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SFC.Lilyea exposes phony soldiers.


Dave sends us a link to the story from KTVZ News of an 18-year-old punk pretending to be a wounded Marine and claiming to be collecting donations door-to-door in Redmond, Oregon for the Wounded Warrior Project. The problem, of course, is that the Wounded Warrior Project doesn’t solicit door-to-door;

Officers contacted the solicitor, identified as Ryan L. Brashears, 18, in the area after the caller to police provided a description.

Police determined Brashears was not affiliated with the Wounded Warriors Project and had been claiming to be a wounded U.S. Marine and combat veteran, Chambers said.

Chambers said Brashears had received $70 in cash donations and another donation in the form of a check.

Brashears originally was from Mississippi but recently was arrested in California, Chambers said.

Brashears was arrested in Redmond on two counts of third-degree theft by deception and one count of third-degree attempted theft by deception. He was taken to the Deschutes County Jail and booked, then later released on his own recognizance, a jail officer said.

Of course he was only exercising his freedom of speech, because he’s in the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit. I’ll take a guess that he’ll not show up in court to answer the charges.