Infringing the right to bear arms- You can’t carry here



The failed liberal wet dream gun free zones.

By Rob Morse. April 22nd, 2017
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Your right to protect yourself shall not be infringed..well..except where it already is infringed. That is what my young liberal friend told me. Here is what he said.

I think we should pass a law to ban guns. That way we wouldn’t have any more violence and we could close the prisons. It’d be great.

You think so? We tried it before. It is called prohibition. It failed when we prohibited alcohol. It failed with prohibiting drugs. It is failing today with prohibiting guns.

But we need to do something. Maybe we should take it piece at a time. We don’t have to prohibit anything, we can just regulate all we want. Yeah, that’s it.
I know. Hospitals should be gun free zones. Surely you wouldn’t want sick people to get their hands on guns?

We tried that too. Disarming doctors and nurses isn’t keeping them safe. A shocking fraction of healthcare workers (and here) are attacked on the job each year. If those plastic “no-guns” signs would work anywhere, they should work at a hospital, but they don’t. Hospitals are open both day and night, so I want doctors, nurses and food service workers to be armed for their own protection when they leave the hospital and walk to their car in the dark. Don’t you?

Ah, sure. So gun free hospitals don’t work, but surely you don’t want guns around children in school?

Let’s see if gun-free zones work in schools either. We’ve had several armed attacks in California schools this year, attacks where teachers and students were killed. Did you forget them already? And California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. When we look across the country, we’ve seen violent attacks in daycare centers, elementary schools, junior high, high schools, trade schools, college, and universities. I guess the attacker doesn’t stop to read the “no-guns” signs in schools.

Right. I read about those attacks. Umm. Can’t we agree that people should be disarmed when they’re drinking, or do you want drunks to have guns?

It isn’t a matter of what I want or don’t want. The politicians went further than banning drunks from carrying. They forbid even the sober people who are designated drivers from exercising their concealed carry rights where alcohol could be served. We saw those “no-guns allowed” signs fail just last year when the rampage killer at the Pulse Nightclub killed 49 people. Years ago, a murderer killed 24 people at Luby’s Cafeteria.

They sure ban guns a lot of places, but I see the problem now. Those are only little private companies, and they can’t force people to disarm. That is why we need to ban weapons in government offices where we can make sure there are no guns.

You mean like city hall, and the post office?

Yes, exactly.

You’re a little young, but have you heard the phrase “going postal”? It means going crazy and killing your co-workers, so yeah, we’ve had attacks in federal buildings before. They are “gun-free” zones, but we’ve had attacks in city sports stadiums, public transit, and municipal picnic grounds. Plastic signs didn’t stop bad guys.

But those aren’t big government installations. You’re thinking too small.

We’ve had attacks in giant military installations, like Fort Hood and the Washington Navy Yard. Fort Hood held about 50 thousand troops. When these government sites were attacked, the murderers were employees who passed a security clearance. We’ve had attacks in city hall too.

We have to think bigger. We need to ban guns in the entire country. Then we’d be safe.

I don’t think you mean that. Mexico has a much higher murder rate than the US. France has more terrorism than we do even though it is a much smaller country. Most private citizens can’t have guns in France or Mexico.

I knew it. That shows that hard power doesn’t work. We need to use soft power to disarm people.

Soft power? You mean like sending messages in Hollywood movies?

Yes. Exactly.

I think you forgot about the rampage murders in movie theaters. We’ve also had murders in churches, in synagogues and in mosques that were “gun-free” zones. Evil doesn’t respect soft power.
The only government buildings that are remotely safe are the ones with metal detectors and armed they use in jails, yet jails are frighteningly dangerous because they hold bad people. I don’t want good people to live in a jail.

Where do you get all these facts?

They are right in your phone if you want to find them. The real point is that I won’t forget the facts I don’t like. Gun prohibition fails everywhere because you can’t stop evil with ink on paper. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop politicians and judges from infringing on our rights.


NYT Editorial Board Member Attacks NRA for Having Guns in Its Gun Museum

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H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

The New York Times is a prime example of fake news.

They are lying about gun owners the NRA and John Wayne.


The New York Times ran an op-ed Monday attacking the National Rifle Association’s National Firearms Museum and gun owners.

