This is from Patriot Update.

Elections have consequences and we are paying them.

An unqualified nincompoop has been elected president.

A man who has alienated our allies and bowed to our enemies.

We need to reclaim America from this leftist crowd.

We need to take the governments boot off the throat of industries.

If you vote for anyone but Romney your assuring Obama’s reelection.

It is sad but more than occasionally I will learn of individuals who have become so jaded by the whole political realm that they decide not to vote since politicians are “all the same” and “it won’t matter who is in the White House.” While we have all been discouraged by the greed, avarice, ineptitude and slime that Washington exudes, to so callously disregard the right to vote is despicable and shameful. I will forgo the fully justified guilt-tripping about the men and women who have bled and died to protect our democracy and simply stick to incontrovertible facts about the current leader of the Free World that starry-eyed lemmings put into office. If one thinks that the person filling the Presidential suit is of no consequence, how is it that obama, unlike his predecessors, associates with Communists and criminals and has accomplished hundreds of deeds counter to the Constitution and the beliefs of a majority of Americans? Consider the following:

  • Czars:   In a move that stinks of the USSR, one of obama’s first actions was to appoint more than 30 individuals to control various aspects of American society. While no such appointments were ever allowed in the Constitution or Founding Documents, obama steamrolled the other branches of government and established his puppets in power.
  • Non-Recess Appointments:   Contrary to law and established Congressional procedures, obama appointed union crony Richard Cordray and other union thug attorneys to the NLRB with no Congressional approval, though they were in session.

