This is from Town Hall.
Doug is spot on with his observations.
I remember a young I used to work with blacks raped and murdered.
They invited him to a party even picked him up his house.
He was found under a burning trash pile,He was strangled to death.
The corner found he had been sexually molested several times.
There were not arrest in this case.It was written off as a dead white boy.
The story got very little press coverage.Then the coverage stopped.

If you’re a 20-year-old black male, you can beat an 85-year-old white woman to death and pummel her 90-year-old white husband straight into ICU, and it won’t make the national news.
Yep. Tyrone Woodfork, a black male who — much like Trayvon Martin — looks like Obama’s son, allegedly killed Nancy Strait and broke her husband Bob’s jaw, several ribs and shot him in the face with a BB gun last month in Tulsa. 20-year-old Tyrone also raped the nearly blind 97-pound Mrs. Strait, a great-great-grandmother, before he murdered her.
Did the above monstrous crime make the national news? Are you kidding me? Why, hell no. Of course not, silly!
Why wasn’t it fit for primetime, you ask? Well, it starred the wrong races in the wrong roles, and it thus did not fit into the fairytale the Left’s trying to foist on us goobers of Obamaland.
For those of you who have not heard diddly squat about a black twentysomething’s senseless, atrocious burglary, rape, battery and murder of an elderly white couple, here are the details regarding the couple, the crime and the culprit(s):
-Bob and Nancy Strait, the victims, grew up in rural Oklahoma during the Great Depression.
-Bob and Nancy met on a blind date in 1946 and married a month later. They had 6 kids, 18 grandkids and about 50 great- and great-great grandchildren.
-The Straits just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.
-Bob served in the 101st Airborne Division in WWII.
-Bob loved woodworking, and Nancy loved quilting.
-The couple used to sit on their porch and play the guitar and sing together during the warm summer evenings.
-On either Tuesday evening (3/13) or Wednesday morning (3/14) Tyrone invaded their home and stole $200 in cash as well as the Strait’s TV and Dodge Neon after raping Mrs. Strait and severely beating Mr. Strait.
– As noted, Nancy died from her injuries. Bob is in serious condition and is being treated at a nearby hospital.
-Mrs. Strait’s funeral was on Friday, March 23, 2012.
-The family has set up a fund—The Nancy Strait and Bob Strait Support Trust—to help pay for Nancy’s funeral service and Bob’s medical care.
-The Tulsa cops are looking for five more murderous morons suspected in this sick and twisted tale.