Editorial board member Francis X. Clines wrote in the piece that the Fairfax, Virginia gun museum, which features firearms from every era of American history, represents the worst of America. In particular, Clines was troubled by a display detailing gun use in Hollywood movies.

“There are thousands of ingenious, gleaming rifles and handguns in displays about America’s gun-rich history of colonialism, immigration, expansionism and vigilante justice,” Clines wrote on page A22 of Monday’s Times. “But it is the gallery devoted to Hollywood and its guns and good-guy shooters that best illustrates the power of fantasy now driving the modern gun rights debate.”

Clines expressed outrage at a cardboard cutout of John Wayne displayed in the exhibit, referencing it several times in his editorial. He said the cutout, which depicts a gun-toting Wayne with a grin full of “menace,” promoted fantasies about killing “bad guys” for American gun owners.

“A poster figure of John Wayne, the mega-hero of Hollywood westerns, offers a greeting here at the gun museum’s gallery door as he holds his Winchester carbine at the ready and offers an amiably crooked grin,” Clines said. “The bad guys in the movies never fully understood that the menace behind Wayne’s grin (‘Whoa, take ‘er easy there, Pilgrim’) meant he was about to deliver blazing fantasies of triumphant gunfire that would leave them dead in the dust. It’s no wonder modern Florida legislators could not resist protecting actual shooters who draw and fire like John Wayne as guilt-free, ‘stand-your-ground’ defenders.”

Clines said “the cardboard fantasy of the good guy gunning down the bad guy is what makes the museum work as an enjoyable escape from the life-and-death reality of American gun carnage.”

After complaining that the gun museum displays guns and blanks used in movies, Clines asked why there isn’t a “stream of gripping films about the thousands of troubled Americans with easy access to guns who can lethally act out their darkest grievances on family and society day after day?”

He said the NRA’s support for national gun-carry reciprocity is “rooted in its ultimate fantasy that society will be safer if ordinary Americans are allowed to routinely pack a pistol,” and is part of a “campaign to make gun possession ubiquitous among ordinary citizens.” Currently, concealed carry is legal in every state in the country. There are an estimated 14.5 million gun-carry permit holders and 310 million guns in the United States.

Clines cited a study from a gun-control advocacy group that found about 90 people per year are killed by individuals with concealed-carry permits. However, most of the deaths cited appear to be suicides, accidents, or self-defense-related cases. Clines did not cite any examples of concealed-carry permit holders acting in defense of themselves or others despite recent instances that garnered national news coverage.

The NRA and New York Times have been increasingly at odds, with the publication editorializing against the gun-rights organization and the gun group firing back with ads attacking the paper’s credibility.


FDR’s Antisemitism Doomed Over 200K Jews To Die At Hitler’s Hands (As Did Churchill’s Appeasement)

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H/T The Lid.

Franklin D.Roosevelt was not the saint so many people from the greatest generation thought he was.

Typically, when one asks a Democrat about FDR they immediately develop a sense of awe that reminds me of those little green aliens (undocumented space men?) in Toy Story every time they see Buzz Lightyear.” AHHHHH!”

I’ve never understood the reverence for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He gets points for picking great Generals and led this country to victory in WWII. But he totally mismanaged the economy, making the great depression longer…in 1937 unemployment spiked again reaching 19% (the previous high was 25%), his freedom-sapping policies never did get this country out of the Great Depression, and don’t forget that he tried to circumvent constitutional separation of powers (now who does that remind me of?). And then there is the issue never discussed, he was a bigot, his hatred of Jews caused hundreds thousands to be added to the ranks of Hitler’s victims.

Winston Churchill’s appeasement of the Palestinian Arabs doomed tens of thousands more.

Some point to the fact he didn’t he bomb and destroy the train tracks that were shipping Jews to the concentration camps? But my opinion sides with the people who say that wouldn’t have worked. The real question to be explored was why didn’t allow more Jews into the country and why didn’t he pressure Britain to allow Jews to move from Nazi controlled areas into what was then called Palestine?

In the book “FDR and the Holocaust: A Breach of Faith,” historian Rafael Medoff suggests that Roosevelt failed to take relatively simple measures that would have saved significant numbers of Jews during the Holocaust, because his vision for America was one that had a small number of Jews. In other words, FDR doomed many Jew to suffer not because he wanted them to die, but because he didn’t want a lot of them living in his neighborhood.

