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How long before the Quisling Mayor Bloomberg starts demanding more gun laws?

How long before the anti-gun crowd the Brady Bunch starts screaming for more laws?

How many of the people injured when the gunman was shot were shot by the police?

Updated at 12:16 a.m. ET]New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg praised police and civilians for their quick response to a shooting outside the Empire State Building on Friday morning, which left two dead and nine injured.

“There is no doubt that the situation would’ve been even more tragic except for the extraordinary acts of heroism,” Bloomberg said in a media conference. “New York City is the safest big city in this country but we are not immune to the national problem of gun violence.”

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Gunman Jeffrey Johnson, 53, killed one person before he was shot to death outside the busy tourist destination in a chaotic scene just after 9 a.m., Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. In addition to being home to a popular tourist destination in Midtown Manhattan, the area is also a busy commercial district.

“I saw people running and I didn’t know what happened. I thought it was a celebrity spotting,” said witness Rebecca Fox, who was on her way to work when the shootings broke out.

The victim was Johnson’s former coworker at Hazan Imports, where Johnson was a designer of women’s accessories until being laid off last year.

As Johnson attempted to flee the scene, a construction worker across the street alerted two police officers, who pursued him up West 33rd Street, Kelly said. As Johnson pulled out a .45 caliber pistol, the officers opened fire, killing Johnson. It was unclear if Johnson managed to shoot a round.

Nine others were wounded or grazed in the exchange of gunfire, Kelly said. They were taken to local hospitals where they are expected to recover.

“Some may have been accidentally shot by police officers,” Kelly said.