I want to salute and say thank you to all the veterans in my life and to the veterans whose blogsI read.First my family members.
My uncle, P.F.C. Frank Walters paid the ultimate price for freedom on December 3, 1944 near Beck, Germany.My uncles:
Albert Squires
Bert Stevens
William “Bud” Rankins.

My brother, Paul

My cousin, Tony.

My friend’s son, Tony.

My friend’s father, Sam Robinson and grandfather, Harley Weir

My friend and fellow poker player, Major Bud Gilbert

My friends Gordon F. Davis, Sr. and William “Wild Bill” Wycoff
My friend Danny Stanley

My friends and fellow bloggers:
Old Soldier 
Old NFO 
Conservative Scalawag 
The Bronze
Bayou Renaissance Man 

Right- Wing Libertarian
L.L at Virtual Mirage
Right Wing Extreme
Thanks to everyone mentioned for your contribution to keep America free.If I missed any blogger, please let me know.Last but not least, thank you to all of our service men and women around American and the world. I can not express the gratitude I have for your service.