  •  Auto Union Bailout:    As a payoff/bribe to unions, obama guided the auto union bailout of GM and Chrysler. While proof has recently arisen to show non-union employees were left out in the cold, taxpayer money was used to prop up auto unions, even going so far as to ignore other creditors and give those unions a controlling share in the floundering makers. Enjoy your taxpayer-subsidized steaming pile of Volt, everybody!
  • Obamacare:   A partisan social program that a majority of citizens do not want yet, through illegal bribes, lies and arm-twisting, socialized medicine was passed. The true costs of the program, if not reversed, will cripple our country and destroy the best medical system in the world.
  • Oil Drilling:   Ignoring a federal judge ruling that stated the policy was illegal, the obama regime shut down oil drilling in the Gulf and drove the oil platforms to other parts of the world. Under the guise of environmental protection, oil exploration by American companies was crippled. If guarding the planet was the intent however, why did the government under obama’s direction then loan billions to Brazil, Mexico and other nations to drill in the EXACT SAME waters? [Answer: It is another way to hamstring “evil” America and spread our wealth to less-productive nations.] This is in addition to the illegal extortion of $20B from BP Oil following the oil spill disaster.
  • Through obama’s directives, the EPA has illegally set arbitrary carbon emission standards that will further cripple American industry.
  • Political offices and appointments being awarded to financial backers of obama is in such an uncharted realm it should boggle one’s mind.
  • If the man sitting in the Oval Office does not matter, how has obama managed to increase the national debt in just three years by over 50%?
  •  obama phones, anybody? obama unilaterally wiped away the work requirements section of the Welfare Reform laws devised under President Clinton, allowing individuals to not even have to pretend to work to steal taxpayer money.
  • obama, in direct opposition to his Oath of Office, acted for a time as UN Security Council Chair.
  • Our current President, who some feel is just the same as all the others, has used his influence to support the Occupy Wall Street crowd in their un-American activities. Far worse, he ignored the Green Party (not  the nutbag environmental wackjobs but the Democracy movement in Iran) as they were rounded up but has continually supported the Muslim Brotherhood uprisings throughout the Middle East, even sending in U.S. troops to help overthrow one dictator so another (far more vile and insane) ruler with obama’s approval could take control.
  •  A few months ago, to add more Democrat voters to the rolls/useless individuals to the welfare system, obama simply decided to enact much of the DREAM Act amnesty for illegal aliens. Although Congress had rejected the freebie to these criminals three times, obama simply moved to enact the measures.
  • This is a man who is on record as fighting to have babies who survived abortions die.
  • He is also the individual who attacked the Church and forced them to provide contraception against their will.
  • obama and his people are currently fighting to disenfranchise our voting service men and women while he also roadblocks simple laws to fight voter fraud (thus allowing the old Democrat voter fraud tricks to continue. JFK beats Nixon anybody?)
  • obama is currently attempting to circumvent the Second Amendment by negotiating a an agreement to have the U.S. abide by the UN’s Small Arms Treaty.
  •  While all other Presidents had the facts of their formative years in the public record, obama has hidden his entire history, regardless of the questions and anomalies. This is a President with no public record of his beliefs, stances or grades. An explanation of how he attended an all-Muslim school in Indonesia and the most expensive schools in America, and why his Social Security number should belong to a man born in Connecticut in the late 1800s has ever been given.
  •  obama has soured relations with some of our historically close allies. The list is too lengthy to attempt but a sample here. Remember the return of the Churchill bust? Or the time when obama gave British Trident missile codes to Russia. As for Israel, the President’s obvious loathing for the Jewish people has been made evident continually. Throw in Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and a host of others.
  • Our current “President” redirected NASA’s aim from space exploration to Muslim outreach….really.
  • obama has made a shambles of the U.S. war effort. More men in uniform have died in his three-plus years in office than in Bush’s eight. His appeasement, lies and ineptitude have reduced our safety in the world, lessened our influence (thus giving rise to the expanding evils in Russia, the Middle East, China and elsewhere), and led to the deaths of our people around the world. Look at the lies and cover-up as Islamic flags were raised over our embassies and our diplomat’s dead body was paraded in the street.
  • Solyndra and other wasteful fantasies resulted in hard earned money being stolen from the American people and presented to companies owned (and poorly run) by obama supporters and donors. This is while obama has single-handedly shut down job-making opportunities that would make the country more energy independent like the Keystone Pipeline and almost the entire coal industry.
  • obama decided on his own that his Justice Department will no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • If one is judged by the company he keeps, obama is certainly the most corrupt individual since Woodrow Wilson to hold the highest office:
    • Eric Holder: Attorney General and controlling interest in the Fast & Furious scandal. Holder may as well have killed our border agent himself and obama invoked Executive Privilege to protect him. obama also instructed Holder to ignore immigration laws and not pursue illegal aliens in this country. Additionally, obama had Holder allow illegal voter suppression by the New Black Panther Party.
    • The obama Administration reportedly has over three dozen tax cheats in the White House, most notably Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury!
    • Tony Rezko: Slumload fundraiser and friend to obama who is now serving time for corruption. He is also the guy that sold obama the land for his house in a shady Chicago real estate deal.
    • Bill Ayers: Unrepentant terrorist and obama friend and supporter (and potentially the ghost author of obama’s early books and, according to sources, the son of the man who paid to put obama through school).
    • Dozens of obama fundraisers and bundlers are currently being investigated or serving time for corruption.
    • “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright:   20+ years obama’s mentor, Wright is the preacher of the abominations of social justice, collective salvation and black liberation theology. Also, “God D*mn America” N’uff said.
    •  The list goes on and on. Contemptible individuals like Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, Rahm Emanuel, Rod Blagojevich and others show that obama allowed the sewer-dwellers of society into the hallowed corridors of the White House.

Still think that the individual in the Oval Office is inconsequential? This is not a Democrat Vs Republican thing. I can debate Bush against Clinton any day. Bush spent too much on “compassionate” and forgot Conservative but he kept us safe. Clinton was a traditional misguided liberal who, after the midterm elections, co-opted the Republican economic ideas and was then termed a success. Good and bad in all. The problem is we now have a person in office that is systematically working to remake America into a shadow of her former self. If the press actually reported the news instead supporting their candidate, if people realized that Jon Stewart is an ignorant comedian, if people would learn that the government is not there to provide equal outcomes, we might actually reclaim this nation. Until then, unenlightened people will support the “straight ticket”, skip voting altogether, vote for some fringe nutty candidate and thus throw away their vote or, worst of all, vote to reelect the most frightening and anti-American man to ever hold the office. Still think your vote does not count?

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As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.