This is from Fox News Politics.

The Federal Courts ruling is straight from the Liberal Playbook.

It included the tried old line of affecting the poor and minorities.

The only thing missing was the impact on women,children and old folks.

Voter fraud is the way DemocRats best win elections.

The 1960 Presidential race with John Kennedy and Chicago.

The 1948 Senate Race and Landslide Lyndon Johnson.

A federal court has ruled against a Texas law that would require voters to present photo IDs to election officials before being allowed to cast ballots in November.

A three-judge panel in Washington ruled Thursday that the law imposes “strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor” and noted that racial minorities in Texas are more likely to live in poverty.

The decision involves an increasingly contentious political issue: a push, largely by Republican-controlled legislatures and governor’s offices, to impose strict identification requirements on voters.

The ruling comes in the same week that South Carolina’s strict photo ID law is on trial in front of another three-judge panel in the same federal courthouse. A court ruling in the South Carolina case is expected in time for the November election.

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