This is from The Weekly Standard.

The voters of Virginia had better wake up.

George Allen will help you with lower taxes.

Tim Kaine like Obama wants shared misery for everyone.

Kaine and Obama are the kings of higher taxes.

Virginians you have been warned about Tim Kaine.

Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine, a Democrat, said that he’s open to having a “minimum tax level for everyone”:

I would be open to a proposal to have some minimum tax level for everyone,” said Kaine today at a Senate debate between himself and his opponent, Republican George Allen.

Interestingly, as the Washington Free Beacon notes, just yesterday Kaine released an ad that suggested he’s to the right of President Obama on the issue of taxes.

Kaine says in ad, “President Obama wants the Bush tax cuts to expire for people earning over $250,000; George Allen wants to make all the tax cuts permanent. There’s a middle ground. Let the tax cuts expire for those earning over $500,000.”

But the position articulated by Kaine in today’s debate is new.

Currently, Kaine has a slight leader over Allen in the race. According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Kaine has 48.6 percent of the vote to Allen’s 44.2 percent.