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A Holly Weird has been wanting to be noticed once more.
Barkin is brain dead if she ever had a brain.
If she had a brain how did she get this stupid in 57 short years?

Actress Ellen Barkin was really unhappy with the New York Police Department early on New Year’s Day, tweeting she was shoved (or jostled) on the street. But for politicos, this was the most eye-opening tweet: “this will be nothing if Obama loses the election. A police state will be just around the corner.” No s**t.#Terrified” (Asterisks mine.)
Barkin slammed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, tweeting, “F*** all of u, Bloomberg & every1 goose-stepping behind u. I cannot believe what I am seeing.U protect nothing.U ARE the violence in my city.”
She also retweeted Roseanne Barr trashing Bloomberg. Roseanne tweeted to Barkin that “ny cops are arresting dark skinned teenagers everyday for pot-getting kickbacks for it-one joint-go to jail NYC-bloomberg”.
Roseanne sounds even more addled on Twitter than on TV.
Barkin has clearly received a lot of Twitter hostility. She just sent this tweet: “Standard rt wing media tactic,send avalanche of garbage on any1 who disagrees.But I brought this one on myself.Lesson learned.TY”
A few days ago, Arlene Delgado at Big Hollywood reported some previous Barkin winners:
Barkin’s Twitter feed (which rivals that of Alec Baldwin’s in its unrestrained slamming of the right) repeatedly attacks conservative female figures. During the December 15th GOP debate, her vicious tweets revealed this actress is a feminist in name only. Blasting even Fox News’ gorgeous Megyn Kelly, a superstar network anchor and successful working mom (“This Megyn Kelley has more Botox in her f*ckin face than a 57 year old actress, Just sayin.”), Barkin saved her best sneer for Bachmann: “Don’t u just love when Bachmann says “When I am president…”? That’s like me saying… “When I am performing my next heart transplant….”

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