This is from Breitbarts Big HollyWood.

How many of the HollyWeird Types are going to get vicious?

How many are ready to commit Hara-kiri?

Conservatism showed up at the debate and whooped Obama.

Bette Midler‘s Tweet last night might have said it all.

It said, “Gore 2016!!!!!

Yes, even Hollywood‘s most liberal stars couldn’t deny the drubbing President Barack Obama took during Wednesday’s first presidential debate in Denver. Mitt Romney‘s win was so obvious the usual spin wouldn’t be enough.

Adam McKay, who co-created the liberal humor site Funny or Die and works with Will Ferrell on left-leaning comedies like “The Other Guys,” was gracious (and scared) in defeat.

Adam McKay tweet

Bill Maher, who deposited a cool $1 million into an Obama Super PAC, sounded like a Republican in his despondent take on the night.

i can’t believe i’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter

Comedian Patton Oswalt of “Ratatouille” fame called Obama’s closing, “A room temperature bowl of oatmeal.”

Others, like Samuel L. Jackson, pretended such a lopsided victory meant nothing. Really.

“What Really happened tonite?! NOBODY changed who they’re voting for!! NOBODY!!!”

Perhaps no other celebrity was as eloquent as rapper Lil Jon, whose debate tweet captured the nuance, passion and integrity of the Hollywood Left.

Lil Jon curse