This is from Old NFO’s blog.

For those who follow Tam over at View From the Porch, she has a ‘bit’ of an issue… She details it HERE.

Tam has basal cell carcinoma and is self-employed without insurance.

So some great people are trying to help Tam out.

If you would like to help please stop by Tam’s blog and hit her tip jar.

Here are some pictures and link to the prize packages and how to enter the raffles.

Okay, these are the sub-packages that are being done through THIS raffle as NFO (A-H).

In order to get ‘some’ cat herding going here, we’ve coordinated between all the raffles to make sure folks get chances they want in the various raffles…

Let me get the yada, yada out of the way up front…

“To participate in this fundraiser, simply make a donation to Tam’s tipjar. Forward the e-mail receipt you get to Jennifer at jennifer (at) injennifershead dot com with the code or codes of the packages you want in the subject line.  IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONATED AND ARE PARTICIPATING, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION.”

e.g. for THIS set of packages you would put NFO in the subject line; rather than Diamondback.

And these are the packages…

A: Diamondback and custom holster, Kathy Jackson Book

B: ISSC .22 Trainer (Glock style) , Kathy Jackson Book

C: Ruger P94, mags, shoulder holster, Kathy Jackson Book

And the Holster is pictured HERE

D: Ye olde Handgonne or knife winner’s choice, plus engraving, Kathy Jackson Book

Your choices-

 Knife (and engraving)
Hand gonne (and engraving)

E: $200 Brownells gift cert, Kathy Jackson Book

F: $100 Midway gift cert, Sightmark Tactical Red Dot, Kathy Jackson Book

G: Stabby package- Gerber Applegate Fairbairn Combat Folder, Emerson CQC-7 Mini, Remington collector R1 Upland pocket knife.

G: Guns and Roses handcrafted necklace from Phlegmmy, $100 Amazon gift cert

NOT the exact necklace, she’s designing a new one just for this.

Many thanks to those who donated additional items to this raffle, and more thanks to those who’ve made donations to help Tam out! For those international donations, we’ll figure out something if you are the winner!

Jay G is the pimpmaster for all the raffles, so please hit his site for updates to all the raffles ongoing.

Our intent is to hold the drawings for these packages on Thanksgiving, and I will post a list of the names drawn the next day. We will then contact the names in order of their draw to have them select the package they wish to receive.

What’s happening here and the other raffles shows just how special she is to us, and what CAN be done in our little corner of the Intarwebz…