In a piece for the Brandies Center, Medoff shared some of the hateful/public anti-Semitic statements Roosevelt made when he let his guard down:

In 1923, as a member of the Harvard board of directors, Roosevelt decided there were too many Jewish students at the college and helped institute a quota to limit the number admitted. In 1941, he remarked at a Cabinet meeting that there were too many Jews among federal employees in Oregon.


In 1938, he privately suggested that Jews in Poland were dominating the economy and were therefore to blame for provoking anti-Semitism there. In 1941, he remarked at a Cabinet meeting that there were too many Jews among federal employees in Oregon. In 1943, he told government officials in Allied-liberated North Africa that the number of local Jews in various professions “should be definitely limited” so as to “eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore towards the Jews in Germany.”


In 1936, he characterized a tax maneuver by the publisher of the New York Times as “a dirty Jewish trick.” In 1938, FDR privately suggested to Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the era’s most prominent American Jewish leader, that Jews in Poland were dominating the economy and were to blame for provoking antisemitism there.  In 1939, Roosevelt expressed (to a U.S. senator) his pride that “there is no Jewish blood in our veins.”  In 1940, he dismissed pleas for Jewish refugees as “Jewish wailing” and “sob stuff.” In 1941, President Roosevelt remarked at a cabinet meeting that there were too many Jews among federal employees in Oregon.


The most detailed of FDR’s statements about Jews was made during his meeting on January 17, 1943, in Casablanca, with leaders of the new local regime in Allied-liberated North Africa. U.S. ambassador Robert Murphy remarked that the 330,000 Jews in North Africa were “very much disappointed that ‘the war for liberation’ had not immediately resulted in their being given their complete freedom.”


(Before the war, when the Jews lived under the colonial French regime, they enjoyed rights similar to French citizens. But when the pro-Nazi Vichy French took over the French colonies in 1940, they stripped Jews of those rights. In 1943, upon the defeat of the Vichyites, the Jews had expected their rights would be restored.)


According to the official record of the conversation (later published by the U.S. government in its ‘Foreign Relations of the United States’ series), the president replied that “the number of Jews engaged in the practice of the professions (law, medicine, etc) should be definitely limited to the percentage that the Jewish population in North Africa bears to the whole of the North African population,” which “would not permit them to overcrowd the professions.”


FDR explained that his plan “would further eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore towards the Jews in Germany, namely, that while they represented a small part of the population, over fifty percent of the lawyers, doctors, school teachers, college professors, etc, in Germany, were Jews.” (It is not clear where FDR obtained those wildly inflated statistics.)

 Perhaps his distaste for Jews was the reason, that while there were many actions FDR could have taken to stop or slow down the Holocaust, he didn’t. “He could have quietly permitted the immigration quotas to be filled to their legal limit — that alone would have saved 190,000 lives,” Medoff said.


“He could have pressed the British to open Palestine’s doors to Jewish refugees. He could have authorized the use of empty troop-supply ships to bring refugees to stay in the U.S. temporarily, until the end of the war. He could have permitted refugees to stay as tourists in a U.S. territory, such as the Virgin Islands, until it was safe for them to return to Europe. He could have authorized the bombing of Auschwitz or the railway lines leading to it, which would have interrupted the mass-murder process.”


Asked to respond to the argument that it was better for Roosevelt to focus on winning the war than divert resources to bomb Auschwitz, Medoff said “[b]ombing Auschwitz would not have required any diversion of resources, because U.S. planes were already bombing targets that were less than five miles from the gas chambers, during the summer and autumn of 1944.”

It really goes beyond that. FDR was reluctant to speak out against the impending genocide

 On August 25, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt brought her friend Alice Hamilton, who had recently spent three months in Germany, to Hyde Park to give FDR a detailed eyewitness account of German brutality against the Jews. He still refused to publicly criticize Hitler.

