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It is about time local governments start helping people help themselves.

By giving the people free concealed carry classes everyone wins.

More concealed carriers mean more protection for all citizens.

It has been proven time and time again more guns equal less crime.

I mean no disrespect to the men and women in law enforcement.

But when seconds count the police are minutes at best away.

It is simple dial 911 and die wanting.

Or buy a gun to protect yourself  and your family with.

There are three types of people sheep,sheep dogs and wolves.

The sheep dogs help protect the sheep from thw wolves.


Jefferson City Town council is considering offering free concealed carry classes to residents, due to all the recent mass shootings. Councilman Ron Powell suggested the idea at a City Council meeting a day after a gunman shot and killed six people at a Sikh temple in Milwaukee on Aug. 5.

Had someone with a gun and a concealed carry license been present at the temple, and at the Aurora, Colo., movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people July 20, the death tolls at both locations might not have been as high, Powell said.

“The only sure way to protect everyone is to have a police officer with them at all times,” said Powell, who has held his concealed carry license for 12 years. “That’s obviously not possible. You can either be a victim or a gun carrier.”

Jeffersontown’s Safety Committee, which consists of council members Carol Pike, Brian Abrams, Pam Ware and Powell, is considering partially or fully subsidizing the cost of the class for the city’s residents.

Classes typically cost around $100, Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders told the committee.

While many of our politicians, President Obama, and anti-gun activists are doing everything they can to take our guns, trying to make us a defenseless nation. Many of our local politicians are standing up, and realizing what the real problem is, an unarmed public. The lies the anti-gun campaign’s and the politicians have been feeding the media and the people for years are no longer holding the ground they once did. This is due to statistical proof, and the common sense of our great American people.

The American people are waking up and starting to realize crime is hitting them at home. Whether in the city, country, or rural settings. Many law abiding citizens have been robbed, wounded, killed, and even mutilated do to not having any means of self defense. Innocents are being targeted where “NO GUNS ALLOWED” signs are posted, and many business’ have started taking down their “NO GUNS ALLOWED” signs because the realization that criminals are not going to obey the sign or the law, thus making them a target for criminals at large.

Judges, Law Enforcement, and citizens are now becoming more aware of the necessity of the law abiding citizens being armed. Kennesaw Ga. was one of the first to set the tone for “Mandatory Gun Ownership of homeowners, with certain exceptions, with an ordinance that they passed in 1982. Their statistics helped to prove the anti-gun activists, as well as the gun control agenda are all lies. As people from all over the world are reaching out to warn the U.S. “Do not let them take your guns”, people are starting to listen, because once again statistics are showing the truth about an unarmed nation.

I am hoping that many other politicians, judges, city councils, and law enforcement will follow suit, as they see these influential individuals taking a stand to help protect our citizens, by allowing them to protect themselves. As Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders told the committee “You can either be a victim or a gun carrier.” In no doubt they are thinking about the citizens being able to protect themselves against criminals. But one can’t help but wonder with all the concern about the UN troops coming in to take our guns, FEMA camps, the possibility of civil war lurking around the corner, NWO, and indefinite detention, if these courageous actions by our officials will (if civil war does happen) be the very thing that helps the US win the war against tyranny.

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