59 years ago today Hiram King(Hank)Williams had a heart attack and died in the back of his Cadillac convertible.

He was only twenty nines year old. 

Hank, beyond any doubt impacted, county music. He learned guitar from Rufus (Tee Tot)Payne, and had 35 singles (five released posthumously) that would be in the Top Ten of Billboard’s Country & Western Best Sellers chart, 11 of which were number one.

The depth of Hank’s talent will never be  totally known, as he sold many of his songs for just a few dollars to survive.

There is a story told about singing ” I Saw The Light.” for Minnie Pearl. They were backstage at the Grand Ole Opry as Hank sang to Minnie. Hank stopped and pushed back his Stetson hat, with big tears streaming down his cheeks. Hank looked at Minnie and said, “That’s the trouble, Miss Minnie–there just ain’t no light.”

What would have Hank been if he were alive today? Would he been burnt out?

One thing’s for sure, Hank could touch you deep down in your soul.