This is from The Blaze.

Where were the NAGS(NOW) when Slick Willie as accused of rape?

They were right there sticking up for Slick Willie.

The NAGS(NOW) has zero credibility.

They need to protest Bill Maher and Ed Schultz for their comments about women.

After learning about an anti-Rush Limbaugh protest being held by the National Organization for Women (NOW), MRCTV’s Dan Joseph set out to see what the hoopla was all about. To his surprise, rather than swaths of angry protesters, he found a dozen women waving signs and attempting to get drivers to “honk” in support of their efforts. Of course, Joseph took the opportunity to quickly engaged them in uncomfortable dialogue.

After he approached the women, who were holding signs reading, “Fight the radical right,” among other related messages, Joseph asked them why they were protesting Limbaugh. Their responses, while unsurprising, spawned what conservatives will surely see as hypocrisy.

MRCTV Interacts With NOW Anti Rush Limbaugh Protesters

“He’s got something bad to say about an awful lot of people in our country,” one woman responded, going on to say that Limbaugh’s words are hate-fueled. “I’d like him off the air. It’s hate speech and if you study the 1930s, you’d know where hate speech goes.”

Joseph asked the women if they also plan to protest MSNBC’s Ed Schultz for similarly disparaging words he used about women (The Blaze has a recap of the words that liberal talking heads and entertainers have used against conservative women).

Of course, the protesters didn’t appreciate the comparison between Limbaugh and Schultz, as at least one of them openly said that there is no comparison.

Watch it, below:

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