This is from NBC Dallas/Ft.Worth.
This proves you need to be careful at all times.
If you are using a ladder close to power lines one mistake can be fatal.

Man’s ladder fell into power lines.

A 51-year-old man was electrocuted while working on a Christmas lights display Friday morning.
Jens Gardner, of Grand Prairie, was making some final adjustments to the Christmas lights hanging at the Historic Anderson Building when he was electrocuted.
Gardner was moving the 40-foot metal ladder from one location to another when the ladder fell backward into the power lines, according to Juan Dellapiane, building manager.
Larry Layman was across the street when he heard the loud pop of the ladder touching the wires.
“I looked over here and there was a puff of smoke and I saw the ladder as it was still falling … and I ran as quick as I could to get to him,” Layman said. “I just wanted to cry, there was nothing I could do for the man.”
Gardner was transported to Arlington Memorial Hospital where he later died of injuries associated with the electric shock, officials said.
Dellapiane said they nicknamed Gardner “Grenade” because he had such an explosive personality.
“He was just a good old guy, ‘Oh no, I gotta finish, I gotta finish,'” Dellapiane said.