This is from The High Point Enterprise High Point,N.C.
This should be the law nation wide.
You should not have to run before being able to defend yourself.

HIGH POINT – It soon will become easier to justify cases in which deadly force is used in self-defense.

Changes to the state’s Castle Doctrine Law that take effect Thursday do not require people to run before they fight back with a gun. The law expands the use of reasonable deadly force to include cars and workplaces if a person under attack fears imminent death or serious bodily harm.

The Castle Doctrine, rooted in English common law, is based upon the idea that a person should be safe from attack while at home. 

“You don’t have to run to the far part of your house if there is a threat,” said Terry Lamb, owner of The Gun Vault. “People like that and are very positive about these changes.”

The new law presumes that a person who unlawfully and by force enters or attempts to enter intends to commit an unlawful act involving force or violence.

“This change should make things a little more clear for people and more comfortable,” said Lt. Robert Hamilton of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department. “There is a presumption now that if you fear for your life, you can use deadly force. The presumption before was that you had to retreat first.”

The changes also ease the civil liability gun owners can face if they shoot and kill or injure someone committing a crime against them. 

“You can use your gun for self-defense in more places than before,” Lamb said. “Most people think that is a good change.”

“The presumption now is that the vehicle is more like a residence and you can protect yourself against a car jacking,” said Hamilton, who works in the legal process division that handles concealed carry handgun permits. 

Also starting Thursday, North Carolina will expand handgun permit reciprocity so that a valid concealed handgun permit issued in another state will be valid in North Carolina, regardless of whether that state accepts a North Carolina issued permit.

“There should be no problem now if you get pulled over on the highway,” Lamb said.

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