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Where is the outrage at the job cuts?

Where are the protesters denouncing this company?

This company has ties to the DemocRat party.

There are two companies here in Indiana leaving because of Obamacare.

Those companies are Cook Inc.and Boston Scientific.

When they leave Indiana 4,000-5,000 Hoosier jobs go away.


Michigan medical technology giant Stryker Corporation announced last year that it was slicing its workforce by 5 percent and blamed ObamaCare’s medical device tax as the reason. And yet, unlike the CEO’s of Papa John’sApplebees and others who have projected ObamaCare-related cutbacks in the restaurant industry just this week, Stryker faced no threats of boycotts nor angry accusations that the job cuts were politically motivated by disgruntled Romney voters.

There are three heirs to the Stryker fortune that was started when Homer Stryker, a surgeon from Kalamazoo, Michigan, founded the company. They are his three billionaire grandchildren: Pat StrykerJon Stryker and Ronda Stryker. Pat and Jon are well known to political operatives in Colorado and Michigan, respectively, as each was heavily involved in financing Left-wing political organizations aimed at truning the states from Republican Red to Democrat Blue. Ronda, the only one of the three on the board of directors at Stryker, has also been a generous political donor to Democrats.

As with the restaurant industry, Stryker was hardly alone in worrying over the impact of the tax on its business model: The Medical Device Manufacturer’s Association calls the medical device levy a “tax on innovation” and estimates that it will hammer the high tech industry to the tune of $30 billion per year. The CEOs at Stryker and Papa John’s announced the same response (staffing cutbacks) to the same challenge (harmful economic winds blowing from ObamaCare). If you are from the entrepreneurial half of America, then you don’t see a difference in these reactions. You know that the impact of bad public policy is like a law of gravity that businesses must obey to stay competitive. But if you’re from the non-entrepreneurial half of America, then you might imagine political motives instead – hence the boycott threats toward Papa John’s and Applebees.

The easy response to these facts would be to wag the hypocrisy allegation around. But since it appears that more than half of American voters now do not recognize the connection between their votes and these job losses, it isn’t enough to be smugly right in a world where others are wrong. A lot of those voters simply do not see past the fake political excuse to the real problem, and would behave differently if they could because they are not hard line Leftists.

This is everyone’s economy, and it’s still the greatest one on Earth. If those of us in entrepreneurial America mean what we say about saving it then we have some educating to do.