I look at the Democrat party and wonder what happened. They have lost their moral compass. To call them a rudderless ship would be an understatement. 

The Democrats once supported our troops. Now they try to destroy them. They attack from the Senate and House floor, where they lie and disrespect the troops by using their front groups like Code Pink, Media Matters, or MoveOn.org. The Democrats also use their lap dogs—the State Run Media—to assault the troops. 

The Democrats have more positions on issues than a gymnastic team. 
They claim to have a mandate from the American people: they think the 2006 midterms gave them the power to surrender in Iraq, but every time they lose, they attempt to cut and run. 

The Democrats are also trying to expand SCHIP. Now they are lying about President Bush not wanting children to be insured. The truth is that the program would allow 24-year-olds to be covered, along with families with four children making up to $82,600 per year to qualify. They just want to socialize medicine. 

Democrats want bigger government and higher taxes. They also want to silence voices of opposition. It is so sad so see how for the Democrat party has fallen. 

They were once very honorable. Now they are the party of Howard Dean, John Kerry, John Edwards, the Clinton’s and Obama—Socialists in disguise who want more government programs and higher taxes. 

It pains me to say that I was once a Democrat. I agree with Ronald Reagan: When asked why he left the Democratic Party he said, “I didn’t leave the party. The party left me.” 

And that is exactly what’s happened. The Democrat party has become soft and careless. 
They suck up to terrorists, murderers and Communists. 

They are no longer the party of Franklin D. Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy. Will they ever wake up to the Looney tunes they bow to? 

I don’t see it happening.