This is from The Patriot Update.

The media wants us to think the planet is warming.

Yet weather records indicate the planet is actually cooling.

The government uses this lie to force us to change light bulbs.

The government wants us ti live in communes and ride bicycles.

They want to force us to drive smart cars and Chevy Volts.

How smart is it to drive a car that can be totalled hitting marshmallow?

Among the many lies told by the Left, one of the biggest is the myth of man-made global warming.

You may have heard recently that the Arctic ice cap is melting more than at any time in the past 30 years, or that man-made global warming is causing an increase in “extreme” weather.

What you aren’t likely to hear is that the Antarctic ice cap is thicker than at any time in decades and continues to grow.

In fact, as of Sept. 12, the South Pole has the most ice ever recorded since satellites began measuring the ice cap 33 years ago, yet news outlets like NPR are still running articles about how an ice sheet the “size of Rhode Island” broke off an Antarctic peninsula 10 years ago as proof of global warming.

The mainstream media are all over the story about the shrinking north polar ice cap, predicting all sorts of mayhem if it disappears. The north pole, however, is essentially a giant ice cube floating in the water. When it melts, there is no discernible difference in sea levels due to water displacement.

Among the disasters predicted by the warming alarmists is an increase in “extreme” weather, by which they mean tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and anything else that makes a good picture on the news.

But the statistics show the opposite of what the alarmists hope for. According to data from the National Hurricane Center, over the past 100 years, there have been 70 major hurricanes, for an average of seven per decade.

Breaking that down, during the past 50 years, there have been an average 5.6 hurricanes per decade. During the previous 50 years, before industrialization really took over and caused all that global warming, the U.S. experienced an average of 8.4 major hurricanes per decade. So the number of major hurricanes has actually decreased.

But what about those polar bears, the furry poster children of the global warming mythos? Aren’t they all going to drown?

They never were in danger of drowning to begin with. The whole “drowning polar bears” canard began because two polar bears happened to be caught at sea during a storm and were found washed up on shore, not because of a lack of ice.

Polar bears are such proficient swimmers that they are actually classed as marine mammals, and they have been known to swim hundreds of miles with ease. Prior to them being declared endangered, however, it was well known that polar bear populations were growing in various parts of the Arctic Circle. That didn’t stop the political disinformation campaign.

Global warming alarmism has never been about anything more than power over people and the opportunity for certain wealthy proponents to increase their fortunes through schemes such as carbon credits.

Still, with the mainstream media in full collusion mode, it’s no surprise that the public continues to buy into the global warming scam.