This is from The Blaze.

The left is really coming more unhinged.

Yet they say it is the Conservatives that act like this.

Chaos erupted at Rep. Allen West’s (R-FL) campaign event in Port Salerno, Florida, on Wednesday night, after protesters took some unique steps to crash the congressman’s speech. The detractors rented a hotel room above the outdoor event and, in the middle of his speech, they stormed the balcony and began shouting, throwing items and then hung a banner from the railing about removing West from office.

West stood quietly and watched while the scene devolved into four minutes of rowdy exchanges between his supporters and the protesters. has more about the events that unfolded:

Protesters rented a hotel room to crash an outdoor Allen West event at Pirates Cove Resort & Marina from their balcony above, prompting beer, ice cube and even salt shaker tossing before sheriff’s deputies escorted the protesters off the property Wednesday night.

The congressman was six minutes into his campaign speech on Pirates Cove’s outside pool deck when four protesters emerged from a hotel room onto their balcony overlooking the event. Stand Up Florida protesters shouted out garbled messages and unfurled a banner that read “Allen West is out of touch, Allen West is out of office.”

Andrew Mina, a local field director for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, quickly tugged the banner down from below the balcony. Then, the crowd of supporters began booing loudly at West’s opponents, with shouting and jeers taking over the scene. The protesters dropped water and beer down onto the crowd and West’s supporters tossed water, ice cubes, beer and some middle fingers back at those on the balcony.

“At one point, an elderly West supporter cocked back his arm to hurl a glass salt shaker upward, but could only throw it a few feet before it shattered on the ground,” adds to the description of events.

In the end, the protesters were escorted away from the scene by local sheriff’s deputies after the West crowd began shouting, “USA, USA!” in support of the candidate.

Watch the chaos unfold, below: