This is from CNSNews.

Here is a radical idea instead of taxing sodas change the rules.

Do not permit sales of sodas,chips,candy bars or deli food or bags of ice.

I have seen it in the past tons of chips,sodas and candy bars and bags of ice.

I never could understand the rules for food stamps.

You can buy cold deli sandwiches or cans of spaghetti but they had to be cold.

You could not buy hot food but you can heat it after the sale.

But you could never buy stuff to clean your house or your body.

But you can buy junk food and bags of ice.Change the Damned rules.– Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) said on Wednesday that Congress ought to look at imposing a federal tax on soda pop.

“We have to address the situation in the marketplace,” DeLauro said at a press conference on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. “Right now, the least expensive beverages are often those with the least value to our health like regular cola or juice drinks that are only 10 percent juice.

“But I will tell you that if you’re paying $3.49 for juice and 79 cents for soda, if you are in a low-income family and you have to stretch the dollar, you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you what you’re going to buy,” DeLauro said. “You’re going to go for the 79 cents.

“And maybe, quite frankly,” she said, “one of the things that we ought to look at and one of the things we ought to consider is a soda tax.

“Maybe we ought to look at that amongst several other areas that we are looking at in terms of nutrition,” she said.

“Look, the point is: This is a critical, critical issue,” DeLauro said. “We need to work together. And I, really, I beg you for your energy and your interest in all of this right now.”