This is from the NRA-ILA.
If you live in Knoxville,Iowa or know someone there.
Tell them to oppose this attempt to strip away our rights.
Please make your voices heard.

On Monday, November 21, the Knoxville City Council intends to consider a gun-ban that would deny law-abiding Iowans the ability to lawfully carry firearms in any city-owned building.This proposed ordinance is a direct violation of Iowa’s firearm preemption statute. State law prohibits any county, town, or municipality from imposing local firearm laws that do not conform with the statewide standard. Since current state law does not forbid possession of a handgun in these areas by a person with a valid permit to carry weapons, Knoxville may not legally do so either.

Please click the following link for an overview of the NRA’s position on Iowa’s firearm preemption violations:

Plan to attend the Knoxville City Council meeting – which will be held this Monday, November 21 at 6:15 p.m. at the City Hall – and voice your opposition to this anti-gun measure.In addition, please contact members of the Knoxville City Council and urge them to oppose this gun ban.

To e-mail city council members, please visit the following page on the Knoxville City Council’s 

Also, please contact Mayor Donald Zoutte at 641-891-0510 and respectfully ask him to veto this anti-gun proposal, should is reach his desk.  
Contact info for the council members can be found below:
Carolyn Formanek641-842-5997
Elsie Kemp641-842-4394 
David Roozeboom641-842-2640
April Verwers515-842-4000
Bob Wims641-828-8464