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This old gal is a tough cookie.

I hope she hit some of the thugs and they got terminal lead poisoning.

A 65-year-old woman who owns the Garden Grove jewelry store, foiled the attempt of five thugs who entered her store to rob it. The woman did not want to be identified or have her face on television because she feared the bad guys would come back. At least one of them, apparently, won’t be returning.

As the suspects SUV backed in, the men jumped out with pillow cases and armed with handguns. They are seen in the surveillance video threatening the clerks with their weapons.

The unnamed owner fires two shots at the men and they scramble. In fact, their exit was so quick and abrupt as they were struck with panic, they fought each other to get out of the door. Apparently the shots of the owner were heard by the driver and he began to pull off and actually left three suspects behind, which he picked up a block and a half away.

The woman didn’t stop though. No, she chased the men into the parking lot! You go girl!

While the woman was obviously relieved to have them out of her store, within 24 hours police believe the same gang of thugs attempted to rob another jewelry store at the Asian Garden Mall in Westminster. One of the robbers took a shot to the face by that owner.

The Garden Grove Police warn owners concerning firing on the bad guys. Lt. Jeff Nightengale said, “Just like a police officer, when you fire that weapon and those rounds go down range, you have to be accountable for where those rounds end up.”

I agree, anyone who fires a weapon is responsible for anyone downrange, so make sure you hit your target.

Jim Amormino of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said of the owners, “They certainly have a right to defend themselves.”

I agree. This is the second of two stories inside a month where a senior citizen has taken the fight to the bad guys as an armed citizen. In both cases, lives were saved and the person exercising their Second Amendment rights saved themselves and the people around them.

I’m guessing this is why we don’t hear these stories in the state run media, nor do we hear praise from people like Michael Bloomberg for law-abiding armed citizens defeating criminals.

When in a situation like this with five against one, the old saying holds true: “God didn’t make all men equal, Smith and Wesson did.” This woman scared these five young punks with just a couple of shots. She leveled the playing field quickly.

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