This is from Godfather Politics.

This is outrageous why can’t people do charitable acts without penalty or permits?

You do a charitable act of putting a quarter in a parking meter and get fined or jailed.

Feed hungry children get fined and threatened with jail time.

The government is out of control it needs reigned in.

One of the things America has long been known for is our charity towards others.  Whenever there is a catastrophe anywhere in the world, U.S. based organizations and individuals are usually among the first to pitch in and help and to donate money to recovery.

Long before the American Revolution, most charity came from churches and Christians.  They followed the example of Christ’s compassion for others.  Most of the charitable organizations for years were biblically based and this has been one of the things that have kept America strong.

However, one of the tenets of a socialistic government is that charity comes from the government.  Socialism wants everyone to believe that the people owe their existence to the government and when they find themselves in need, the government is the one to turn to.  Under socialism, all other charitable organizations are squashed.  They even will do everything in their power to end private charity as well.  Charity can only come from the government and there is no other option.

More and more I’m seeing signs of how our socialistic government under Comrade Obama is implementing the socialistic views of charity.

To start with, look at the case of Dana Crow-Smith of Phoenix, Arizona.  The First Friday Festival was recently being held in downtown Phoenix.  The temperature was reaching a 112ºF and that’s not accounting for the radiant heat rising from the scorching pavement.  Crow-Smith and several Christians purchased several cases of bottled water, went to the festival and started handing them out to people.  After they would offer the water, they would try to witness to the person for Christ, but only after they offered the water.

Crow-Smith was approached by a city worker who said they were the Neighborhood Preservation inspector and said that she and her friends had to stop handing out the free water as they were violating city code because they didn’t have a permit.

n another incident, a woman in the Philadelphia area tried to be charitable this summer by feeding some of the neighborhood kids in her driveway.   Angela Prattissaid that she felt it was something she could do for the neighborhood as a number of these kids were from low income families and often lacked nutritional meals.  Prattis was informed that the city council deemed her charity to be an illegal lunch program because she didn’t have a city permit.  Initially, they fined her $600 per day from the day she started, but the public outcry was so overwhelming that they have granted her special permission to continue her feeding the neighborhood kids through Aug. 24, 2012.  After that, she will have to apply for a permit which costs $1000 and there is no guarantee the city will grant one.

All this because she was doing something charitable out of the goodness of her heart for the under privileged kids in her neighborhood.

In yet another act of charity, Stanley Yaffe of Denver, Colorado placed a quarter in the expired parking meter in front of a stranger’s car.  A city vehicle control agent (meter maid) saw Yaffe and began to warn him that he was interfering with the collection of city revenue and that he could be arrested for committing such a crime.

These are only a few of the examples of how our government officials have become intolerant of charitable acts on the part of American citizens.  It’s also a sign of far we, as a nation, have slid into the grips of socialism.

Over the past century, progressives and socialists have been quietly at work undermining America’s Christian faith, values and charitable actions.  They have been replacing them with faith in the government alone, immoral values and only the government can control charity ideas.  But no administration has done more to speed up the process as that of Barack Obama and because of that I can’t express how important it is to defeat him in November and send him packing.  America can’t survive four more years of him and it’s up to us voters to make sure we don’t have to try.