This is from Patriot Update.

I hope this is not hard for liberals to understand.

As we know liberals are dumber than a box of rocks.

To borrow a quote from Ronald Reagan sums up liberals.

The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

As time goes on, it amazes me how wrong liberals can be on virtually all arguments. With the lack of media to shine light upon the truth (and a President that fears real questions, thus he skips the press and appears on “Entertainment Tonight” to troll for stupid people), I find that many simply adhere to liberal thinking without applying it to real-world examples that they might understand. In an attempt the drag the natives down the river and dunk their heads in a dose of truth, I am going dumb it down a little. Five hundred years before Christ, a slave named Aesop’s told simple stories with huge lessons and brought enlightenment to the masses. With the following quick parables, tales and examples, I will attempt to do as Aesop and dumb down some truth so even the biggest lib can catch up. Some of these are mine but others you will recognize.

Intruder Alert

While you are away, a person breaks into your house, eats your food, orders pay-per-view movies on your account and sleeps in your bed. When you come home, does this person have a right to stay in your house? Perhaps he cleaned his dishes, made up the bed or vacuumed so he can say he has actually done you a favor. Better yet, you then go upstairs and find he brought his wife and she pushed out a baby on your best comforter. They tell you the baby is now part of your family. Now you are to feed them all, house them, put them through school and let them have jobs without paying taxes or anything towards the good of the household.

Is this true? Are these criminals and their offspring now rightful members of your household? No. They are criminal invaders, not victims, and are certainly not due protection or citizenship. Every single illegal alien here in America, whether working or not, is a criminal intruder and should be subject to arrest and removal from our country.

When In Rome…..

On a related note, if you save up and go to France (but why?), Spain, Greece, Japan or any other non-English speaking land, do you get off the plane and demand they speak your tongue? Perhaps as a clueless vacationer you do, so push it further. If you MOVE to such a country, do you expect that country to bend over backwards for you, speaking English and providing documents in your native language. Would you expect them to allow conclaves of other Americans where their country’s customs are not regarded or respected?

Not unless you are an idiot, you don’t. When you move to a foreign land, you do as they do, learn the language and show respect for their customs and history. Similarly, if someone moves here, they should become part of the American Experience. Learn English, our history and the Pledge of Allegiance. We should NOT have to “Press 1 for English”, should not have Spanish language radio stations, and there should under no circumstances be any adherence, recognition or anything but disdain for barbaric Sharia law. Also, towns like Dearborn, MI that have been taken over by another culture that openly mocks our American traditions needs to be eliminated.

Spread the wealth…unless you mean ME giving to YOU!

This one is not mine and, though I originally THOUGHT I had come up with the comparison, I find that many studies have used this parallel. If Socialism and spreading the wealth around is good for us all, then grade equality should be a logical extension. Suzie, who studies endlessly and plans for her future, makes all A+ and has for many years. Frank, on the other hand, coasts through life for the most part and the best grades he ever made were times he could see the answers on Suzie’s test. Cheating makes Frank feel like he is doing something wrong, thus the push for “Grade Equality” begins. Why should Frank, who may be poor, slow, a minority or simply lazy, be penalized when Miss Smartypants gets good grades? Why should she get an A while he gets an F? So unfair, right?

If all of the imbecile youngsters of the Occupy movement really believe in their cause, they would support grade equalization as well. Shockingly, when researchers interviewed hundreds of college students and young Occupiers around the nation, the line was drawn. The students, while feeling righteous indignation towards people who have worked for their money (and thus feel entitled to a share simply because they want it), do not follow the exact same paradigm when it is they who would give up that for which they struggled to achieve. “Give up my A so that we can all make Cs? NO WAY!” Strange how Socialists only want for what others worked though they demand to keep that which they themselves earned. How very convenient.

Goin’ Fishin’

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Jesus said it, right? It is a great idea and I wish He HAD said it but it is an old Chinese proverb (one of the few things on which I agree with them). I once thought that, like many others, Jesus has taught this important lesson but learned otherwise after some digging. I am glad to have not made that mistake as many liberals, when one on the common sense side makes a mistake, will pounce. Best not to go with that one and say it came from the Good Book. If only the Bible made the same point! Oh well……

“If a man will not work, he shall not eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).   😉

Look! Up in the Sky! Freeloaders!

If you know me personally or have read some of my old articles, you know I have admitted to being a comic book geek growing up and hold a special in my heart is Superman. As a certified nerd, I know the story about the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, selling the rights to the character in the late 1930s to DC Comics. Years later, once the Man of Steel became a mainstay of American culture and internationally recognized, Siegel and Shuster began coming to DC with their hats in their hands, either asking for money or threatening to sue. That, sort of, I can understand as they did create the iconic character, though I side with DC Comics as the originators sold the creation outright. The two men died years ago and, since then, the estates for the two began lawsuits anew. Though these individuals did NOTHING to create or further the legend, they have hounded the company for years now and will eventually, one assumes, be paid millions to end this leeching behavior. They did nothing but are preying on the work of their ancestors to get easy money. Very sad story as they obviously deserve nothing and need to get out there, get a job and work for their own money.

