.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/19/trump-targets-three-liberal-favorites-with-ambitious-budget-cuts/#ixzz4WSM8ojyY

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