The article and video below are from CNSNews.
Sadly what Mark Levin is saying is true.
We are setting on the sidelines doing nothing.
Obama is chipping away our rights hourly.

“That is a forthright statement of a dictator.”Marl Levin.”

On his radio show last night, Mark Levin said that President Barack Obama has caused a “constitutional crisis” by appointing members to the National Labor Relations Board and a director to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau without going through the constitutionally required Senate confirmation process.
“We have a constitutional crisis,” Levin said. “It is in fact a constitutional crisis.”
“The President of the United States is trashing the Constitution now day in and day out,” Levin said.
At one point, Levin likened the explanation Obama made yesterday for appointing these federal officials without Senate confrmation to the “forthright statement of a dictator.”
Listen to Levin’s full argument here: