This is from The Blaze.

Below are two videos.

One is Farrakhan’s spewing hate and brainwashing children

The second one is of the recruiting for the Hitler Youth.

There is no difference in what is being taught to children.


A video released this month by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan depicts his ‘discipleship’ marching through neighborhood “war zones,” proselytizing and teaching children to march and shout with them.

The video, which takes place in Atlanta, is an apparent recruitment video shot during Ramadan.  The beginning of the video shows 136 men suiting up at a mosque, preparing to enter neighborhoods and teach about Islam. The men march in military lockstep, chanting about Islam throughout the Atlanta neighborhoods that the narrator dubs “war zones.”

The video shows people taking pictures and looking otherwise alarmed, but the narrator insists, “The people love it.”  The video refers to the men marching door-to-door as “Soldiers of Mohammed” and regularly features them talking to children and passing out tracks

Another scene depicts the men in rank and file lines chanting “We love black people.”

In one somewhat alarming scene, the men gather neighborhood children together and teach them how to stand at attention, right, face and march.  A scene shows the children marching while chanting, “FOI! Fruit of Islam!”

The narrator refers to this action as “teaching and fishing,” and “planting seeds for future FOI.”The final scene of the video shows all the men back in the mosque praising Minister Farrakhan.

Just this year, Min. Farrakhan cheered that whites will soon be a minority in the country they “took,” predicted America’s skyscrapers will crumble, announced that Jesus was a Black Muslim, that blacks should not “breed” with whites, and that President Obama should convert to Islam and that he will be assassinated by the Tea Party.