A couple of days ago as I was mowing my lawn, I felt God spoke to me and placed a burden on my heart. The message was for me to write about depression and getting help if you need it.

I am posting a picture of myself so you can see the face of depression. You will plainly see that someone with depression looks no different than you do.
I am currently taking an anti-depressant that was prescribed by my doctor.
I was raised in the 1950-60s, and was taught to be a man and suck it up and get over it. It was believed that if a man had a problem he should take a drink or two and the problem would go away. Well, I operated under that illusion and became an alcoholic. It did not help only made things worse. I beat the drinking problem, but still had the depression.
I have now been sober for over twenty years.
The temptation to drink was a problem until about four years ago. Due to back problems which resulted in a total of six surgeries, my family doctor suggested I may have a depression problem. I thought, “Not me. Depression is for wimps and losers. Real men are not depressed.”
But after a long talk with my wife about the way I was acting and short temper getting shorter, I called my family doctor and had a long talk with her about depression. At that time she gave me some samples of a low dosage antidepressant. I still take the medication. My attitude has become better and my temper is more under control.
I am writing this not to be like Oprah or Dr. Phil and try to say I am a victim of any type. I am doing this at God’s request. I believe there is someone out there in the blogging world who is suffering from depression. You could be thinking of throwing away one of the most precious gifts God has given you–your life. I hope you will see this and know you are not alone, and there is help available for you. You need to talk to your doctor about depression do not be afraid to seek help. Seek professional counseling if you need it. I did and along with medication and the support of my loving wife, I am getting better.
The biggest help of all is when I spoke to God about this problem. He provided me with love, hope, and the courage to get help. So please, for your own sake and the sake of your family, get help. If you feel like you need to talk to someone other than family or your pastor, please email me through the email address on my profile.