On Roosevelt’s most blatant acts of bigotry involved the St. Louis whose story was recently explained at

On May 13, 1939, the St. Louis set sail from Hamburg, Germany, to Cuba with 937 Jewish refugees on board. Captain Gustav Schroder, a non-Jewish German, was determined to rescue these men, women and children from Nazi Germany. To his dismay, he was forced to return 907 passengers to Europe, landing in Antwerp, Belgium, on June 17, 1939.


Four months before Hitler invaded Poland, officially starting World War II, Jews were fleeing Germany by the thousands. Captain Schroder agreed to take a shipload on his luxury cruise liner to Cuba. Shortly before leaving, he was informed Cuba rejected most of the visas issued to his passengers. He left with them anyway, praying for a miracle.


(…) Upon arrival at Cuba, the St. Louis was not allowed to dock. Captain Schroder worked for a week in vain to allow his passengers to disembark. He was denied. Only 22 Jewish refugees were allowed entry as they did have acceptable passage, along with four Spanish citizens and two Cuban nationals. One gentleman, so distraught over returning to Nazi Germany, attempted suicide. He was taken to a hospital in Havana for treatment for his wounds.


Captain Schroder turned to America, pleading to President Franklin D. Roosevelt for help. Claims of improper paperwork, German Jewish immigration quotas and national security were given as excuses for rejecting the passengers. Afraid Schroder would run his ship ashore in Florida, forcing America to accept the refugees, the Coast Guard was sent to watch the St. Louis as it sailed close to our shores.


Finding no help anywhere in North America, Schroder was forced to return to Europe. Determined to be the liberator of his remaining 907 passengers (as one person died during the voyage), Schroder refused to return his ship to Germany until all the refugees were given protection in other countries. The United States finally stepped in and helped secure those arrangements in European countries.


Once those agreements for asylum were made, Captain Schroder docked his boat in Antwerp, Belgium, on June 17th. The United Kingdom accepted 288 passengers while France welcomed 224, Belgium accepted 214, and the Netherlands received 181. In less than a year, Hitler invaded Belgium and France in May of 1940, again threatening those refugees who for a moment had a taste of true freedom. It is estimated that 254 of the 907 returned to Europe were victims of the Holocaust, loosing their lives in concentration or internment camps.

When Hitler came into power in Germany there was a large increase in the demand for Jewish immigration to Palestine as Jews tried to escape.  The British allowed around 50,000 Jews to immigrate from 1934-1936 but it infuriated the Arab population.Based on the higher immigration levels the Arabs started the an intifada against the Palestinian Jews. The Arab attacks continued for three years (1936-1939). Britain did take a stab at limiting the Arab attacks, but it was more important to keep the Arabs from jumping to the German side. So they began the British tradition of appeasing Palestinian terrorists, that exists even today.  Their solution was the White Paper of 1939.

The White Paper limited the immigration of Jews to Palestine which resulted in the death sentence. A limit of 75,000 Jewish immigrants was set for the five-year period 1940-1944, consisting of a regular yearly quota of 10,000, and a supplementary quota of 25,000, spread out over the same period, to cover refugee emergencies. After this cut-off date, further immigration would depend on the permission of the Arabs . Restrictions were also placed on the rights of Jews to buy land from Arabs—a restriction that President Obama tried to duplicate.

Today, Yom HaShoah we remember the horror of the Holocaust. It is sad to consider that partly because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Antisemitism, and Winston Churchill’s appeasement, innocent people who could have been saved were instead abandoned.

New Orleans Begins Removing Civil War-Era Monuments

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H/T Breitbart Texas.

DemocRats are Hell bent on erasing any vestiges of the Confederacy so people will not be reminded of their part in selling and buying slaves and their founding of the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate free blacks. 

Klaus Nowottnick/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — The removal of Civil War-era monuments is underway after almost two years of calls by Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) to remove four that he deemed “racist”.

The Liberty Place monument is the first of four monuments to come down under the direction of Landrieu and a Democrat-majority city council, which voted in 2015 to remove the monuments, according to FOX 8 News.

Landrieu said the Liberty Place monument was “the most offensive of the four,” as crews of city workers began removing it in the middle of the night at around 1:30 a.m. Central Time.

Also on the chopping block for removal is the Robert E. Lee monument at Lee Circle, the Jefferson Davis statue, and a monument near City Park dedicated to PGT Beauregard.

