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Slow Joe does not have a clue.

How can there be a 500 trillion dollar tax cut for people?

There is not anyone worth one trillion dollars.

Just think this moron is a heartbeat away from being president.

Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign rhetoric took a mathematically bizarre turn on Friday when he told supporters that Republicans had passed a $500 trillion tax cut for 120,000 families.

That equals $4.2 trillion per family.

And who are the rich folks getting these breaks?

Good question.

According to Forbes Magazine’s wealthiest persons in the U.S. list, Bill Gates still tops the chart as the richest, but he is only worth $66 billion.

Warren Buffett is also mega wealthy, but he is only worth $46 billion.

The federal government spent a little over $1 trillion last year to fund itself, and Congress has spent the U.S. into a $16 trillion deficit.

But as for that $500 trillion tax cut, we are simply at a loss to explain it