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I can just here the union thugs screaming when their jobs vanish.

We the coal miners in Ohio and Pennsylvania lose their jobs and start whining.

When can tell them you fools vote for Obama now pay the price.

How many farms will disappear due to the dust regulations?

How much will energy prices increase?

Just prior to the election Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) did an interview with WND concerning the surprise regulations that Pres. Obama had in store for after the election. These regulations will most likely go into effect in the very near future now that Obama won re-election.

Inhofe told WND’s Greg Corombos that Obama is trying to destroy everything that has made America great. You said that Obama has a war on fossil fuels and that he seems to be doing everything possible to undermine and destroy America’s oil, natural gas and coal industries. He said that America could be totally independent from Middle East and other foreign sources of fossil fuels but Obama has blocked all efforts to do so.

In the defense industry Obama seems to be weakening US strength. In his first budget he destroyed the F – 22, our only fifth generation fighter. Obama also destroyed our lift capacity by killing the C – 17 along with our future combat system. The US had a plan to prevent missiles from Iran reaching the US but Obama killed this as well.

Inhofe stated that there are a number of regulations that would have a negative impact on America that Obama was waiting until after the election to put in place.  Many of these regulations were measures that Congress would not pass, so Obama is planning on bypassing Congress and implementing them by making them new regulations.  Some of those regulations mentioned are:

  • Tier Three Gas Regulations – Raising the price of gas at the pumps by 9¢.
  • Water Guidance Regulation – Federal government controls any navigable waterway, but the new regulation would remove the word ‘navigable’ and put any standing water under federal government control.  This means any standing rain water, irrigation ponds and runoff on farmlands would come under government control.
  • Farm Dust Regulation – Would regulate the amount of dust allowed from a farm field during plowing, tilling or even between growing seasons.
  • Spill Prevention and Control Counter Measure
  • Boiler MACT – Controls emissions from manufacturing boilers.  New regulations will establish standards that are below what many companies can achieve and financially remain in business.  This could potentially cost up to 800,000 jobs.
  • Greenhouse Gas Regulations – Annual cost of $400-$500 billion.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing – Would place all hydraulic fracturing under federal control.

At the end of the interview, Sen. Inhofe mentioned the comment Obama made to Russian President Medvedev that was caught on microphone.  Obama told him to tell Putin that he will have a lot more flexibility once he is re-elected to do the things he wants to do.

Remember, this was recorded just prior to the election, but listen to what Inhofe says about Obama purposely violating laws and how he will work to destroy farming, fossil fuels and industry in America.

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