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It looks like Obama’s favorite Republican will be fired.

It has been many years since Dick Lugar represented Indiana.

Veteran Senator Faces Uphill Climb

 INDIANAPOLIS — A respected statewide poll shows that veteran Sen. Dick Lugar is trailing by double-digits in the race to retain his seat.


The Howey/DePauw Indiana Battleground Poll conducted earlier this week indicates that Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock leads Lugar 48 to 38 percent in the GOP Senate primary.

 The survey included so-called “leaners,” or voters who could change their minds in the waning hours of the campaign. Without including the leaners, Mourdock holds an eight-point advantage, according to the results.

Among Republicans who identify themselves as “very conservative,” Mourdock leads 63 to 26 percent.


“My reaction is a rigorous ‘Get out to vote,'” Lugar said when asked about the poll on Friday. “We are working with phone banks, I think the largest operation of this sort ever, simply to alert Hoosiers to the possibilities, to encourage them to vote and try to assist them in voting. We believe that we have the majority support in this state and that we are going to win.”


A similar survey conducted at the end of March showed Lugar with a seven-point edge. The latest survey has a margin of error of 3.7 percent.


Mourdock has garnered tea party support in his effort to oust Lugar, and national analysts have been intensely interested in the race because it could show the health of the tea party movement.


In campaign ads, Lugar has been blasted as leaning liberal, while Mourdock has positioned himself as a conservative stalwart.


Gov. Mitch Daniels said he was surprised by the outcome of the poll, but he cautioned about reading too much into it.


“Those who vote for (Lugar’s) opponent will not all have the same set of reasons,” Daniels said. “There are multiple factors at play.”


Daniels endorsed Lugar, but said he likes Mourdock, too.


“He’s a thoroughly credible person, a friend and ally of mine,” Daniels said. “I’m in an awkward position to say the least here between two people I know and like and admire. One of them I have a life-long loyalty to, and that was the tie-breaker.”


The Indiana primary is Tuesday.