I shamelessly clipped the story and art from My Daily Kona.
I shamelessly clipped the art  off “old NFO”
My Daily Kona and Old NFO are class acts.
    If you havn’t already bookmarked his site, do so it is worth a read or three.  
This Gentleman is also a class act.

    the World War II generation are the ones that survived the Great Depression,   It was a hard time to be around with 25% unemployment and whole sections of the country moving from one area to another searching for a job and a better life.  
The WWII generations are the ones that firmly established us as a superpower by their belief in this country and that we are the beacon of light in the world.  
We were the standard of goodness in the world and the word “American” meant something to the rest of the world.  
Our citizens were held in awe by what we represented.  Now we have the new generation that is squandering the birthright that is to be an American.  
We are running up a debt that our kids and grand kids will have to pay because we as a society are more concerned about ” what is in it for me” rather than what is best for the country.  
We will be Greece in a few years unless we get our selves back in control.  
We are Americans and I don’t want to believe that the best days of us are behind us and my son will inherit a lesser America than what I inherited from my Dad’s Generation.  
We need to get our national destiny back, the belief in our exceptionalism.  
That belief is what separated us from the rest of the world.  
We as Americans have done more for the world than any other peoples.  
But the new generation are being taught that we are not special, just average…like everybody else.  
I refuse to accept that for we are Americans and we are the guiding light for freedom in the rest of the world.  We just have to realize that and embrace it like we used to.  
I want the light that is America to be a beacon for the world like we used to be.