The article below is from The Weekly Standard.
DemocRats know with out voter fraud they do not stand a chance in 2012.

In a fundraising letter sent out this afternoon by the Democratic National Committee, Will Crossley, counsel and voter protection director, asks folks to support his party because, he implies, Republican efforts to suppress voters are worse than Jim Crow-era laws.
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“Dorothy Cooper was born before women or African Americans in our country could exercise the right to vote. She grew up in a Jim Crow-divided South, and saw the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965,” Crossley writes. “Dorothy is 96 years old. In 70 years, she’s missed just one election. And she’s never had a problem voting – until this year.”
Cooper is having problems voting this year because, Crossley writes, the Republicans are working against her—and “everyone – especially for minorities young voters, and seniors.”
“Why? Because in more than 40 states, including Tennessee, where Dorothy lives, Republicans are introducing and passing laws that make voting more difficult for everyone – especially for minorities, young voters, and seniors.”
The solution for Crossley at the Democratic National Committee is to donote money to the party in power—the DNC.
If that infuriates you, as it does so many other Americans who are learning more about these laws every day, there’s something you can do right now,” Crossley writes. “Help us keep up the fight by donating to support Democrats and the work we’re doing to push back on laws that keep people out, and double down on efforts to bring more people in.”