This is from Godfather Politics.

Offenders always blamed Republicans for being in prison.

The offenders complained about Republicans being big on Law and Order.

When I was a Correctional Officer offenders said they knew DemocRats would help them.

They knew a former and present DemocRat Presidents smoked pot and snorted blow.

The offenders assumed the President would lookout for the ones with drug convictions.

And this President restore their right to vote even  while they were still in prison.

As we draw closer to the elections in November, we are learning there are numerous ways to win an election other than by the ballots cast by legal registered voters.

In several state primaries, it was discovered that dead people and non-U.S. citizens had voted.  In some states, there are still thousands of dead people and non-citizens on the voter registration rolls.  Why, we’ve even read where a guy’s dog that had been dead for two years received a voter registration card in the mail.

And through it all, the Democrats have fought tooth and nail to prevent states from cleaning up their voter registration records and removing dead people and non-citizens.  They have also fought long and hard to prevent states from enacting voter ID laws and in some instances the DOJ has declared such laws discriminatory and illegal.

I always have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the Democrats on claiming the voter ID is discriminatory and will prevent poor black people from voting.  Those same poor black people have to have some form of ID in order to receive all of the government aid and handouts they get, so what makes a voter ID any different?  Besides, thousands of Americans have sacrificed their lives and limbs to secure and maintain the right to vote, but not to secure and maintain government entitlements.

In Ohio, there as a push to remove the requirement of needing a permanent mailing address from qualifying to be able to register to vote.  Fortunately, that was defeated.  Not needing an address or an ID would allow many people to register in numerous places under numerous names and thus allow them to vote numerous times.   I strongly suspect that this was the true motivation behind the effort.

Then President Barack Obama used an Executive Order to illegally bypass Congress and grant nearly one million young illegal aliens to avoid deportation and obtain work permits.  In the process they would also become eligible to obtain valid state driver’s licenses, which in most states allows you to register to vote even if you are not a citizen.  Several states have taken measures to block the driver’s license provision, but most have not.

Let’s not forget the voter intimidation by members of the New Black Panther organization.  They were filmed using threats of violence to intimidate voters in 2008, but Eric Holder and the DOJ refused to prosecute them and dropped all charges against them.

Now the Advancement Project has been pressuring Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Secretary of State Janet Kelly into making the effort to reinstate the right to vote to convicted felons in their state.  They claim to be a ‘multi-racial civil rights organization’ started in 1999.  The leaders of the organization have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the Democratic National Committee and to Obama’s campaign.  So it is no wonder they are trying to get voting rights for felons so they can vote for Obama.

According to Advancement Project’s website:

“A spokesperson with the Governor’s office says to date he has restored the right to vote for more than 3,500 felons. Jeff Caldwell said they’re on track to surpass the past governors’ record in Virginia.”

“In recent years he says former Gov. Tim Kaine restored rights to 4,402 felons.  Mark Warner restored 3,486 and former Gov. George Allen restored the rights of 460 felons…”

‘“There are 350,000 convicted felons in Virginia that have not yet had their rights restored. This can be a major impact on voting and the elections, from national to state to local,’ said Walker.”

Just a side thought, but if Gov. McDonnell believes these convicted felons have fully paid their debt to society and should be granted the right to vote, what about their right to possess a firearm?  I haven’t seen any of the liberal organizations or Democrats fighting to restore those rights, and no wonder since most of them are anti-gun anyway.  But let’s face it, if you legally declare someone to have paid their debt for their crime and you start restoring the rights they lost be committing a felony, should not those rights include the right to possess a gun?

Chicago, where Obama started his political career has a long history of corrupt elections.  The cities motto for years was if you can win an election legally, steal it any way you can.

In 2008, Obama won Virginia by seven points.  At the moment, the polls show the race between Obama and Romney to be much closer.  That means that Obama is going to need the vote of every dead person, non-citizen, pet and convicted felon, along with the voter intimidation of New Black Panther members if he wants to secure his victory in November.