This is from American Thinker.

It is time for Mitt Romney to become a bulldog.

Mitt can not run a John McLame campaign.

Get in Obama’s face and do it everyday.

Point out Obama’s failure to create jobs and his job destruction.

Hammer away at the fact the Obamacare mandate is a tax.

Say it daily there will be massive tax increases with Obamacare.

Mitt Romney needs to get in Barack Obama’s face.  For our President with a compliant press and a multitude of minions, confronting the Republican candidate directly is not a necessity.  Scurrilous sycophants will act in his stead as proxies with accusations and personal attacks.  Mitt has no such luxury.  He must transform himself into a latter-day Patton and “attack, attack, attack!”

Nothing should be off the table.  It won’t be for Barack Obama.  Romney needs to bloody our President’s face (relax Secret Service, it’s a metaphor) with questions about his character, associations, truthfulness, work history and life experiences, as well as his effectiveness as President.

I’m not happy with what I have seen so far.  Ten seconds after Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision on Obamacare, Mitt should have been on the airwaves, both in person and with advocates and attack ads, labeling the President a “tax and spend” progressive, who has given his name to the largest tax hike in history and is proud of it.  After all, it is “still a BFD.”

Instead, in the style of John McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign, we had Romney use a surrogate to float a trial balloon agreeing with Obama that the mandate is a penalty and not a tax…or was it the other way around?  Obama has taken so many positions it’s hard to keep it all straight.  First, the mandate was a penalty, then it was a tax, and now it’s a penalty again.  With the Romney campaign, first it was a penalty and now it is a tax…I think.

For Mitt Romney to vacillate and not be clear from the first was idiocy.  It made him look weak and ineffectual.  The Supreme Court made a bad decision that was bad for America, but it was a gift to Mitt Romney, who clearly dropped the ball by waiting days to agree that a tax is a tax is a tax.  He will need to be better with his attacks.

Why did he keep silent?  Why was he so cautious?  He was afraid that as the author of Romneycare, the father of Obamacare, mentioning anything about taxes in the latter would open him up to accusations about taxes in the former.

Let’s face it, Romneycare is a negative for the Republican Presidential candidate, but, skip the self-indulgence, most people have never even heard of it, and in any case, be a man, stand up and say the program was a mistake.  America can be very forgiving.  To win, Mitt will need to bludgeon Obama with the abomination that is Obamacare.  He needs to get over it.

I understand his reticence.  But, I have no interest in a meek and mild candidate, as I’m sure neither do the millions of voters who are in play this November.  In this election, “caution” is a synonym for cowardice.  People are looking for a reason to abandon Barack, if Mitt does not give them one, they’ll either vote for Obama or stay home.

I want a candidate who is going to square off against this loathsome liar of a loser-president, throw down his gloves, and ala Bruce Lee, point in his face and beckon, while saying.  “Come on, let’s do this.”

Certainly, Mitt has picked up his game, at least as far as his advertising is concerned.  His ads are timely, polished and brutal.  But there are not enough of them — I haven’t yet seen any on TV, only online, and where is he?

I want to hear Romney directly challenge this man.  I want to hear him come right out and call Barack Obama a “liar.”  Incendiary rhetoric will win this campaign.  Polite and nice will ensure a path to defeat.

I’ve been following politics for some time, and I have never seen an incumbent as ripe for ridicule.  The man has kept zero promises, has had zero success and for all practical purposes, sounds like a virtual moron most of the time, with clueless statements like “the private sector is doing fine.”  He is only competitive because his backers tell us he is, and our side is too non-confrontational to make a dent in the lie “Obama is the favorite.”

Just because bottom kissers in the mainstream media won’t say our President sounds like and inexperienced, uninformed idiot, doesn’t mean Mitt Romney can’t say it.

With Citizens United on the books, for once, a conservative candidate has campaign-coffer parity, at least when outside PAC money is considered.  Remember 2008?  There were 10 “hope and change” feel-good crap commercials to every McCain spot.  And McCain’s ads were too weak, no “Reverend Wright,” no questioning who Barack Obama was or what he had planned for the nation.

I want to see ads on TV, talking about the rogue’s gallery of Obama associations and staff.  I want to hear about his plan to explode the price of gasoline and all energy in order to make green energy seem more attractive and affordable.  I want to see commercials talking about Obama’s usurpation of the constitution, and how he behaves less like a President and more like a king.

I want to hear how the stimulus spent almost a trillion dollars to reward backers of Barack and crony capitalists, with financial incentives to continue the destruction of the economy, while citizens lost their jobs and their homes declined in value.

I want to hear about the backroom deals and legislative trickery used to enact Obamacare.  I want to see explanations of why Obamacare is terrible for healthcare, horrible for Americans and disastrous for employment and the economy.

I want a discussion on Obama’s abandonment of allies, especially Israel, and how he seems to care little whether Iran gets a nuclear weapon.  After all, just because they have said on many occasions that they envision a world without Israel and America, it’s not like we should believe them and be afraid…is it?

I want to hear about his record setting 100rounds of golf and the serial parties, the naked arrogance and the unashamed narcissism.  I want to see his bitter half, Michelle, shown as the nasty, selfish America-hating leftist she is.

I want the country told about the budget deficits, and the $5 trillion he has added to the national debt in less than 4 years.  Explain how he has throttled American business with rampant environmental radicalism and excessive regulation and taxes.

There is so much ammunition to use against Barack Obama, any competent, and unafraid campaign should be able to wipe the floor with this most abysmal of Presidents.

Minions and the mainstream media have kept the USS Obama afloat for this long with lies and hero worship, but a willingness to fight should easily be able to sink this Titanic.

That’s the problem.  Can we rely on Mitt Romney to be unafraid?  He had better be, or Barack Obama will clean his clock.

You see, Obama fears nothing, he is the supreme solipsist, because in his mind there is no one else but him, and we exist as mere inconveniences he needs to pay sporadic attention to in order to realize his dream of being the greatest man to have ever lived.