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House Republicans need to listen to Mark Levin’s advice.

We need to get Eric Holder Jr. in a cell where he belongs.

Eric Holder Jr. is responsible of the death of Border Agent Brain A.Terry.

He is responsible of the deaths of hundreds of Mexican’s.

Eric Holder Jr. is as guilty of these deaths as if he had pulled the trigger.

Last night, radio host Mark Levin outlined the five steps that should now be taken to compel Attorney General Eric Holder to produce Operation Fast and Furious documents.

“There is no need for Senate action,” Levin explained. Instead, he said, a civil lawsuit should be pursued by House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).

Levin outlined what he believes is “the right way to proceed”:

  1. Hold Holder in contempt by resolution of the House.
  2. Seek authorization from the House for the Committee to proceed by civil action to compel production of the documents.
  3. Chairman Issa should file suit in federal court in DC and seek expedited action.
  4. A “privilege log” of all documents for which Executive Privilege is claimed should be sought by Issa and ordered produced immediately by the court.
  5. The judge should promptly inspect all documents and then compel production of every document for which no legitimate reason justifies Executive Privilege.

Some documents may, indeed, be covered by Executive Privilege, Levin said, noting that the general concept of privilege is important so that the president can confidential receive candid advice from his advisors.

“But the blanket attachment of that label flouts the law and the Constitution, and harms the legitimate assertion of EP by Presidents of either party in the future,” he qualified.