This is from Godfather Politics.

The Communists would shoot these clown first after a takeover.

The author is correct these useful idiots have brand name everything.

Yet they want to whine about the 1% stealing from them.

In the eyes of the third world these useful idiots are 1%ers.


In the future Socialist history book of “useful idiots,” the modern-day liberal American protester will go down as a shining example.

Although often attributed to Vladimir Lenin, the phrase “useful idiots” may have originated from a term Reader’s Digest cited in the 1940s as being used by Yugoslav government officials to describe collaborators: “Koristne Budale, or Useful Innocents,” although others have translated it as “useful fools.”

However you want to parse the words, the modern liberal is certainly a frequent collaborator in Socialism-inspired movements he doesn’t understand.

Take the Occupy-Whatever crowd.

Perpetually screaming about how the wealthy 1 percent have stolen the riches of the 99 percent, most Occupiers walk around in their brand-name shoes, brand-name jeans, with their iPods, Macintosh laptops and iPhones, never realizing how much even the laziest of them has been blessed with.

It never occurs to them that they are part of the “1 percent” in the eyes of the global movement they are supporting, or that their hero Barack Obama means to dismantle all of America and spread the wealth around, not to the neo-hippie crowd but to the Third World that views an iPod as a gift for a king.

Another fine example of dim complicity is seen in the Code Pink protesters outside the Republican National Convention.

The Code Pinkos showed up dressed as giant vaginas, supposedly to protest the GOP’s “war on women.” The costumes were ironically appropriate as they represented exactly what the Left has turned women into under the pretense of “liberating” them.

It is, after all, the Left that encourages women to have as much sex as possible, as young as possible, with as many partners as possible. But if you’re black, Latino, single or just poor, they want you to use birth control (government-supplied) or get sterilized (also government-funded) because your baby, which should be a miracle in your life, to the Left is just another welfare expense. Thus, the health care rationers have trained women to regard their babies as medical waste.

In short, the Left perverts the very nature of womanhood and has brainwashed women into being happy about it and even fighting for it.

You can see the same pattern in energy issues. The liberal protester screams for energy independence, then works to shut down U.S. oil, coal and nuclear industries in favor of wind and solar.

Environmental issues, same thing. They cry about carbon dioxide causing “global warming” and man-made pollution, but they tear down capitalism, which has been the leading force for developing clean industries in the world.

It all puts me in mind of Jesus’ words: “Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.”

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