A big hat tip to Old NFO for sending me this one.

Once upon a time there was a scorpion and a frog. The scorpion made over $2,000,000 a year and was receiving a 32.4% tax rate, but through lots of loopholes and was paying around 27% in taxes. 

The frog suggested that in order for the country to pay off it’s debt the loopholes needed to be closed, and the Scorpion would need to pay the taxes he was paying under Clinton, 35%. The Scorpion said, “you can’t raise my taxes, I am the person who is hiring everyone, and if you raise them, I will have no interest in working.” The frog says, “actually you have only been creating jobs overseas.

 Analysis by the Congressional Budget Office shows that you’ll only reduce national unemployment at the most by 0.1% over next two years…so bite me” and raises his taxes. 

The Scorpion then continues working hard because he’s rich and he likes staying rich. The frog says, “I thought you were gonna quit working?” The scorpion says, “I can’t help it, it’s in my nature.” 

Then he bites and poisons the frog and installs his own toadie in congress who will cut taxes again.

 Also, he uses loopholes to pay almost no corporate taxes at all as well, neglecting his country so he can pocket some more moolah.