This is from The New York Daily News.

Let me get this straight these two ghetto rats start a fight.

Then they get their butts kicked so now they suing.

It is a shame these ghetto rats did not become Darwin Award Winners

I hope McDonald’s file a counter suit.

	Still frame from video showing incident at McDonald's on West 3rd St. in Greenwich Village in which cashier Rayon McIntosh beats Denise Darbeau after an altercation. Darbeau jumped over the counter, whereupon McIntosh grabbed the metal rod and went for her.

A woman who admitted she started the violent fight in a Greenwich Village McDonald’s that sent her to the hospital is suing the burger-flipper who gave her a fractured skull.

Myika Darbeau, 25, filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court charging that Rayon McIntosh, 32, used “unnecessary, excessive and unlawful force” in the October 2011 incident at 136 W. Third St.


Jefferson Siegel

Myika Darbeau  (left) and Rachel Edwards appear at their Supreme Court arraignment in January of 2012.

Darbeau also is suing the owner of the franchise, charging there was inadequate security and the store never should have hired someone with “brutal, dangerous, vicious propensities.”

Police originally arrested McIntosh, saying he assaulted Darbeau (who was using a first name of Denise) and her lover, Rachel Edwards, with a heavy-duty grill scraper.


Steven Hirsch/Pool

Rayon McIntosh, the McDonald’s cashier who was caught on a cell phone video beating two female customers, appears in court last October, 2011.

A grand jury refused to indict McIntosh after seeing a video showing that Darbeau and Edwards jumped over the counter and started the fight.

McIntosh, an ex-con who got out of jail in March 2011 after spending a decade behind bars for killing a friend, was released, but the two women were charged. They pleaded guilty last month to starting the fight and got probation.

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Cashier Rayon McIntosh is shown beating Myika Darbeau during the altercation at the Greenwich Village McDonald’s.

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