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What a pack of losers the Democrat‘s are.

They honor this bloated drunken murdered Turd(Ted) Kennedy.

Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for a comment.

Then a keynote speaker sexual predator William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

Then the slut advocating the taxpayers pay for her birth control Sandra fluke.

What a line up for the Democrat’s.

While the Democrat party continues its war on women with the likes of Sandra Fluke, Bill Clinton and a host of Vagina costumed protestors, it also did so by glorifying one of the most womanizing men in its history, Ted Kennedy. The following video was shown last night at the DNC convention in Charlotte. While the video documents the life of Ted Kennedy, obviously skipping his womanizing and the life of a drunkard he lived, it also leaves out a significant event in his life.

That event was the result of driving drunk and going off a bridge. In the accident Mary Jo Kopechne was killed after Kennedy saved his own neck and left her inside to drown.

The Daily Mail reports,

Forever known as the Chappaquiddick Incident after the Massachusetts island where it took place, the scandal in 1969 broke the Kennedy grip on the White House.

A drunk Ted had been driving back from a party to the family ‘compound’ on Martha’s Vineyard when he veered off a bridge and into a deep tidal dyke.
Drowned: Mary Jo Kopechne was killed after Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge with her inside

Drowned: Mary Jo Kopechne was killed after Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge with her inside

Mary Jo was in the back seat and, while he claimed he was just giving her a lift back to her hotel, it was widely thought that he had picked her up for sex. Kennedy swam ashore to save himself, but left Mary Jo to drown – in fact, it was even worse than that.

It was nine hours before he reported the accident. In the meantime, he walked back to his motel, complained to the manager about a noisy party, took a shower, went to sleep, ordered newspapers when he woke up and spoke to a friend and two lawyers before finally calling the police.

Divers later estimated that if he had called them immediately, they would have had time to pull out Mary Jo. She had not drowned, but had survived in an air pocket inside the car – she was asphyxiated only when the oxygen ran out several hours later.

As always, Ted used the family name to save his neck. In any other state but Massachusetts, the Kennedys’ home turf, and with any other name, he would have been charged with homicide.

Instead, he escaped with a slap on the wrist: a two-year suspended sentence and the loss of his driving license for a year. He had been allowed to plead guilty to no more than the charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

The Democrat party has quickly become the party of death and deviancy and last night they demonstrated that by giving a tribute of a man that was known for both.

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