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Rep.Allen West (R-Fl) is correct.

We must start the attacks now.

Play just as hard and nasty as the DemocRats.

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is known for his fiery — and fearless — commentary. In a speech he delivered to the Broward Republican Executive Committee in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the congressman delved into many of the challenges facing the nation. He encouraged the audience to “fight back against…liberal progressivism” and he accused those on the left of attempting to create fear and separation among Americans.

Allen West Targets Liberals & Rallies Conservatives In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

West commenced the speech by speaking about some of the protesters who had assembled outside of his address at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six Fort, referring to them as “chuckleheads.”

“A chucklehead is a person who is so inept and incompetent that all you can do is look at them and laugh,” West said.

But he didn’t spend long describing his detractors, as he moved on to the economy and some of the progressive values he believes are dangerous to the nation’s survival.

“This is a moral discussion we’ve having in this country, because we‘re talking about what we’re going to leave for our children and grandchildren,” West said, going on to share his feelings about American liberals. ”I feel sorry for them because for whatever reason they don’t know the essence of the greatness of the United States of America.”

In discussing these issues, the congressman encouraged the audience to take part in the ideological battlefield that will inevitably determine who controls the nation’s political landscape.

“You must be like sharks that smell blood in the water and you must attack,” he told the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen, you don’t win on defense. You win on offense.”

Here’s how The Right Scoop summarizes the address:

This is the most incredible speech, ever. Allen West comes out swinging hard against the left and doesn’t stop until his speech is over. He hits the left over their collectivist ideology. He hits them over their collectivist policies. And he encourages Republicans to “find the enemy and fight them wherever they are” just like American paratroopers from the 101st and 82nd airborne did the night before D-day.