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José B. Nísperos (December 30, 1887–September 1, 1922) was a member of the Philippine Scouts who received the Medal of Honor during the Philippine-American War. He was the first Asian to be awarded the medal. On September 24, 1911, at Lapurap, Basilan, Philippines, Nísperos, a member of the U.S. Army’s 34th Company of the Philippine Scouts, defended his unit’s position against natives armed with spears despite being severely wounded. [2]

Medal of Honor citation

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The President of the United States
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Medal of Honor


 Rank and organization:Private, 34th Company, Philippine Scouts.Place and date:Lapurap, Basilan, Philippine Islands, September 24, 1911.Entered service at:San Fernandos Union, Philippine IslandsBorn:San Fernandos Union, Philippine IslandsCitation:

Having been badly wounded (his left arm was broken and lacerated and he had received several spear wounds in the body so that he could not stand) continued to fire his rifle with one hand until the enemy was repulsed, thereby aiding materially in preventing the annihilation of his party and the mutilation of their bodies.[3]