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Verna McClain is trying to prove she is mentally unstable.
Or she is trying to prove she is just majorally stupid.
As her explanation of why she committed the murder is wacky.
She murdered a white woman stealing her baby.
She did it to cover up her miscarriage.I know the pain of a miscarriage.
Where are the race baiters Sharpton and Jackson?
I forgot the victim is white and the perp is black.
So the race baiters Sharpton and Jackson will be silent.
Verna looks like a crack whore.
Verna McClain

There is no such thing as a good reason for kidnapping a 3-day-old baby and killing his mother as she tries to protect him. But the woman accused of shooting Kayla Golden in cold blood, then taking off with Golden’s son,Keegan Schuchardt, has come up with a bizarre explanation. Police say Verna McClain has said she snatched the baby so she could hide a miscarriage.
Anyone else thinking her lawyers are setting her up for aninsanity defense? Excuse me for stating the obvious here, but Keegan is white. Verna is black. There is more or lessno way that this baby was going to help her hide a miscarriage from her fiance. And if she’s going to keep up this charade of a defense, we’re left with only two possibilities.
Verna McClain is mentally unhinged. Or she’s stupid.
I don’t mean to be cruel. Miscarriages are tough on anyone. And if McClain had said that she just wanted “a baby,” to make up for her loss, I might actually feel some sympathy for her. That would make sense (not that it would excuse the heinous crime).
But police say McClain is claiming she really thought she could hide the miscarriage by replacing “her” baby with Keegan. Which means they’re saying she specifically has said she was going to use poor little Keegan in a ruse.
But there is a problem here, people. McClain is a nurse. Based on the education it takes to work in the field, she should know that skin color is passed down from parent to child, and genetics dictate what is dominant versus recessive. Even if her fiance is white, genetically, it would be nearly impossible for a woman with her skin tone to produce a baby who looked like Keegan.
See what I mean? She’s not stupid.
Which leaves us with the other option. She’s insane. Well, OK, there’s also the possibility that she’s a calculating you-know-what who knows this will make her look insane, but that doesn’t jive with a woman who cops are saying seems truly penitent for the actions she’s admitted to. So we’re back to insanity.
If Verna McClain killed Kayla Golden and stole her baby because she was insane, it still doesn’t make up for the horrific action. It’s not an excuse. But it may finally give Golden’s family an explanation.
What’s your read on McClain’s claims? Do you think she’s insane?