At the height of the heated debate over removing monuments in New Orleans, a poll by WWL-TV showed that 68 percent of New Orleans residents opposed the removal or renaming of monuments. Only 18 percent at the time supported removals.

While addressing the issue today, Landrieu reiterated to local media his claims that removing the monuments is about celebrating “diversity.”

“The removal of these statues sends a clear message that New Orleans celebrates our diversity,” Landrieu said. “What is done is done. We will no longer allow the confederacy to be put on a pedestal in the heart of our city.”

Back in 2015, Landrieu had the monuments declared a “public nuisance” in order to push for their removal. Unrest in the city did not come until after Landrieu demanded they be removed, however.

Army ammo plant explosion accidental, not criminal



R.I.P. Lawrence Bass the employee that lost his live in the explosion.      

The explosion caused damage to the side of a building at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri on April 11. (Photo: KCTV5)



Federal investigators determined the explosion at a Missouri ammunition plant that left one person dead and four injured was not criminal in nature.

Yet, ATF and Army investigators are still reviewing the exact cause of the explosion at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri.

The plant, operated by defense contractor Orbital ATK and services all branches of the military, suffered an explosion in the primer mixing area on April 11 at around 1 pm, authorities said.

The explosion did significant damage to the primer production area, according to a statement by the facility. The incident resulted in four people injured and one killed.

The base held a memorial service for Lawrence Bass, 55. Facility and company executives attended the memorial, honoring his 36 years working at the plant.

“While LB may not have worn this uniform, his dedication and selfless service is beyond question,” said Lt. Col. Eric Dennis, commander of the Lake City plant, in a statement. “To me, my staff, and the entire military, LB died a hero, serving his country. And we will not forget,”

Bass’s family asked for privacy during their time of grievance, but did release a statement to local media: “We are devastated, in disbelief and heartbroken for the loss of a son, brother, father and grandfather. We are thankful for the many prayers and ask for the respect of the media during this time.”

While it’s unclear the estimated cost of the damage, the Lake City plant reopened on April 14.

The Lake City plant produces small-caliber munitions and operates the NATO test center. It staffs 29 Army civilians and one solder. The facility as a whole houses 3,935 acres with 408 buildings, 43 magazines, nine warehouses, 11 igloos and storage capacity of 707,000 square feet.


Indiana Governor to Sign Several Bills, Including Pro-Gun Legislation


H/T Bearing Arms.

Governor Eric Holcomb(R-IN) like President Trump is doing what he promised during their respective campaigns for office.

INDIANAPOLIS – (AP) Statehouse employees will be able to carry guns at the Statehouse, people with epilepsy will be able to use marijuana-derived oil as medicine and parents will see a modest increase in abortion notification rights when it comes to their minor children, under measures Gov. Eric Holcomb on Tuesday said he will sign into law.

The Indiana Republican announced his intention to act on some of the more controversial bills this session in a news conference as he took a victory lap for getting many of his priorities approved by the Legislature. Among those are an expansion of the state’s preschool pilot program and a comprehensive infrastructure funding plan.

“In January when I took office, I asked the General Assembly to provide me and the lieutenant governor with the tools necessary to govern aggressively,” Holcomb said. “… In short, the Legislature over delivered.”

He also made his first public comments on his request for a last-minute addition to the budget allowing anonymity for companies supplying lethal injection drugs.

The provision first appeared in a budget draft released early Friday and did not go through a committee process in either chamber. The commissioner of the Department of Corrections said in an earlier statement that some of the drugs necessary to carry out an execution were either expired or approaching their expiration date.

“The state decided long ago that we support the death penalty. And we have to be prepared — I have to be prepared — to administer it,” Holcomb said Tuesday. “As it stands right now, I learned during the session: we are not.”

Lawmakers adjourned early Saturday after signing off on a two-year budget. There are still more than 100 bills Holcomb will need to act on by May 6.

He refused to say Tuesday whether he’ll sign bills limiting which businesses can sell cold beer and eliminating much of the current financial incentive for installing solar panels. He did say he plans to sign bills affirming student religious liberties and allowing a state takeover of Gary and Muncie school districts amid large amounts of debt.

The NRA-backed gun bill Holcomb also said he will sign allows employees of the Senate, House, Legislative Services Agency and Indiana Lobby Registration Commission to be armed in the Statehouse.