The preceding story parallels, though not exactly, the descendants of slaves who today grovel, demand and threaten to gain “reparations” for slavery. I and any thinking person deplore slavery and view it as a stain on our nation. A rampant worldwide institution since the dawn of time, it took a great (Republican) man to end the practice in America and, though there have been missteps, we have tried to learn from the mistakes and move on. (Truthfully, in the 20th Century, greater civil rights would have come about decades earlier had Democrats not fought the Republican efforts. Look it up.) Sadly, a handful of blacks view the existence of slavery over 150 years ago as a reason to get a payday today. They ignore the fact that there were black slaveholders and overseers. They conveniently overlook that very often Africans themselves were selling their countrymen into bondage. They know nothing of the black citizens of America that were truly among the Founding Fathers. The point is that there is a lot of blame to go around if we start digging and those subjected to wrongs should not become a teller machine for their fifth-great grandchildren. Slavery was a terrible thing but who among the descendants would rather live back in the countries of their ancestors? I would support making amends were we able to go back in time and compensate the actual freed slaves but, until scientists create such a chronal thoroughfare, everyone should respect the suffering of those that came before but stop using their torment to scam money and make excuses for their current condition.

Speaking of Superman, We have Lex Luthor

Wow! I am a geek. Two different Superman analogies in one column! Apologies to those of you that actually had a life and girlfriends growing up as I was reading word balloons. Anyway, we know the Man of Steel as well as his arch-enemy, Lex Luthor. Lex is a genius human being who, driven by a belief that mankind should not need a “super” man, hates the visitor from Krypton. He feels Superman has exerted his will over mankind and attempts to kill his enemy at every turn. With the belief that such a super power, regardless of the good he has performed, should be cut down to size, Lex has gone about his nefarious schemes for decades to minimize or eliminate the hero.
How is different than our current President? obama, through his childhood in foreign countries and upbringing by socialists and radicals, has a belief that America is a colonial power due to be downsized, neutered and restored to an equal footing in every way with all other countries. This is undeniable and unquestioned. I can (and will before the election) provide a list a mile long to support this fact though anyone not gleaning their news from CNN or Comedy Central already knows it. In obama and Luthor’s eyes, the ol’ “Truth, Justice and American Way” is a vile ideal and must be finally put to rest. Has either of these villains ever stopped to consider how rare it is that such a superpowered entity repeatedly uses its strength only for good, even at the cost of blood and suffering?

It’s Black and White

Might as well knock out some more truth about our Commander-in-Chief. Show of hands: who remembers David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard who unsuccessfully ran twice for President in the late 1980s and early 90s? Though some Klan supporters, Woodrow Wilson to name one, made it to the White House, Duke’s campaign failed to elicit much support. He did, however, receive hundreds of thousands of votes during those runs and much of the support was based upon racism. He received votes simply because he belonged to a racist organization and supported a whites-only message.

Fast-forward twenty years however, and the converse to the Duke equation is not even discussed in the mainstream media. A man who attended a racist church for over 20 years, a man dedicated to the faulty ideals of black liberation theology, a man who allows the violent New Black Panther party to do his bidding, is now our President. How is he any different than David Duke? Additionally, how is voting for someone simply because he is black any less racist than voting against him for the same reason? 95% of blacks supporting obama is an example of racism, not informed democracy.


I could go on but some of the oldies still speak for themselves. obama as the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”? Seeing as how he is the closest thing to a Manchurian Candidate as American has ever had, that would be pretty easy. Or I could have rehashed Aesop’s tale of the “Ant and the Grasshopper” in which the ant worked all summer to prepare for winter while the grasshopper loafed and sang. Guess who needed a handout once the weather got cold? That story would be too obvious and easy and, frankly, too scary with what is around the corner for us. There are a LOT of singing grasshoppers in our country now and I fear they will not be coming around with their hat in their hand and asking nicely when their laziness catches up with them.

Cautionary tales were around thousands of years ago and those same lessons are applicable today. Heck, Atlas Shrugged was written more than 50 years ago and is coming true now. We can always come up with new stories, parables and parallels to show the insane stances of those on the left. I just wonder when they will finally admit they backed the wrong horse. Based on history, when faced with the realization that their liberal beliefs are naïve, irrational and antithetical to America, they will still prefer to stick their heads in the sand. We are fighting fires and they fiddle while Rome burns. So sad, so many, so stupid.