This is from The Buckeye Firearms Association.
If this was Joe Six Pack doing what Officer Harless did he would be locked up by now.
It is time to stand up to these union thugs that are protecting this physicopath.
Officer Harless belongs behind a mental facility.
Officer Daniel Harless is still receiving paid time off, even after running out of sick days.

The Canton Repository reported recently that a hearing for Officer Daniel Harless, the Canton police officer who was caught on dash cam video berating an Ohio concealed handgun license-holder and threatening to execute him, has been postponed yet again.
The article also reveals that Harless continues to receive sick pay, even though he is out of paid time off, thanks to a special clause in his union contract.
From the article:
A disciplinary hearing for Daniel Harless, the police officer involved in a controversial traffic stop, has been rescheduled for Dec. 15.
Meanwhile, Harless remains on paid medical leave even after running out of sick days. Other officers donated part of their sick time, which is permitted under the union contract, said Safety Director Thomas Ream.
Ream said he approved the donations of sick time to Harless, which started less than two weeks ago.
The contract clause has existed for “quite a while,” he said, noting that officers have donated time off in the past to an officer who has a serious and extended illness.
Earlier this year, the Police Department‘s internal affairs division completed an investigation into Harless’ behavior during three separate traffic stops — each captured on police cruiser video.
In a June 8 stop, video footage shows Harless berating a man he pulled over around 1:30 a.m. on Newton Avenue NW.
Internal affairs investigators accuse Harless of violating Police Department rules and regulations for cooperation with the public, deportment and treatment of persons in custody. Harless could be suspended or fired, Ream said.
Since the first video came to light, two other videos also surfaced, each showing Harless engaged in violent outbursts at traffic stops.
Ream told The Repository the Dec. 1 hearing was pushed back due to a scheduling conflict.
This is the second time Harless’ hearing has been postponed. The original hearing date of Sept. 7 was called off after the Canton Police Patrolmen’s Association asked for an indefinite extension of the disciplinary hearing. That request was denied.
Back in September, the union president said that due to “post-traumatic stress disorder,” Harless could not assist in his defense or participate in the hearing as originally scheduled.
Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Vice Chairman.