Holcomb said those employees often stay late and may have to walk blocks away after work.

“I can sympathize with someone who wants to be able to protect themselves,” he said.

His announcements touched on some of the most contentious issues this session, including the bill allowing substances containing cannabidiol, or CBD, as treatment for some forms of epilepsy.

Some feared it could open the door to legalizing medical marijuana — a notion Holcomb tossed aside Tuesday, saying the bill was about “empathy.”

“This does not put us on a slippery slope to legalizing marijuana,” he said. “Quite the contrary.”

The abortion notification bill also drew some harsh criticisms during the legislative process but was heavily revised over the course of the session.

The measure makes it tougher for a girl under the age of 18 to have an abortion without her parents knowing about it. It requires a judge considering giving a minor permission to have an abortion to also consider whether her parents should receive notification of her pursuit of the so-called “judicial bypass.”

Holcomb said he sees it as a “parental rights issue.”


Hundreds of Illegal Voters Uncovered in North Carolina in 2016

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H/T The Washington Free Beacon.

More voter fraud the DemocRats swear and be damned does not happen.

Every day President Trump is being proven right about massive voter fraud.

Investigation finds cases of felon and non-citizen voting, double voting, voter impersonation in 2016 election.

Hundreds of illegal voters participated in the 2016 general election in North Carolina, according to a new report.

The post-election audit report, released by the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE), an independent and bipartisan agency that oversees elections in the state, found hundreds of illegal votes, including votes cast by felons and non-citizens, double voting, voter impersonation, and irregularities that affected mail-in absentee ballots.

The audit uncovered 441 cases where suspected active felons voted during the 2016 elections.

“In late January 2017, NCSBE sent letters to suspected felon voters identified through data audits, notifying recipients that they may have illegally voted and their registrations would be canceled in 30 days unless they objected in writing and presented evidence that they are not active felons,” the report states.

“Currently, 441 files of suspected felon voters remain open after an initial screening and contacts or attempted contacts with the voters.”

Investigators have referred 16 “substantiated cases” of felon voting to district attorneys to date. The remaining 425 cases are expected to be referred when the investigation is complete.

A separate investigation using state and federal databases identified non-citizens suspected of voting in the election. The NCSBE said 41 voters acknowledged they were not U.S. citizens after receiving a letter from the board of elections. The non-citizen voters came from 28 different countries.

An additional 61 voters did not respond to NCSBE’s letter. Investigations into these cases are ongoing.

“A number of non-citizens said they were not aware that they were prohibited from voting,” the report states. “Interviews and evidence show that some non-citizens were misinformed about the law by individuals conducting voter registration drives or, in at least one document case, by a local precinct official.”

The state board of elections also is investigating 24 substantiated cases of double voting during the 2016 election.

“Some violators appear to be ‘testers’ trying to find holes in the system,” the audit says. “Others claim property ownership in multiple jurisdictions should allow them to vote in each, and others brush past the law to support their candidate by any means necessary. Additionally, a case that initially appears to be a double voter—an individual who votes twice—may actually be a case of voter impersonation—an individual who casts a ballot using the identity of another person.”

The board said that detecting double voting and voter impersonation is a time-sensitive process. The initial review indicated there were possibly several dozen additional cases of double voting.

“While no audit exists to catch all possible cases of voter impersonation, double voter or deceased voter audits may detect such cases,” the report says.

The NCSBE is continuing its investigation of voting irregularities in the 2016 elections and will refer the cases to prosecutors where necessary.

Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an Indiana-based group that litigates to protect election integrity, told the Washington Free Beacon the audit is a step in the right direction toward finding weaknesses in North Carolina’s election system.

“This audit is a positive step in identifying weaknesses in the local election system. The State needs to be doing a better job tracking felon voters and freezing their records until sentences are complete,” Churchwell said.

Churchwell added the state should implement requirements to prevent voter impersonation.

“NC would also do well to implement voter identification requirements into the absentee voting system—addressing the impersonation of dead voters and others,” Churchwell said. “The continued trend of noncitizen voting can only be fixed with proof of citizenship built into voter registration applications. Simply inquiring about eligibility is not going to cut it any more.”

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