This is from Town Hall.

 Dopey Dean is out of his padded cell and straight jacket again.

 Dopey needs to be medicated and locked up again.

Yaaa! Yesterday on MSNBC’s the Ed Show, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean claimed Republicans justdon’t like or care about Latinos.

“They [Republicans] don’t care what anybody says except for themselves and their corporate masters, like the Koch brothers. They have one master, and that’s money,” the former Democratic National Committee chairman said in a combative turn on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show.”

“They don’t care about the average working American, all they care about is the corporations who are giving them all that money to put them into office,” said the 2004 presidential candidate. “So who are they going to serve?”

“They want to tell women what to do in their personal lives. They don’t like Latinos, they want to take money out of college students’ pockets … their priorities are not the right priorities for America,” he added.

During Dean’s rant about “evil” corporations, he must have forgotten that Democratic President Obama, who Dean predicted would win in November, received $9 million more from Wall Street and corporations in 2008 than Republican John McCain.

On another note, if Democrats really cared about Latinos, they’d be calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to come clean about Operation Fast and Furious, which has left hundreds of Mexicans dead.