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Jessie Jackson Jr.belongs in prison for a long time.

His race hustler father Jessie Jackson Sr.should share his cell.

The damned fools in his district just kept reelecting him.

Last year Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) proposed that Pres. Obama declares a state of emergency and use his executive powers to completely bypass Congress and enact the jobs plan. He claimed his stimulus plan would only cost $804 billion. But when you do the math: providing $40,000 per year to 15 million people for five years adds up to $3 trillion.

Perhaps the reason for Jackson’s insane plan was due to the early stages of his reported health and mental issues that manifested themself earlier this year. On June 10th his staff released a statement saying that Congressman Jesse L Jackson Jr. was on a medical leave of absence and being treated for exhaustion. According to official records Jackson suffers from Bipolar II disorder and was treated at the Mayo Clinic for months.

However, this leave just happened to coincide with the arrest of his former friend and fundraiser Raghuveer Nayak for fraud and tax offenses.  Now we learn that Jackson Jr. has been under investigation for the misuse of campaign funds for his own personal gain. It seems that his 17 years in Congress representing Obama’s home turf in Chicago is about to come to an end.

It was discovered by federal investigators that he had used campaign contributions for his own personal travel, home furnishings and to pay for travel of a nightclub hostess with whom he was having an extramarital affair. Evidently the evidence was overwhelming and Jackson was unable to deny the charges.

A plea deal has been reported to be in the works with former federal prosecutor Dan Webb acting on Jackson’s behalf. Early reports from the local news source says the plea deal will involve Jackson pleading guilty of the charges of misuse of campaign funds for his own personal gain. It will require him to resign his congressional seat, payback political contributions, and may result in some jail time.

Why does it not surprise me that another Chicago politician is found to be as corrupt as so many other Chicago politicians have been including the one occupying the White House. It also doesn’t surprise me since he is the son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who in my opinion is nothing more than a racial troublemaker who has made a career of inciting racial hatred and division.

Even though Jackson did no campaigning this year he easily won re-election for his congressional seat. Upon his resignation a special election will be held to replace him in Congress. I’ve heard nothing on who would run for that seat but be assured that it will be another liberal Democrat raised in Chicago style politics and will likely be no better than Jackson Jr.

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