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I say “Go  Louie Go!”

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House floor about the numerous frivolous and harmful apologies President Obama has made on behalf of the United States, while disregarding or even refusing to acknowledge some of the most important current events.
Referring to Obama as the nation’s “Apologizer-In-Chief,’ Rep. Gohmert used a visual aid and checked off “Yes” and “No” boxes to illustrate instances Pres. Obama has – and hasn’t – made apologies.
Apologies Made:
  • For America’s “arrogance” regarding countries Americans died to help free
  • To detainee terrorists interrogated by the CIA
  • For the accidental burning of Korans
  • To Obamacare activist Sandra Fluke
Rep. Gohmert said one of the apologies Obama should’ve made, but didn’t, is to Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann for verbal attacks by one of his “biggest supporters” – Bill Maher:
Gohmert said Obama should apologize for the “Inflammatory and indecent comments by one of Obama’s biggest supporters, Bill Maher, regarding Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) – tens of times worse than anything Rush Limbaugh would ever have dreamed of saying.”
Others Apologies Not Made:
  • To Catholics forced by the government to violate their faith
  • To the family of border patrol agent Brian Terry murdered by Operation Fast and Furious guns
  • To families of American soldiers killed after Obama said he calmed things down in Afghanistan
  • To Israel, for saying it should return to its 1967 borders that would’ve subjected it to attacks
  • To American taxpayers forced to violated their religious beliefs and pay for abortion
  • For attending radical Rev. Wright’s church for years
“So, I think it helps to chronicle exactly what deserves an apology from the White House these days, just so we know where his policies lie, and where this president stands and – with whom he stands,” Rep. Gohmert concluded.