This is from Godfather Politics.

The lame stream media has no integrity.

They try to pin mass murders on Rush Limbaugh,Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

Yet they fail to notice and report the murders are committed by leftist loons.

They should be fired from their positions and humiliated.

ABC News took the first shot.

It’s not tragic enough that a madman killed a dozen or more people who just went out to spend a night at the movies, but the media had to jump right in and add the truth to the death toll.

It took all of about 15 seconds for ABC to link the Colorado killer, James Holmes, to a Jim Holmes who had a page on a Tea Party website.

The only information on the Tea Party Patriots page was that a Jim Holmes of Aurora had joined in January of 2011. The James Holmes being held in the shooting enrolled in the University of Colorado in June 2011 and moved into his apartment in May 2011, according to police.

The man with the Tea Party page is actually James Michael Holmes, who is in his 50s. The suspect is 24. Tea Party Jim Holmes said he has now disconnected his phone because as soon as ABC identified him with the suspect, he began getting calls from liberals threatening him.

(Tea Party Holmes is also Hispanic. Say, doesn’t that make ABC racist? No, it couldn’t be because there aren’t any non-white members of the Tea Party. I forgot for a moment.)

The suspect was reportedly withdrawing from the university, where he studied neuroscience.

ABC eventually apologized for the unwarranted connection to the Tea Party and fell back on blaming the movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” for the shooting because the villain Bane wears a bulletproof vest and gas mask, like the shooting suspect did. ABC blamed “social media” and the public for its mistaken reporting.

Sure as nighttime follows sunset, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a break from monitoring the soda fountains to opine about the need for more gun control, which has worked so well in New York and other big cities.

If anything, an incident like this is an argument for arming law-abiding citizens, but that logic finds no hold on liberal thought.

By the way, as of this writing, has a story that, based on information corroborated by former addresses, age, driving record and Social Security issuance, it appears the shooter is a registered Democratic Party voter.

Somehow, I doubt that will get on ABC.