This is from The Blaze.

I can see these clowns trying to start a riot.

If our Attorney General was worth a damn he would act.

The U. S. Marshall’s would round these thugs up and lock them up.

But sadly we have Eric race baiter Holder as Attorney General.

But on January 20,2013 Holder and Obama will be unemployed.


The New Black Panther Party has been in the news frequently over the past year after, among other things, threatening to kill all the “cracker babies” and put their boots on the “necks” of those attending the Republican National Convention.

After an August 22 interview with FloridaWatchdog, where prominent member Michelle Williamsassured that the New Black Panthers had no plans for the Republican National Convention, many breathed a sigh of relief that the event would pass undisturbed.

“We were ordered to stand down by our national chairman during the event of the RNC so there is no ruckus,” she explained.  “We’ve told our members to stand down. No uniforms or anything.”

But now, as the convention begins its second real day, the tone seems to have changed markedly.

A protest is now being openly advertised for Thursday (although with a pre-Isaac poster, so it still displays the wrong date):

New Black Panthers at the Republican National Convention Thursday? | Michelle Williams

(Photo: Facebook/New Black Power Muhammad)

“Ali Black Power Muhammad,” the local chairman who seemingly runs the Tampa-area Twitter feed(many of the posts redirect to his Facebook page and are written in the first person), vented his frustration at the Republican National Convention in a somewhat difficult-to-read Facebook post.

However, one can clearly interpret that he is not pleased with the convention, and is planning on taking action (strong content warning for language):

New Black Panthers at the Republican National Convention Thursday? | Michelle Williams

(Photo: Facebook/Ali Black Power Muhammad)

He also wrote a Facebook post advertising Thursday’s protest in which he “tagged” Michelle Williams– who earlier stated that the New Black Panthers are not planning anything for the convention.


People have no control over posts they are tagged in, but there is a strong possibility it was not random.